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Sweet Christmas and Magic Moments of ‘Max-Nat’

The most heartwarming moment of the year is about to begin. Spend this very special time with ‘Max Saran’ and ‘Nat Natasit’ as they share their memorable Christmas moments and plan their Christmas this year with gifts that they would like to give to each other.

แม้กณฐ MaxNat
Max Saran

แม้กณฐ MaxNat
Nat Natasit

How do you feel today working with

Nat: I just did the photoshoot just now and I got the chance to see the photos. I really like the photos and I really want everyone to see the cover photo of next month that invited us to do. Thank you very much.
Max: Normally, Christmas is red and green, right? But this time, Christmas is pink, it is so sweet. Let’s just say that it is… amazing. Just wait and see.
Nat: It goes along with the ‘Sweet Christmas’ theme. Just look at the pink boxes and you can see how sweet it is.
Max: Or you can see Nat’s face and you’ll know how sweet it is (laughs)
Nat: You look sweet too today. You usually put on a handsome, cool look. Why do you look so sweet today?
Max: Yep (Nat: To go with the theme) to go with the theme.
Nat: Next time, invite me to do the cool look like P’Max
Max: You look cool anyway.
madan: Max is also pink today.
Max: Yep
Nat: Yep

Speaking of ‘Christmas’, what comes into mind and why?

Nat: Speaking of Christmas, I think of Christmas school fairs. They used to host it every year. Before I went to college, I studied in Assumption. They have a Christmas fair every year. I like the atmosphere a lot, I like everything about Christmas.
Max: I went to a Christian school as well. We also had Christmas activities, but it feels so long ago. I’ll think of something recently. When I think of Christmas, I think of presents (Nat: Yes) Right? Because no matter which movie you watch, when it’s Christmas, there’s always presents, sharing gifts, opening presents, and stuff. That’s why it’s the first thing that comes to mind.
Nat: Yep, I’m Christian too
Max: Christian?
Nat: ‘Kit Tueng’ (Miss you)
Max: That’s it

แม้กณฐ MaxNat
Max Saran – Nat Natasit

What do you think you will be doing on Christmas this year?

Max: I want to work. I want that day to be full of work because who knows, we may get to be together, and we could exchange presents. Who knows?
Nat: We’re rushing to shoot our ‘Cutie Pie series’ too this time around. We’re at the set all the time. I think that we may be on the set on Christmas. (Max: Yes) We’re rushing right now.
Max: So, we might have the opportunity to exchange gifts
Nat: We’ll probably be celebrating Christmas in the set
madan: So, that’s your answers.
Max: Yep, we’re sharing the answer (laughs)

What kind of gift do you want to give each other this Christmas?

Max: I was thinking of buying him a shirt because when we buy something for someone, whether it is a shirt, shoes, etc., they can wear it when they come to meet us. It makes me happy when I get to see them wear what I bought for them. Yeah, so I’d buy a shirt, probably a sweater, a big one because it’s almost winter now (Nat: it’s already winter). I don’t know if it will be cold in Thailand, but you’ll definitely look cute in it.
Nat:  So, you’re considering the cute aspect as a priority, but what about the heat and sweat from wearing it?
Max: I’m not considering that, because if there is sweat, I can wipe it off for you.
Nat: The gits that I want to give to P’Max this Christmas. He bought clothes for me already, right? So, I want to buy accessories for him. Normally, in our everyday life, when we work together, I hardly see him wear any accessory, whether it is bracelets or necklaces, I don’t see him wearing it. He wears a watch, and he only puts on accessories when the stylist brings something for him to try on, so I want to try and buy him some cute accessories. Maybe in the shape of a reindeer or a cute present.
Max: I’m not wearing any because I’m waiting. This has nothing to do with it, I mean I didn’t wear any because I’m waiting for the gift.
Nat: But you may have to wait a bit because I haven’t been paid yet.
Max: I can wait, no matter how long.
Nat: Okay, see you in 15 years, P’Max’s first present.
Max: Sure, I’ll try and live until then (laughs)

แม้กณฐ MaxNat
Nat Natasit

แม้กณฐ MaxNat
Nat Natasit

The both of you look really close to each other. How long have you known each other?

