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Search into the relationship between “Mos – Bank” and their growth through acting in “Big Dragon the Series”

Search into the relationship of the two actors with a new chemistry “Mos – Panuwat Sopradit” and “Bank – Mondop Haemtan”, with their first collaboration in “Big Dragon the Series”, also ready to reveal what impresses each other, how they learnt and grew together through acting in this series.

Mos Panuwat – Bank Mondop

How was the collaboration for the photoshoot with

Mos: Woo~ It was fun, everyone was really nice, they were guiding us on how to pose. I’m not really good at modeling. With their help the result was better than expected. I’m happy now, it was fun too
Bank: I’m like. There’s one thing that really caught my eye. it’s the food. I want to say that the food prepared was so good. Whoever comes to work here, I can confirm that the food will be great. This is the welfare and caring part but on the work side, in terms of shooting, the fact that like they know what I like. They just took what I like and branch it out to take shape. So, I like it very much. Right now, I’m waiting to see the photos already
Mom: They did their homework well
Bank: Yep
Mom: They researched what we like and what we want to do or maybe we didn’t do anything, they just researched and they brought it for us today
Bank: Yep
Madan: And this, this is just for you. I’m sure you’ve never been in a bath tub
Bank: Yep
Mom: Actually, I want to say thatI just did. I was just in a tub last month and it’s a big one too
Bank: Actually, I’ve been in a bath tub too and right now it’s like our gimmick is a bath tub in the…Oops. Am I giving spoilers? In there something happens In the MV we were in a bath tub. And now we’re in a bath tub again. So I feel that hey, is it? Is this our character?
Mos: Our symbol is a bath tub
Bank: Is it a bath tub?
Mom: Hmm, I’m not sure too but it’s a different bath tub
Bank: Yes, there’s a difference
Mos: This one is vintage

Bank: This one is like. They call it. Ah, it’s…
Mos: Japanese
Bank: No, no. I think it has a… old vibe like…What do you call it? disney It has a Disney feel. What do you call it? It’s like…
madan: Vintage
Mos: It has a princess/prince vibe like in Disney
Bank: Right, it has that era’s vibe. The princess/prince era’s vibe or something fantasy. I think that it has that feel
Mom: And what else is there? Apple
Bank: Yep
Mos: Right
Bank: There’s a duck too

Mos Panuwat – Bank Mondop

Is there any part where you felt that it’s the hardest, the easiest, or you like the most?

Mos: The hardest part for me was… shooting alone. There’s nothing there. Just me and the outfit. I feel that it’s a very difficult shoot for me because. I’m the kind of a person who doesn’t very elagant body movements. Well, my flaw is that I’m tall, I have long legs and I don’t dance I don’t know how to dance. Since I don’t know how to dance when I do body movements it feels awkward so if there’s nothing to hold in my hands or if there’s no one beside me. I would keep on making movements and sometimes it’s awkward so I might not be confident
Madan: Awkward?I don’t believe you, show us some of those movements.
Mos: Hey, Maybe it’s the vibe. Ah, right go and see for yourselves in the photos
Bank: Actually, if you see the photos, you might think that we’re being modest because the photos look so nice
Mos: Maybe we were like that before? But once we got to work on it a lot, everyone were teaching us and stuff and we have more experience and we adjusted maybe we’re doing better in more recent times but in the beginning when I just started people were always saying that my movements are not nice and that made me lose self esteem when I’m doing photoshoots and I get worried. When I’m shooting alone, I’d be afraid that it won’t turn out good But when there’s company, there’s P’Bank or a prop for me to hold, I can do it right away. Like the bath tub, I can do it. I can do with a flower too because I think that I know how to utilize it. I’m not alone. Yep, If I’m alone, I don’t know what to do. Sometimes my hands will feel tense. Sometimes I don’t know if I should put my hands in my pockets or hold my head, like this everything becomes so hard but when it’s time to do it, I’ll do it and let the body go with the feelings. Yep, so… Whatever the result is that’s what it is. Hmm, right.
Madan: The hardest one was the first set, right?
Mos: Yes, that part was hard but the latter parts were quite chilled already and it was very easy because there either were props or P’Bank was there
Madan: How about P’Bank? P’Bank? Which part did you like best or was the hardest? Or something you want to mention?
Bank: Actually, I like. I like both sets. It’s… Like the first set, I think. I like the colors. Due to the fact that I like red. background แดง so, when you put red with a red background, It’s like red in red. It makes it. have many layers of red shades. It’s comparable to how we were born we’re all human the same, but we’re actually not the same. So, I liked it. And the other one that was white, I feel that It’s looks as if it has sweetness but there are other things that contrast it, so that it’s not too sweet. I feel that the concept is well thought and I like it but if you ask which one I like best, I like the red one because I really like red color so when I get to wear the color I like I feel confident I feel that, hey, this is my color. I’m confident. And as a resultI think it is. okay. Since you’ve mentioned what you like already, let me ask you. I saw just now that everytime P’Bank is shooting, Mos would be around to look and when Mos was shooting, P’Bank would come to look, and cheer

Mos Panuwat – Bank Mondop

What do you like most and which shot impressed you most?

