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Best lead characters’ madly in love moments without saying love!

Talking about popular words on the keyboard for novels, series or anime fans (Japanese cartoons), the phrase ‘madly in love’ must be the Top 10 most used phrase to express their feelings in these scenes.  

So, in this article, has gathered the ‘madly in love moments’ of lead characters from popular novels, anime and series. You could say that these moments are filled with love even if the word ‘love’ is not directly spoken out.

“Xu, after everything is over, we will find a place where all 4 seasons’ weather is warm like spring, so that we can live and get old together.”

It was a semi-concise invitation from the leader of the Ghost Valley ‘Wen Kexing’, telling his ‘beloved’, ‘Zhou xi Zhu’ from the series ‘Word of Honor’. Wen Kexing spoke this phrase when Zhou Xi Zhu had a slight ‘cough’, while they were standing and talking on a high and cold mountain. Wen Kexing processed his thoughts and said “The weather around here is rather cold. Your clothes are too thin and your health is also weak. After this mess is over, let’s go find a warm place to live together until we get old.” Aww, just because his beloved friend had a cough, Wen Kexing decided to invite this friend to live together until old. Which part of this is without love? Please tell us.

“I want to take someone back to Yún shēn bùzhī chù. I will take him back… and hide him.”

This phrase came from ‘Lan Wangji’ or ‘Lan Zhan’, who is the second son of the Lan family from the series’ mystical land. Whoever visits this place will never be able to come out again. This place is called Gu Su.

This was the scene where ‘Lan Zhan’ was talking to his older brother ‘Lan xi Zhen’, after he just went through a rough situation, when his ‘best friend’ called ‘Wei Wuxian’ was ‘radical’ to the gods from a famous family, and he was kept an eye on. This makes Lan Zhan want to ‘take his friend back home and hide him. So, no one can hurt him.’

As audiences, we think that this scene is a way of asking permission from his brother, like ‘Gege, can I take my love to our home?’ Even if Lan Zhan did not say it directly, his brother understood everything. Then his brother responded ‘I have no problem. It is up to your love, whether he wants to come or not.

Even though the word love was not mentioned here, or even though he didn’t say it directly to ‘Wei Ying’, the overwhelming meaning and feeling in this sentence can clearly express the act of ‘madly in love’ instead of the word love already.

“If my good luck could help you, then you can have it all”

This simple sentence that the speaker said, was so soft that he could barely hear it. However, it has a great meaning and obviously shows how much the speaker is madly in love.

This sentence came from the series ‘heaven official’s blessing’, in the scene where ‘Xie Lian’, a great Chinese god, the heir of the heavens, whose life is full of bad luck. He became a poor god and he had to build his own temple to worship himself (?), by collecting merit points in the mortal world.

Xie Lian met a mysterious boy called ‘San Lang’ and they have been traveling together by chance. Xie Lian noticed that after he met San Lang, he was fortunate enough to get through bad situations easily. Moreover, his temple had also received a lot of donations from many people. Everything was going smoothly. It was different from when he was alone, when he always had bad luck.

Xie Lian had a big smile because of all these good things. He also happily said that the reason why everything was smooth, must be because of San Lang’s luck for sure. After San Lang heard that, he replied without hesitation that if his good luck could really help, then XieLian could have all his good luck. 

Aww, he could give Xie Lian everything, even his heart. So, he does not have to think twice to give Xie Lian his good luck.

“Shizun, please”

There is no doubt why the phrases from the previously mentioned series are so long, but for this anime, it is quite short. Even though Luo Binghe’s phrase ‘Shizun, please’ from ‘Scumbag System’ is short, we can hear this phrase throughout the whole story. It assures the act of ‘madly in love’ so well, until ‘Shizun’ or ‘master’ as ‘Xen Qingqiu’ has to facepalm. You can find out for yourself from the novel or anime, ‘Scumbag System’.

Tian: “This is an officer’s uniform, isn’t it illegal if I put it on?”
Phupha: “It’s fine, officers’ wives often wear it.”

After seeing these 2 phrases, you probably already know what color the atmosphere on Pha Pun Dao is. Phupha gave his own uniform to teacher Tian to wear. Then he said that teacher Tian is like an officer’s wife. We could say that Phupha has no sense of flirting at all. Fortunately, teacher Tian’s next sentence could stop the ‘madly in love’ of Phupha immediately. That sentence is “I am not your wife!!”

“Do you want to see Yong Jian at my place?” We would like to give this invitation phrase as a ‘madly in love’ feeling of Laem Phromthep (Phuket, Thailand), since it is a love sentence without any context or reason. They were just sitting and singing together, but suddenly ‘Tae’ invited his friend to see Yong Jian at his place. The reason why we considered this scene as one of the best love scenes is because there is no related dialogue, but it can communicate the characters’ mood very well. This series did it very well. In this scene after ‘Tae’ finishes his sentence in inviting ‘Ao-Aeaw’ to see Yong Jian at his place, it allows the audience to guess what will happen in the next episode.

If you ask how the audience noticed that. We have to say that it is because Tae could not hide his mad love at all.

“He’s gonna get his”

This is one of the best ‘madly in love’ phrases that ‘Type’, the coolest lead character from the series ‘TharnType the Series season1’, shows to the audience. Since the series’ story has started, Type does not express the feeling in his heart that much, which is contrary to ‘Tharn’, who is always talking about love, hanging around and getting annoyed with Type sometimes. However, when Type realized that there was a boy following his boyfriend around, he suddenly showed us his madly in love emotions.

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