Nat: Probably 2-3 years, or maybe a bit more than 3 years.
Max: Probably a bit more than 3 years.
Nat: Thinking about it, time flies.
Max: We’ve known each other since we started working in this industry. We’ve known each other for a while now, but it took a while before we got close to each other (Nat: quite a while) because at that time, Nat was a very shy guy.
Nat: That’s right, and when we met for the first time in the ‘Why R U The Series’ workshop, and everyone in there were senior colleagues. They were all quite mature, 20 something years old already, and I felt considerate because I was the only young one. At first, I didn’t know what to say, but when I got to talk to them, worked together in the workshop, and they talked to me, played with me, it broke down the wall we had. So, we got closer and nowadays, we play around like it’s a normal thing. (Max: Yep)
madan: So, you were ‘P’Max and Nat’ for 3 -4 years already
Max: Probably 3 years, we’ve been through a lot together.
Nat: Been through hot and cold times.
Max: Yep
Nat: Heat and baked
Max: Yep
Nat: Both raw and moisty, go on.
Max: Yep

แม้กณฐ MaxNat
Max Saran
แม้กณฐ MaxNat
Max Saran – Nat Natasit
แม้กณฐ MaxNat
Nat Natasit

Your feelings when you first met and got to be in the same gang.

Max: I first saw Nat on IG because I heard that he was going to join us that day. I didn’t think much when I saw his IG, but when I met him in person, I wanted to tease him so much. And I’m the kind of guy who likes to play and tease a lot, so I tease him more than others do. I’m naturally like that, so I go and tease him.
madan: How did you tease him?
Max: Funny stuff, tricking him to do things.
Nat: Agitating
Max: This is why we got so close to each other so quickly, because of teasing.
Nat: That’s right. For me, when I met P’Max the first time, like I said earlier, I met him at the same time that I met everyone else from ‘Why R U The Series’. The first time I met him, I didn’t dare go talk to him that much. I was the young kid, and P’Max was many years older. Maybe the age gap was too big, different generation, maybe we won’t understand each other, maybe we speak different languages. (Max: Next sentence) Next sentence? Okay, so, at first I didn’t dare talk to him so much, I felt that this guy is not a normal guy, he must be a tricky guy, there must be something about him. At first I didn’t dare talk, but when the director or anyone told us to do a scene together, do stuff together more, we got closer. And I got closer to everyone else at DOMUNDI at the same time. That’s why we’re like a happy family now. (Max: laughs)
madan: Max’s first impression for Nat is that he looks like someone who you’d like to tease.
Max: Yes, he’s a cute kid, small guy, when you see him, you want to tease him.
madan: While he said that you’re scary.
Nat: Yes, scary, much older
Max: Okay, next question please. (laughs)

แม้กณฐ MaxNat
Max Saran
แม้กณฐ MaxNat
Max Saran

Funny stuff that the other person has done before since you knew each other

Nat: Something like P’Max eating spicy salad, and he spilled chilli into my eyes, is that funny?
Max: Oops, you made me drop it.
madan: Shocked
Max: I wanna do it again
Nat: Good, not disappointing
Max: Funny stuff, right? I don’t know if this is funny, but when we go somewhere together, whether it is Japan, out of town, going out, or even when we’re working in the studio or wherever, he is always the last to finish.
Nat: Finish what?
Max: Everything, doing whatever. Whatever you’re doing, you’re always last.
Nat: Not always
Max: For example, when we were in the hotel in Japan, everyone came out to wait in front of the hotel already. Then we realize that we’re missing someone, and that is Nat. ‘Where is Nat?’, ‘He’s packing up in his room’. When you’re at work, after shooting, we’re waiting in the car, someone is missing. ‘Nat is in the toilet’, something like that.
Nat: Not always, sometimes it’s someone else.
Max: 95% of the time is Nat
Nat: Everyone will misunderstand. Okay, when it’s my turn…
Max: Go ahead, I don’t see the issue. Up to you, no… it’s real stuff, like when we went to Japan, if I was fast, packed up everything…
Nat: Woah, so fasttttttt (Max: Let me finish first) so fastttt
Max: Let me finish first. I finished packing up and went out to wait outside, but when we left halfway already, I realized that I forgot something. Nat was really slow, but he doesn’t forget stuff. If you ask him to get something, he will get it, he won’t forget. That’s his good point, although slow, but still have good points.
Nat: As for P’Max’s funny story… actually, I can’t think of one right now because P’Max doesn’t tease me that roughly, he teases me lightly, not so bad.
madan: Or has he teased someone else really badly and you felt it?
Nat: Wow, there’s actually a lot, because P’Max teases people all the time. (Max: Tell us one story) Let’s talk about one of the times he teased me. When we were working and he had to feed me or put some snacks into the other person’s mouth, like sharing food, there’s no way I would get to eat it in the first second. He has to like ‘Ahhh…’ and when I’m about to bite, he would withdraw his hand away. He is the kind of guy who likes to tease.
Max: Suppose it is Japanese food, I’d have to secretly put in some wasabi, something like that.
Nat: It’s like secretly putting in a bomb.
madan: What a teaser.

