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Jump, Fluke, Tony, Baipor, and Fond – A “Not Friends” relationship

Fluke- Baipor – Tony – Fond – Jump

ump, Fluke, Tony, Baipor, and Fond – the 5 teenage actors from the movie “Not Friends” with stories and what’s important in a teenager’s life. They are here to reveal their specialness, along with gossiping their actor colleagues from the movie. Check it out in #madanxเพื่อนไม่สนิท #madanofthemonth

Let’s welcome the cast from “Not Friends”

Baipor: Hello, I’m BaiPor Thitiya, playing the role of Bokeh
Fond: Hello, I’m Fond BNK48, playing the role of Liu
Fluke: Hello, I’m Fluke, playing the role of Ping
Jump: Hello, I’m Jump, playing the role of Joe
Tony: Hello, I’m Anthony Buisseret, playing the role of Pae

Jump Pisitpol

Can you tell us a bit about the movie?

Jump: “Not Friends” includes the concept of friends and movies this movie is about a mission by a group of students. They had to team up to make a short film where they had many missions to do. There are mysteries and secrets that will affect the challenges of this project. Please watch the movie “Not Friends” to find out more.
madan: We will applaud to those who do a good job.
Fond: That’s right.

Tony Anthony

The character that you are playing and a brief story about yourself and the character.

Tony: Pae is a loser who doesn’t have anything outstanding in particular but one day he had a mission to make a short film with his friends. So he found friendship from many people.
Baipor: Okay
Baipor: I play the role of Bokeh. Bokeh is one of the people who helped Pae make the short film.
madan: What kind of personality does Bokeh have? Tell me a little bit about her.
Baipor: Bokeh has a masculine and bold personality but she is the leader of the team making the short film.
Fond: Is that accurate to real life?
Baipor: Is it?
Fond: It is.
Baipor: How about Ping?
Fluke: I’m a good person. That’s it.
Fluke: How are you good? First of all, my looks.
Jump: That’s obvious.
Fluke: Something like that.
Tony: That’s it.
Jump: I heard that you’re a Christopher Nolan fan in the movie, right?
Fluke: Yep.
Jump: Why?
Fluke: Ping is crazy about movies. And he loves Christopher Nolan. He’s an idol to him.
Baipor: And Bokeh and Ping are always fighting with each other throughout the movie.
Fluke: That’s not true, they love each other very much.
Baipor: Huh, that’s not what we agreed to say.
Jump: Go watch the movie to find out who fights with who. Who is close to whom, who’s not close to whom, find that out in the movie
madan: I don’t know who to believe right now.
Jump: Yep

Tony Anthony – Jump Pisitpol

Fond: You can’t believe anyone of them
Fond: I play the role of Liu. Liu is quite different from everyone else. Because Liu is the popular girl in the school.
Fluke: Liu De Hua
Fond: Besides being the popular girl at school, she is also a student council member. She participates in activities, she has leadership. Everything. Liu is so perfect. And another thing is that she is a close friend of…Joe.
Jump: Yep
Fond: That’s it, that’s all I’m saying.
Jump: Do we just say that we’re close? We’re not close to each other.
Fluke: But Liu is also a gangster in the movie.
Jump: Yeah, Liu is a gangster, right? Is that the same movie? Which Liu?
Fluke: Liu De Hua.
Fond: Right now, the viewers don’t believe us anymore.
Tony: I’m totally confused.
Baipor: Let’s just say that no one here is close to each other.
Fond: Yep.
Jump: No one is close to each other. That’s why the title is “Not Friends”
Fluke: Who are you?
Jump: What? We knew each other just now.
Fluke: And what about your character?

Fluke Thanakorn

Jump: I play the role of Joe. In the movie, he is a regular student but he somehow got involved with this gang and had to make the short film together. But there’s a secret too.
Tony: That we can’t tell yet.
Jump: That we can’t tell yet.
Baipor: Everyone has a secret.
Fluke: He’s a rapper.
madan: It’s complicated
Fluke: B-boy

Fluke Thanakorn – Jump Pisitpol

madan: We have a secret mission for you to do. The five of you think of a secret that you want to gossip about your friends here. You can gossip about any one here, one secret each. Anything. Who should we start with?
Fluke: BaiPor.
Baipor: I’ll talk about you, P’Fluke.
Fluke: Thanks a lot.

