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Sugar, Spice and Everything nice with ‘Mile – Apo’

Mile Apo Mile Phakphum Apo Nattawin

‘Mile – Phakphum Romsaithong’ and ‘Apo – Nattawin Wattanagitiphat’Meet these two young actors as mafia characters from the ‘KinnPorsche The Series’. Although it is not aired yet, it has received an overwhelming interest from fans on social media, where fans can see them both in a very dark and familiar look.
This is the first time that ‘Mile-Apo’ are both portraying a character with softness that is filled with a unique charm.

Please introduce yourselves

Mile : Mile Phakphum Romsaithong.
Apo : I’m Apo Nattawin Wattanagitiphat.

How do you feel about today’s concept, ‘The New ANDROGYNY’?

Apo : It’s very new to me, this is the first time we’re doing something a bit on the feminine side, but it’s very nice.
Mile : Before the shoot, I was very excited because… (Apo : You drank too much coffee?) Haha.
Apo : Oh, no? (Laughs)
Mile : We feel that this style differs a lot from our real lives. It’s a surreal feminine feel, which may be different from the real me and Apo, so it got me really excited. 

Mile Apo Mile Phakphum Apo Nattawin

Mile Apo Mile Phakphum Apo Nattawin

A softer side to you that many may not know about.

Apo : I have a softer side, just a moment ago, when I got the briefs, he came and told me that instead of using a straw I should just drink from the glass… (Mile : Why?) We care about the turtles. 
Mile : What?
Apo : We’re worried about the turtles and sea animals because the straw might tie their necks.
Apo : A softer side…  (Mile : Laughs) I love animals, especially cats, so I love nature. When I visit places with beautiful nature or go into the woods or see a stream of water, I would feel very happy and calm. I think that’s my softer side.Mile: I think I’m a really romantic person (Apo : Yep), so I think that’s my softer side, but it’s something I don’t show people. I feel like romance is a give and take thing, but it is filled with a fuzzy feeling. It’s surreal and the imagination goes wild, which I feel is also a softer side of mine.

How do you feel about today’s ANDROGYNEOUS look?

Mile : I feel that the person who dresses like this must be really cool, because first of all, it’s not easy to gear up and express… (Apo : It’s heavy) it’s also very oversized, and has a lot of jewelry. The matching is a bit hard. Some might think you can just throw in anything, but No, No, No, I think it’s quite a challenge. 
Apo : As for me, I think this is a sign that the whole world is opening up their minds, not drawing a line on whether things are feminine or masculine. I think it’s really up to that person’s preference and anything is possible, because that’s the beauty of human nature.

Mile Apo Mile Phakphum Apo Nattawin

Mile – Apo’s fashion style

Mile : A person’s style really tells us who they are and even depicts a certain story. Some people might like a minimalist style because they’re not outgoing or some just dress casual because they want to feel relaxed. For me, however, I like to carefully select my outfits, I won’t pick clothes that are too colorful because I feel like I have to meet with different kinds of social groups in my life and I have many friends, both old and young. My closest friend is 60 years old, so I try to find something neutral, minimal with a touch of jewelry. Maybe an earring, a ring, and a necklace.
Apo : Something you can wear on every occasion
Mile : Yeah, sometimes I have to go to meetings, but I can still be fashionable at the same time.
Apo : It’s really up to how I’m feeling that day, sometimes we want to wear a certain item or rock some jeans and a t-shirt. Somedays I just want to wear a suit.

Mile Apo Mile Phakphum Apo Nattawin

Mile Apo Mile Phakphum Apo Nattawin

KinnPorsche The Series is Mile – Apo’ First series together

Mile : Yes, this is our first series together
Apo : Both of us
Mile : Yep
Apo : This is Thailand’s first Boy Love action series 
Mile : The teaser that was released was full of action scenes, or was it too much? Maybe we should let the viewers decide. But for me, we really prepared ourselves and the full series will have even more than what they first briefed us (Apo : Right). Because in the productions, there had to be a lot of preparation in our daily lives, such as hitting the gym, it’s a small factor that.. (Apo : It’s something we have to do) muscle memory and it’s not something you’d be able to do in a month. So for me it took some time to prepare myself.
Apo : Similar to Mile, but luckily for me, it was more like brushing up my skills because I’ve done action soap operas before. Mile: Yes, and Apo was extremely helpful with his suggestions and tips to playing action scenes.

Ask fans to watch KinnPorsche The Series

Mile : First off, please watch and support our series because we really put our all in it and we’re really dedicated to it. I know that every series says they put their all in it, but this one is full of action, drama, and comedy scenes. Personally, the preparation was very challenging and required a lot of details. My character Kinn is multi-talented, he can spin the Karambit knife, play the violin, he’s great at fighting and there are comedy scenes that’s kind of difficult for me. So the preparation took some time and I believe that viewers will get every taste that they are looking for, from drama to action scenes.
Apo : I really want you guys to watch it because we’ve put our all in it and it’s not just the actors. The production team has put in all their efforts and even though it’s the first time for a lot of people, I still believe that it’s going to be awesome. The writer was also actively involved in the production process with the director, I think it’s very interesting.

Mile Apo Mile Phakphum Apo Nattawin

Mile Apo Mile Phakphum Apo Nattawin

Mile Apo Mile Phakphum Apo Nattawin

Anything you’d like to say to fans?

Mile : I was actually really invested in KinnPorsche The Series, so I haven’t been doing any other work in the entertainment industry.
Apo : I went to study abroad (Mile : He went to America for a while). Yep 
Mile : Where’s my gift? (Laughs)
Apo : I shouldn’t say anything
Apo : Please watch and support my comeback in KinnPorsche The Series (Mile : So handsome), I used all my experience in this series, so please support us!

Mile Apo Mile Phakphum Apo Nattawin

Mile Apo Mile Phakphum Apo Nattawin

Mile Apo Mile Phakphum Apo Nattawin

Special Thanks
Coats and pants : linnchananchida
Apo’s Top :  le.rabai
Mile’s Top : ALAND Thailand

Model : Mile Phakphum & Apo Nattawin
Photography : BoydFoto Sathianpong
Makeup : Chinnakrit Tanasonterach
Hair : Ploy Sukwasa
Stylist : Patipan Jaksukan 
Concept&Style : Ployrawee Choksuchanun

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