แม้กณฐ MaxNat
Max Saran – Nat Natasit

A good impression of the other person.

Max: Nat is a cute guy in the sense that he doesn’t say bad things about other people. He doesn’t even keep it in his mind, he just doesn’t think about it. That means he doesn’t think about the little, trivial stuff, and even when I did something bad to him, or something that I felt I shouldn’t have done to him, I’d apologize, and sometimes he would say ‘Oh, really?’ You know what I mean? That means that there are things I might be concerned about or something I thought was there, but Nat doesn’t even think about it. He’s the kind of guy who doesn’t see or keep bad thoughts in his mind. Thinking about it… he’s a cute kid.
Nat: The P’Max that I’ve experienced, I think he cares about other people a lot. Not just me, but he cares for everyone that he works with. He is considerate, I can feel that he cares. For example, when I am cold and only wearing a T-shirt, if he has a jacket, he will lend it to me. He’s like the kind of person who doesn’t think of himself as the most important person, but he cares about others more than himself. He’s such a gentleman and a smart guy, very witty. When I need to consult or need some advises, he would always give me some good advises. This is his good point, like a great big brother… that’s the only good point. No, no, there are many more. (Max: That’s right) That’s right
Max: Thanks, Nat
Nat: We have to look out for each other.

How is ‘Hia Yi’ and ‘Kon Diew’s’ characters in the ‘Cutie Pie series’ different from other series?

Max: My personality is the kind of playful, teasing guy, right? In the past, whether it is for DoMunDi or shooting whatever project… I would put in my own style into the characters, but for ‘Hia Yi’, it was the total opposite because I couldn’t put in my own personality into it. I had to be a full on Hia Yi, which is the total opposite of myself, and it was very challenging. I trained a lot (Nat: Trained so much ), got scold a lot, so I had to warn myself all the time that I am supposed to be Hia Yi. I had to keep calm, to be in character, serious, discreet. Before doing the scenes, I had to tune myself to get into character. It was very challenging, and we’ve already shot part of the series and I felt it was okay and impressed with it. As for the rest of it, I will do my best, watch it or you’ll miss out. (Nat: That’s right) You have to watch it! I’ll get mad if you don’t watch it.
Nat: When I first accepted the role of ‘Kon Diew,’ P’Kla was my acting coach for the ‘Cutie Pie series’. He told me “Be yourself when you’re performing”. My previous work as ‘Nong Blue – Nong Mini – Nong Nuea’, all 3 characters are not really like me. But when I got to play Kon Diew, P’Kla told me to be myself. I think that Kon Diew and I have similar characters, but the difference is that when I was playing Kon Diew, there were lots of dramatic scenes, whereas my real life has no real drama like that at all. This is the first time that while shooting, I felt that I really liked it.
Max: Actually, we already finished most of the big drama scenes in the series. But I have to say that it is much better than expected, and I want everyone to follow it. I’ll mention it again in the end of the interview.
Nat: Yep, it was really better than I expected. I didn’t think I could perform like this. So, I’d like to thank P’Kla for coaching me, unlocking me, and made me perform more than I ever could. Thank you so much, I owe him. Max: Amazing

แม้กณฐ MaxNat
Nat Natasit
แม้กณฐ MaxNat
Max Saran

Mention about P’Max and Nat’s work

Nat: ‘Love Message’, go check it out, we need the views.
Max: There’s a music video too, it’s a miniseries by P’Ink Waranthon (Nat: That’s right, and we used to play in the miniseries) ‘Accidental or Intentional’
Nat: Go and listen to P’Ink’s song, and you can also watch the series too.
Max: Yep, and the upcoming one is ‘ Cutie Pie Series’. Let’s say that this one is epic, it’s a grand project that you cannot miss.
Nat: We probably put in the most for this project and did the best we could.
Max: Including everyone, the production team too. (Nat: Yes, beautiful shots)  I have to compliment them, it’s really amazing. I want everyone to watch it, you won’t be disappointed.
Nat: I really don’t want anyone to miss this one.
Max: I’m not exaggerating here.
Max: And don’t forget our IG @nat.natasit and @mmaxmax
Nat: Please follow us

แม้กณฐ MaxNat
Nat Natasit
แม้กณฐ MaxNat
Max Saran
แม้กณฐ MaxNat
Max Saran – Nat Natasit

ModelMax Saran & Nat Natasit
Photography: BoydFoto Sathianpong
Makeup: Wassana Khamleemat
Hair: Chanyanuch Woraphankpridakun
Stylist: Patipan Jaksukan
Art Direction & Set Design: Ployrawee Choksuchanun

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