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‘Patrickananda,’ his passion for music and his feelings about lavender

What kind of a person is Patrick Ananda?

I’m a simple, casual guy. I mean, I live my life in a simple way, I eat anything and go anywhere.

What do most people think of you the first time they see you?

Many people say that when they haven’t really got to know me, I look stuck up, maybe because I’m a calm person, I don’t say a lot, I don’t initiate greeting someone because I don’t know how to. I’m not good at playing around, I’m not good at chitchatting.

You’re not good at conversations?

I’m not. I only talk a lot when it’s about something I’m good at, something I’m interested in. For example, music, music production. I’d be able to speak with a better flow, but if it’s chitchatting, it’s not really my thing.

Can you tell us one thing about music?

I would talk about what I’m best at, that is writing music.

Can you try talking about that?

Someone used to ask me how I write songs, they wanted me to teach them, but I feel that it is something that can’t be taught, because music writing for me, I feel that it is something that has to come from yourself.

It’s like I don’t think too much about it, I don’t think that it has to come out perfect. It has to come from your own story that you want to tell. Every one of my songs is from my own story. I didn’t try and invent pretty words, whatever I think, I write it out as I feel.

Going back to when you were a young kid, when you haven’t discovered your talent in music, what were your interests?

Many things. When I was a kid, I was very active, I had to find some activity to do all the time. I remember that my first passion was birds, because my house had 40-50 different kinds of birds. My grandpa loved birds, so I also became passionate about it.

How old were you when you liked birds?

Probably around grade 1-2.

When you were in grade 5-6, what was your passion?

It changed to plants. I started to gain interest in plantation and how to grow plants. At that time, I knew how to root a cutting, cut off branches and soak them in water for a while to allow the roots to grow, then planted them in the pots. There are many ways to do it, I also knew how to do budding. I would get a pink Plumeria and bud it with a white one, and it would grow. I think it did, I can’t really remember. But the rooting method that I remember it to soak a branch in water and then you could plant it

And what were your interests in junior high school?

During junior high school, it was all about music. I started playing in a marching band at grade 7. It has been a dream since grade 4-5, but marching bands were only available from junior high school onwards because they didn’t allow middle school kids to join. So, it was a moment that I have been waiting for. When I got to grade 7, I joined the marching band right away, I was playing percussions

That was the starting point that gave you the passion for music?

That’s right.

What was your passion during high school?

During high school, I lost focus and played basketball for a while. I’ve always wanted to become a basketball player, so I tried it out, but I had to come back to music because I wasn’t successful, I didn’t do well

Since you failed in basketball, why did you come back to music?

After I failed, I started joining singing competitions. It was the first time that I was so serious about singing because before that, I was always playing drums. I wanted to have my own song, I wanted to release a single, so I joined various singing competitions.

How old were you when you joined the competitions?

The first time was when I was in grade 11, 17 years old.

How old were you when did the word ‘success’ happen?

I think I was 22, that was when I signed for a record label. It was the first success because someone showed interest, someone wants me to make music. I felt proud, it was the first time I was happy with it.

Which song led to that success?

I made 3 demos and sent it to record labels for about a year, the whole year. I sent it to every record label, but no one got back to me. This current label was the only one who contacted me.

In your view, when a record label accepts you, it shows success, and you’re happy at a certain level.

That’s right, but I feel that it’s just the beginning. Before I got in a record label, I was pushing really hard. When I started making music, I couldn’t afford to buy music equipment, so I borrowed 30,000 baht from my aunt to buy it. At that time, I didn’t know how to make music, I didn’t know what I need, so I searched Google to see what I need and then I went to buy it. After I bought it, I didn’t know how to use it, so I learned from YouTube, all while finding the money to pay back my aunt every month. I worked as a freelancer, as an AR, backstage staff for other artists when I was still in school. I’d go make music after school, sometimes I would skip school to go work as a freelancer,

Before joining the record label, was there any song that people were interested in?

Yes, the song “Distant Person”, before I released the official MV. About 2 years before, I released a demo, I was playing the guitar in the university dorm, and I posted it on YouTube. My friends liked it, it was mostly my friends that like it.

Why do you think people like “Distant Person”?

I really want to know too, because I released this song a long time ago, but it kept on coming back. But the most obvious reason is because there were influencers and celebrities like Ice Paris and Jayler covering the song in their live sessions. And there was the time that I went on Omegle with P’Pukan on TikTok, so it came back again even though the song was released a long time ago.

Besides the song “Distant Person”, there were 3 other songs in the chart. What do you think is the factor that makes audiences like it?

I think it’s the lyrics of my song, I used simple words, as I mentioned earlier, I don’t like to invent pretty words. I write whatever my thoughts are, and I think that I’m a male artist that won’t be deemed as a weak person. The sad song called “Lavender”, I didn’t want her to leave, so I write about not wanting her to leave. Since it’s a man writing the song, it might seem that he’s a weak person, but I think that love is like not pretending that we’re okay with something we’re not okay with, it’s about being sincere to your own feelings.

All of your songs are written from your own experience, is that right?

Yes, every song.

Does that mean that you have had a lot of love experience in your life?

Not a lot, but the most recent relationship was a long one.

Is the song “Lavender about the most recent relationship?

The whole album is about that.  

So the whole album is about that person, it’s about that time you were in love.


You have a lot of purple tattoos

Yes, I like purple, and I have a song called “Lavender” too.

From the positioning of the tattoos, it seems you are the kind of person who doesn’t think too much, you just follow what you feel.

Yes, I do think a bit about the composition though, some of it has to be on certain positions.

What does purple mean to you?

I think the color is neither hot nor cold, It’s in the middle between red and blue. For me, it feels peaceful and mysterious.

Do you think you are a purple kind of guy?

Speaking of my mood, it should be purple.

Peaceful and mysterious?

That’s right.

Are you someone who is hard to get through?

I think I am. I don’t open up to people easily, because I am quite an introvert. Like I said, I don’t chitchat a lot with people, because I’m always making music, so I don’t socialize a lot, so I tend to forget how to start a conversation or reach out to people.

From what I see, even though you don’t open up easily, but when you’re around others, you blend in well.

Yep, I get along with all types of people. I can hang around with them, but I won’t get too closely acquainted with them.

What kind of person would be very closely acquainted with you?

My closest acquaintance is P’Tab, the record label management and my producer for almost every song. We talk about almost everything, especially about music. I like to talk to people with passion, who loves what they are doing. When I talk to them, I absorb their anergy, just like how P’Tab has the energy and dreams that he wants to do.

Stay tuned for more interviews and stories that you didn’t know about ‘Patrickananda’ soon

Editor in Chief : Natthida Ratchawong
Producer : Ployrawee Choksuchanun
Model : Patrickananda
Photographer : Sakdanai.K
Graphic Design : wowweeraya
Make up & Hair : Montree Thurdkiattisak
Make up & Hair Assistant : Pongsakorn Konton
Stylish : Patipan Jaksukan
Content Creator (Internship) : Nutjari Plaingam

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