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A character that reflects the youth society in the Northeast region by ‘AIS PLAY ORIGINAL – Nha Harn the Series’ in the perspective of ‘Gungging, Putter, Prom’

Gungging – Patima Chamfa

Gungging: Hello, I’m ‘Gungging – Patima Chamfa’, starring as ‘Yupin’.
madan: Please introduce the character, Yupin to us.
Gungging: Yupin is a confident girl, she is a high school senior who loves the Nha Harn dance, she’s a hot, confident girl who loves her freedom. She does whatever she likes. When she meets a man, her character changes into a sweet person immediately. As if she suddenly has great power, something like that.
madan: How is Yupin when she is around her friends? Try to do Yupin’s character when she is with her friends saying “Have you had lunch yet?”
Gungging: Did you eat yet? (Northeastern accent, loud)
madan: When she’s with a guy.
Gungging: Have you had lunch yet? (Sweet and soft tone) Like that (laughs)
madan: It’s so obvious
Gungging: It’s obvious

Gungging Patima

How is Yupin similar to Gungging?

Gungging: There are some similarities. Yupin loves to dance, she loves to be free. I love being free too, but there are some differences too. Yupin is confident, hot and tough, but I’m more of a sweet character.
madan: When you’re around your friends, you’re sweet, and when you’re in front of guys, you’re also sweet.
Gungging: That’s right

What message do you think that the character ‘Yupin’ is trying to convey?

Gungging: She wants to tell us that everyone has dreams, no one is dreamless.
madan: How did she convey it?
Gungging: She would talk to Singto, that if we live without dreams, what are we living for?

Gungging Patima

The most impressive scene during filming that you want to tell.

Gungging: The thing that I want to talk about in the production set, is the Nha Harn dance, because it is the most impressive scene, so impressive. Personally, I’ve never done Nha Harn, never been to the Mo Lam front stage, never been to Mo Lam concerts. I’ve only seen it on the internet and social media, and I wanted to experience that but never had the chance to. But when I got to do this show,  and I had to actually do Mo Lam, I felt… wow, it’s amazing, it’s awesome and I felt that at least I got to try it once in my life, this is something I’ve never seen before, never experienced before. And I really liked it, I danced until my knees were bruised, really bruised.
madan: Is the bruise still there?
Gungging: I’ve recovered (laughs)

Talk about “Nha Harn the Series” and encourage everyone to go watch it.

Gungging: Please support Nha Harn the Series. I really want everyone to watch this, try and be open minded to see how Northeastern teenagers live their lives. This show talks mostly about nature, the nature of teenagers, the nature of young people’s thoughts. So please follow Nha Harn the Series, you can watch it on AIS PLAY and on Channel 3, press 33, every Monday at 11 pm.
madan: Can Yupin invite us to go watch it? Give us a sentence.
Gungging: Sure. (In Northeastern accent) Don’t forget,  every Monday at 11 pm,  Nha Harn the Series. You can watch it on AIS PLAY and on Channel 3, press 33

Putter Detpisit

Putter – Detpisit Jarukropiwat

madan: Please introduce yourself.

Putter: Hello, I’m ‘Putter – Detpisit Jarukropiwat’ starring as Sawan.

madan: Who is Sawan in ‘Nha Harn the Series’?

Putter: Sawan is a very strict character. He dresses very modestly and speaks politely. Sawan is an administrative teacher’s son, so he was taught to follow the rules, to be disciplined, so much that sometimes he feels that he can’t be himself. When he met Yupin, Yupin is someone who loves her freedom. He learned many things about Yupin, things like making decisions for himself, and doing things without asking for permission from adults. It made Sawan start to open up, to try and make decisions himself, and eventually made him break free of that prison.

Similarities and differences between ‘Sawan’ and ‘Putter’

Putter: The connection between Sawan and Putter? Hmm… There are some parts that are similar, for example, Sawan is the kind of guy who puts in effort and determination to get what he wants, similar to me when I tried very hard to join this series, or when I’m doing my homework, something like that.. But for the most part, we’re not really alike in terms of personality. Sawan is an orderly person, but I’m kind of silly, I’m  kind of a relaxed and chilled person, where Sawan is especially orderly. So, that makes the both of us quite different, but when I read the script, when I got to know Sawan more, there really weren’t that much that was obviously different, so it wasn’t too hard for me to portray Sawan.

Putter Detpisit

How well in percentage did you think you portrayed ‘Sawan’?