Baipor Thitiya

Baipor: I’ll compliment you first then because I think other people will say bad things about you.
Fluke: Thanks a lot.
Baipor: In the movie, there is a reason why P’Fluke cut his hair like this. I feel that this scene, was done very amazingly. No one could stop laughing. and I think the viewers probably won’t be able to stop laughing either.
madan: So, he played well.
Baipor: He has a strong spirit.
Fluke: Thank you.
madan: Tony laughed really loudly just now. Who do you choose to gossip about, Mr. Tony?
Tony: Can I gossip about the same person?
Fluke: I knew it.
Tony: There were lots of things in the set. I have to say first that there were quite a lot of extras in this movie. And then there were some people who were good looking, right Fluke?
Fluke: Yep, good.
Tony: He likes to check out those extra girls’ IG.
Jump: Is that true or not?
Fond: Do you have anything you want to say?
Jump: Is it true?
Fluke: I did it with guys too. This guy is handsome, he has style. I went into their IG too.
Jump: So, you don’t care about their gender.
Fluke: Yep
madan: Simply put, you checked out everyone.
Fluke: Yes. We were checking out together
Tony: No.
Baipor: Oops
Fond: Oh no

madan: Who’s next
Jump: Me? Most of the time, I did scenes with Tony. So, I know Tony the most. I want to gossip that, you see Mr. Tony like this but in truth, he’s very soft. In reality, he is very small. This person.
Tony: This is true, I’m really a good person.
Fluke: I haven’t said that you’re good yet.
Baipor: He didn’t say that you’re a good person.
Tony: It means I’m good, right?
Jump: He seems calm, but he also has his crazy side.
Baipor: So, is he soft or crazy?
Jump: He’s soft, but there’s also a craziness within.
Fond: He has many characters.
Tony: It’s balances out.
Jump: Sure.
madan: Tony, they’ve finished telling the story, do you know that the word soft means not strong.
Tony: I do. I understand.
Jump: No, it also means small. He’s not like this all the time. He’s also a chilled out guy, yep.
Tony: It depends on the job.

Fond Natticha

Fond: As for me, I was thinking for a long time who to gossip about. Actually, it’s very similar to Tony’s story. What Tony told. It’s. The group of guys in this movie. I mean, they hardly say it in front of me but I’d always…
Baipor: You noticed it, right?
Fond: Yeah. I’d notice and see it myself.
Fluke: What, what?
Jump: Yeah, why?
Fond: They like to…
Baipor: Everyone will sit together in a group while in the school cafeteria.
Fond: And then gossip.
Baipor: What is this person’s IG?
Fluke: Who?
Fond: Really cute. They didn’t gossip for us both to hear. But we…
Baipor: We are observers.
Fond: Yes.
Jump: That has nothing to do with me.
Tony: Me neither.
Jump: Nothing to do with me.
Fond: We observed and saw for ourselves and we were laughing inside.
Fluke: I never knew anything about it.
Fond: Sometimes, they gather or maybe separately, but it’s the group of guys.
Baipor: Everytime we turn around, we see it.
Fond: Something like this and then gossip. I saw it many times, I just didn’t say anything but I was thinking inside and laughing.
Jump: Actually, we were studying.
Fluke: They might be studying.
Tony: Doing our homework.
Fluke: Maybe they were checking out the O-NET exam.
Tony: Yeah.
Baipor: This one is cute. This one, this one.
Tony: Maybe we were reading the script?
Jump: Our set works hard in filming.
Fluke: This is very fake, we study very intensively.
Baipor: There are 3 of them today.
Fond: Yeah, right? 2 against 3. We can do it.
Fluke: Look at Tony’s innocent face and tell us if it’s true or not.

Baipor Thitiya – Fond Natticha

madan: Mr. Fluke
Fluke: Yes. I choose. This isn’t really a gossip. Tony actually works out a lot. He just started working out. Recently, he would be like. Do you think…
Fond: I’ve seen it before.
Fluke: How is it? Something like this. Where is the bathroom? Is it that way? I was like. Oh, wow.
Tony: No, I’m proud of it, do you understand?
Fluke: Proud. He’s proud.
Tony: In the past, I never had the mindset to work out but because Jump is already a big guy. So I thought that we have to look good together. Why don’t you try flexing for the camera, like you did for Fluke.
Fond: 1 2 3
Tony: You can check it out in the magazine.
Fluke: Alright
Jump: Really good at dodging.
madan: He did it so he could support your weight.
Tony: Yeah
madan: He can use only one finger now.
Jump:That’s all it takes
madan: Yes

Tony Anthony – Fluke Thanakorn – Jump Pisitpol

Please talk your work on “Not Friends”

Fluke: This movie, to be honest, is really the teen movie of this year. That’s how they briefed me.
Tony: I like that.
Jump: You don’t have to tell them everything.
Fluke: Honestly, it’s fun. It is a coming of age story. I feel that there is more to it than just a teen movie. For me. Seriously, this movie is my first movie. Yep.
Fond: Lots of special things.
Jump: Directed by P’Atta, produced by P’Bas.
Fluke: Yep. When will it go on air?
Tony: This October 26th in movie theaters. Please, everyone, go watch it. See you there.

Model : Jump Tony Fluke Baipor Fond
Photographer : Franken.STL
Make up: Narueseth Ketwichit, Juthathip Hanpanpong
Hair: Nopanon Ketukaeophisit, Manaswee kitpisut
Stylist : amm pattarat ardwong
Editor-in-Chief : Natthida Ratchawong
Graphic Designer: wowweeraya
Content Creator : Aditchaya Sukprasert, Palita Iamnoppakhun & Napassorn Asawanon

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