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Hide the truth and cover the secret with ‘Fiat – Jennis – Orn’

Hide the truth and cover the secret with Orn – Patchanan Jiajirachote, Jennis Oprasertand and Fiat – Patchata Janngeon the actors from School Tales The Series, a new horror series from Netflix.

Fiat – Jennis – Orn

Let’s uncover hidden secrets together
throughout July 2022

Fiat – Patchata Janngeon

‘Fiat – Patchata Janngeon’ from episode ‘The Cursed Blessing’

Starring with ‘Fon – Nalinthip Permphatsakul’, the story begins in an old hospital room in an abandoned building. The place where people said “If anyone goes to pray for anything, the request will come true.” ‘Korn’, a loser male student, he’s always bullied by a group of students from his school. They force Korn to pray for their most wanted wish, which is to make them pass every subject in the final exam. Korn hurts both physically and mental but he has to unwillingly do it. When he arrives at the rumored old hospital room, he finds something much more than he heard. Korn will pray for what they want or how will he solve this game?

Jennis Oprasertand

‘Jennis Oprasert’ from episode ‘The Cursed Force’

Starring with ‘Mark – Siwat chamlongkul’, the story begins on an ordinary morning in this school. There someone found the dead body of a female student who died gruesomely. This situation shocked everyone in the school. Then news of the death was quickly shared on social media. Nobody would have thought that behind the unnatural death, Pleng founds a secret about the curse in a mystery box, that is if you hate someone…write that person’s name ‘under your feet’. It’s full of vengeance, vengeance, jealousy and the name of that female student must be cursed this way as well. Pleng is going to get deep down to what she just found. If the cursed can kill someone that easily, the next one might be someone in this school.

Orn – Patchanan Jiajirachote

‘Orn – Patchanan Jiajirachote’ from ‘The Funeral Tale’

Starring with ‘Fah – Sarika Sathsilpsupa’, when resentment was written in letters, vengeance and evil have been passed down from generation to generation, recorded in a book called ‘The Funeral Tale’. This is a mystery and gruesome story of ‘Saiparn’ who gets involved with a mysterious book that was kept in the innermost layer of the library. The place where she always hid herself from people who regularly bullied her. It’s unexpected that this Funeral Tale has been waiting to be read to release an evil soul again.

Editor-in-Chief : Natthida Ratchawong
Producer : Ployrawee Choksuchanun
Model : Fiat, OrnJennis
Photographer : BoydFoto Sathianpong
Graphic Design : wowweeraya
Make up : Wassana Khamleemat
Hair : Chanyanuch Woraphankpridakun
Stylist : Patipan Jaksukan
Content Creator : Aditchaya Sukprasert, Palita Iamnoppakhun

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