Putter: For me, I think about 80 percent.
madan: What happened to the other 20 percent?
Putter: The remaining 20 percent, is probably because I’m a new actor, I don’t have that much knowledge as an actor. If I get the opportunity, I want to learn more about it. That’s why I only gave myself 80 percent.
Madan: To improve yourself further, right?
Putter: Correct.

You’re from the north, but you had to speak northeastern in this whole series. How did you prepare yourself?

Putter: I have to say first that, a northen person speaking northeastern is something that doesn’t happen a lot. Northeastern and northern dialects are quite different. Northeastern dialect would end sentences in a low tone, like “What are you doing?” (Northeastern accent), but for the northen dialect, it’s “What are you doing?” (Northern accent), which is more like a high tone. When I was doing the scenes, when I was doing the dialogues, sometimes the director would say that I sound too northern, if my tone was too low or not. But if I don’t use low tone, and I use high tones instead, it would sound too northern, so I had to use low tones.
madan: Is it about using the right tones?
Putter: Yes, it is. I learned it from P’Tak, the director for almost half a year before I could speak it.
madan: That means you’re fluent now, try saying “Have you eaten yet?”
Putter: Have you eaten yet? How do you say that “Have you eaten yet?” (Northeastern accent)
madan: Hello
Putter: Hello (Northeastern accent)
madan: Miss you so much
Putter: Miss you so much (Northeastern accent)
madan: Not bad.
Putter: But if I had to say a whole sentence, I might need some time to think (laughs)
madan: Because when you were acting, you memorized the dialogue.
Putter: That’s right.

Tell us a scene that you are fascinated with when you were filming or a moment in the set that you were fascinated with.

Putter: First, I have to day that every episode in this series has a hidden notion or it might reflect certain mentalities. For example, the first episode that was aired, there was a scene that I had to sit in the administrative room with another kid called Tonmai. In this scene, I scored the highest in the exams out of the whole grade, the teacher was complimenting me like, “Well done, Sawan. You’re so good,” and the other kid may not have as high scores as I did, he was criticized why he couldn’t do as well. It became something that will make you think about why situations like that happen. Instead of phrasing it like that, is there a better way to say it? Something like that, and there are also other episodes that explores concepts about various topics for teenagers.

What message is the character ‘Sawan’ trying to convey to the viewers?

Putter: Sawan? The message he was trying to convey is that, you don’t have to follow the rules set all the time. If you follow the rules all the time, you won’t be able to think for yourself, or make decisions by yourself. When you think outside the box, it’s not always a bad thing, sometimes your decision might make your life better, or if you get a good advise, your decision might be better, your life might be better, from thinking outside the box. But it’s also up to each individual’s discretion on how to live their lives as well.

madan: Teach people how to get away from the norm?

Putter: Actually it’s not that extensive, it teaches you that you should learn to make decisions on your own sometimes and do things for yourselves, because one day, the person who loves us or takes care of us will not stay with us forever. When that time comes, you have to learn to do things for yourself.

Tell your fans about “Nha Harn the Series”.

Putter: Please support all of us, this is the kind of series you don’t get to see a lot. You’d get to see teenagers’ love life, the development of the coming of age characters, and it reflects many kinds of  notions in society, in school life, teenagers’ life, something like that. Nha Harn the Series, watch it on AIS PLAY, it’s watchable on all networds, and on Channel 3, press 33, every Monday 11 pm.

madan: Can Sawan come and ask the fans to support the series?

Putter: (Northeastern accent) Please support Nha Harn the Series, we worked really hard in this series, so I would like to ask everyone to come watch it. I gave my all in this project (laughs), that last part is not northeastern.

Prom – Ratchapat Warasarn

Prom: Hello, I’m ‘Prom Ratchapat’ starring as P’Singto.
madan: What kind of character is P’Singto in Nha Harn the Series?
Prom: P’Singto has two arms and two legs… oh wrong answer?
madan: Laughs
Prom: You’re laughing.
madan: P’Singto is a good looking guy, but not exactly handsome. But he is charming, he plays the guitar. This is his attractive point, and he is a very determined person, ambitious and he’s the kind of person who will definitely survive in this life. He always finds a way to fight on. He focuses on opportunities, his career rather than love, and he thinks that he can find opportunities in small towns, doesn’t have to be a big city.

