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4 Actors with 4 Characters of Hectic Office Workers in the Series ‘WORK FROM HEART The Series’

Folk Jakrin, Gameplay Garnpaphon, Max Achira, Ying Anada, the 4 leading actors from the series ‘WORK FROM HEART – Rak Puan Kuan Office’. A new series for office workers, they are here to reveal their awesome characters and the reasons why everyone must watch this series.

Folk Jakrin – Gameplay Garnpaphon – Max Achira – Ying Anada

Introduce your characters please

Max: Songthi is a genius He’s very good at his job He is also called Number one AE but when it comes to simple things that everyone can do, he can’t do it For example, he doesn’t know how to make coffee from capsules It’s hard for Songthi because his mind is already far away He can’t do simple stuff
madan: What can Songthi do well?
Max: Coding
Gameplay: Wow
Ying: Vivi believes in supernatural powers She worships everything For her career, she has to worship when she wants new projects, she worships when she needs to make presentations, she worships She emphasizes on worshipping.
madan: Does she worship for love?
Ying: Not really It’s mostly about work
Gameplay: Really?
Ying: I don’t know Go watch for yourself.
Gameplay: Dee is a billionaire’s son He’s very rich He loves his freedom in his life very much But his grandfather dictates his life, his work, his life, and his love too Dee has to fight with what is controlling him, stopping him from doing what he wants He’s like a kid who just graduated and wants to live his own life.
Folk: I star as Night Night is an office white collar he’s about 30 years old He works in the marketing field and he’s quite serious about his life and he’s a fighter He’s been through a lot of obstacles in his life He was dumped in his wedding and many other problems He’s a white collar fighter.

Folk Jakrin
Gameplay Garnpaphon

How did the four of you get into this tumultuous office story?

Gameplay: Work From Heart’s synopsis is about this company where Dee’s grandfather does something here causing chaos everywhere but it’s also because of grandfather that speed boosted the love and many other things causing a lot of feelings happening very quickly.

How are all four, two couples related?

Max Achira

Ying: Vivi and Songthi are rivals in the office We are in the
Max: AE department
Ying: He’s better at the job than I am Whatever I do, I always come second So, I felt that Why? I worshipped a lot already How come I can’t compete with him? I really want you to check it out whether my worshipping will win him over No Will she win him at work?.
Max: Songthi is a person who wishes well for Vivi He wants her work to be good but he can’t let her take over the presentation I have to be number one always It’s like, he wants her to go well but he won’t allow her to make him inferior.
madan: How about Dee and Night?
Gameplay: Yep What was the question? I was enjoying listening to him talk Like I said, Difa is an agency company We have a big variety of customers and his grandfather took over this company because he wanted to control his grandson to be in the environment he desires and the grandson didn’t know about this Dee has a grandfather and a grandmother His grandfather is quite controlling but his grandmother was very indulgent and Dee is about to graduate, he has to train so he has to become an intern and his grandfather made him train at his company When he went to training, he met with P’Night He likes to work alone He’s kind of tough and he doesn’t like interns and I wanted to train in marketing so I had to train with him.
Folk: I like to work alone so, I didn’t appreciate someone in the way because it is hard to control right?
Gameplay: In the way? That’s a strong word.
Folk: and he looked like my ex who dumped me So, that made me dislike him even more.

Folk Jakrin – Gameplay Garnpaphon

Ying: The reason you have to watch this show is because this series has a lot of comedy it is packed with laughter for everyone to watch.
Gameplay: The reason you have to watch Work From Heart it is a series that people should like because it is about office life People who work in offices will come across a lot of jokes in this show’s office and it includes the LGBTQ+ subject that will reflect on a different perspective that is not just LGBTQ+ but also the values of men values about women too We want our society to be more equal in every gender This series is suitable for all ages and genders It’s not just funny there’s a taste of everything drama comedy everything I guarantee that there is everything It’ll definitely be fun.

Folk Jakrin – Gameplay Garnpaphon
Max Achira – Ying Anada

Max: This series wants to convey equality of every gender because we include LGBTQ+ we don’t want to create a stereotype that certain gender characters have to act like this but this character can be themselves 100% It’s a different view of society that we want to convey to the audience that every one is human that they can love.

Gameplay: Besides LGBTQ+ subjects, there is also the matter of generations gaps there are many generations when we work in the office we will meet people of different ages And work or society is different when they come together and work together There will be problems because of generation gaps This matter is addressed as well.

Folk Jakrin – Gameplay Garnpaphon – Max Achira – Ying Anada

Model : Folk, Gameplay, Max & Ying
Photographer : Sakdanai.k
Stylits  : Patipan Jaksukan
Editor-in-Chief : Natthida Ratchawong
Producer : Ployrawee Choksuchanun
Content Creator : Aditchaya Sukprasert, Palita Iamnoppakhun

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