Similarities and differences between ‘Singto’ and ‘Prom’

Prom: Thank you for the question. Prom and P’Singto, how are they similar and different? If you ask me, the similarities are how he plans his life, and how he doesn’t give up. I like to plan my life, when I am at certain ages, what must I achieve. It doesn’t have to be so detailed but at certain ages, I must already achieve certain things, something like that. But there are also differeneces, for example, he’s a very good guitarist, but I don’t know how to play the guitar at all. And this character makes certain decisions, for example, career opportunities, or the work that he focuses on, he would always focus on those before love. But I feel that these two things can happen at the same time, because when we get tired from work, and how do we recover from that? We use love to fight back the exhaustion. So, I feel that these two things can coexist.
madan: You might be able to balance it better than Singto.
Prom: Are you mad? I’m not balanced, I’m heavier on the left side.
madan: Sure (laughs), what is the heavy left side, work or love?
Prom: Probably more on work.

What message does the character Singto want to convey to the viewers?

Prom: What the character conveys to the viewer? First of all, it’s determination, and music, and another thing is his structure of thoughts, that he would always choose work before love. That is what I want everyone to focus and observe carefully, how does this character reply? Why did he reply like that? In case some people might encounter this kind of problem, and you’d think that the correct answer is one thing but Singto says the other answer.
madan: He doesn’t follow the norm.
Prom: True.

Tell us about something that you were fascinated about yourself, your colleagues or the production team while filming.

Prom: If I had to pick one story that I was fascinated about, it’s probably all the other actors and the production team. For the actors, you can see that some of them tried really hard to land this project, for example, Putter, who is from the north. The first time I met him, he couldn’t speak Northeastern dialect at all. I tried telling him to imitate me, but when we were on set, he couldn’t do it. I tried to help him, even though I couldn’t fully help him all the time. But I want everyone to open their minds and watch what Putter put his effort into. He was learning for six months. As for the production team, there was one day that I went to the set, I remember it was a very hot day, but all the staffs were in the middle of the sun, no one were standing in the shades, because no one had an umbrella.
madan: I almost teared (laughs)
Prom: It’s true, everyone had to stand in the sun but no one was complaining. They just spoke through the wireless microphone that it was so hot, that’s it, and they were saying that the whole day, but they finished filming though. That is everyone’s effort.
madan: I heard that you sing one of the soundtracks for the series.
Prom: Where did you hear that?
madan: Someone told me just now, someone whispered to me just now.
Prom: Who? Before me? Oh, this is the song that I sang for the series, it’s called “You are my light”. Actually, I was so stressed when I had to do this song. To make it short, there are two sides, the management side and the artists side. The artists would be those who make music, or those at the record label. That’s the music production side. Then the management briefed that they wanted an R&B and POP song, with some other things in it too. The song lyrics was all in Northeastern dialect, but they want it to be sung so that the main Thai dialect people can understand it too. So, I was like, what should I do? And the fact that when I speak Northeastern, I would sound totally Northeastern. So, I was discussing with the artists and the record label, how to pronounce this and that, what is just right for me, and so on. Then we got the song “You are my Light”, the best version there could be, with the power of auto-tune 300% and more than 20 sound engineers, making this song the best they can. So, don’t forget to go check it out, “You are my Light”, on every streaming channel. If you can’t listen to it, that means your ears are busted, that’s it. (madan staffs laughing)

Tell your fans to follow Nha Harn the Series.

Prom: Please follow Nha Harn the Series, this series is both a romantic comedy and coming of age. A high school kid walking into the big world, what would that kid decide on? How would you live? What would happen? You’ll have to check it out in the series because I’m telling you, don’t just check out the main characters, check out all the characters, whether it is the janitor sweeping in the background or the other students. I want you to check out all the details because whatever is in the series, it’s so detailed that the director even listed how each thing should be. And how the teenagers are growing up into the vast world. Some of you might be able to relate because you’ve been through it or it could be something you’ve never experienced before. So please support Nha Harn the Series by TV Thunder on AIS PLAY and Channel 3, press 33, every Monday at 11 pm. I want all of you to see something new, new cultures from the Northeastern people. Please open your mind and try it, you would be happy for sure.
madan: Can say about Nha Harn the Series in the local dialect?
Prom: You mean Korean?
madan: Your local dialect (laughs).
Prom: (laughs) Sure, Please follow Nha Harn the Series on AIS PLAY and Channel 3, press 33 by TV Thunder. Don’t forget to watch it a lot, everyone, Mondays at 11 pm. I want everyone to watch it because we all tried really hard, but I still can’t satisfy you. But the right person in your heart doesn’t even have to do a thing and you pick that person. (The whole team smiles)

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