Mos: For his shots, I think. P’Bank has very beautiful body movements. He’s able to just stand still and just move his hands around like this and the shot would be perfect. I like his first set. I really like it
Bank: I got an injection I can’t raise my arm anymore. He can make it look good every time. Throughout his work, he always did it well Just him, just his clothes and his body. That’s it, he can do it well. He doesn’t need anything else. Yep, I like it. Not just this set. I’ve always liked it
Madan: You like every set
Bank: Right, For Mos’ part, I feel “wow”. The scene where he was with himself and there was a rose. I felt that he…It’s like he has an image in his mind and he conveyed it and the fact that he plays with the camera the look his mouth, his eyes his positioning, the way he holds the rose. it’s… it’s perfection. I like that one the most and I didn’t guide him at all I didn’t come over to teach him. He did all of it by himself. Therefore, it’s, it is he has developed, he’s better now. Why are you thanking me?
Mos: I’m thanking you. I don’t usually thank you. I’m just being nice
Bank: He’s putting on an act
Madan: Now that you’ve told us what you like of each other, right now, the both of you are
Madan: shooting the series “Big Dragon”, and the filming is already completed
Both: Yes

Mos Panuwat

Are there anything that you are impressed each other? From your collaboration in the project.

Bank: Ah, am I going first? For Mos’ part, The fact that Mos has never done anything in the industry, not even photo shoots. He really hasn’t done anything before. He’s really new to the business. Just, how do you say, costume fitting, he can already get excited with that. It’s really all new to him. So I secretly felt worried about him Hey, Mos have you got this?I went to teach him many things and this show conveys a lot of humanity side. This show is like the characters can show love, greed, anger, revel. The characters were not born to be good people. The characters were born to be human and they learn, and develop through various situations. Real so there is a high level of reality a lot So I was like.

Hey, he has to he has to understand it and he likes to say that he can’t do it He’s always saying it and I would tell him not to say that. The more he says that, the more he can’t do it. So, he adjusted his mindset, right? I felt that after he adjusted his mindset, it’s like he…he’s exceeded even me. Can you believe that suppose we only have 5 minutes. The lighting staff, everyone’s in a rush the cameraman is here and quickly, we have to move locations It’s chaotic, a chaotic state, very stressful and he has to cry in this scene 5, 4, 3, action, he cried right away. He did it and I felt like. Wow He has some acting skills and he doesn’t even know it so I want to compliment his and many scenes that I had to do with him. I can say that every time I had to pair up with him in a scene, I’d be really comfortable. I’d feel that there’s nothing to worry about

Bank: because as soon as I get in the scene, everything is natural. It makes that scene turn out perfectly. Yep, and I admire how he never stops improving. Suppose I compliment him that he’s good already. He would still go back and improve himself he’d be like, hey am I really good? and he would go train some more and that is a really good thing Yep So I feel that I see, I see potential in him and I want to tell everybody that is his first project it is the first impression in the entertainment business. I want everyone to follow him. I’d like a lot of people to love him because he’s determined Very, very determined. Yep, That’s it

Mos: Wow, your compliment is so good, I don’t know what to say It’s the truth You deserve it
Mos: Well… What was the question?
Madan: He’s blushing
Mos: I’m blushing
Madan: The question is you’ve collaborated, what kind of development do you see in P’Bank? If he’s good, he may become better or is there something you want to say to P’Bank about working with him up until post production?
Mos: For me, P’Bank infinity P’Bank is infinity I feel that I met him the day that he is already good and I’ve been working with him all along I feel that he is already very good. He just chooses what kind of level he wants to bring to this job. I feel that everything he does, he’s very determined. He lists everything that he needs to do. He plans everything in advance, if this incident happens, what would he do next

For example, we’re here today to shoot at and he can’t wear his pants, what would he do next? The clothes don’t fit, what will he do? He posted a photo, when there are accidents, what will he do. He’s always prepared and plans for problems. He always says that he views the world errr in two ways the good and the bad. He will think that, suppose someone walks up to me, and he hands me a flower and says, this is for you. One, I might think that this person is so cute, he gave me a flower even though we don’t know each other. Two, he would think that he’d accept it but is there something behind this?

Mos: There must be something behind this I have to examine this flower to see if there is something up with this flower after examining it, there’s poison in the flower. He’s very careful with many things. For his work, I feel that he is not just good on his own he makes everyone around him good too. I’m a straightforward person and I’d say that I’m not good. He is the one who built me up. He is the one that pushed me. Everything conveyed in the series Big Dragon, he is the one, he is the one controlling me that’s what it is. He’s the one who taught me how to act.

Bank: That’s exaggerated
Mos: He’s the one who taught me how to think the mindset, everything, almost everything. He taught me. Sometimes I didn’t even know that there are many kinds of smiles if I have to look this way, what do I have to do? He’s the one who taught me and I feel that I like I like how he errr is sincere in his work and when he’s doing it, he’s very determined All of his work, I can say that it all turned out really good. Everyone has seen Big Dragon. Everyone knows that the project happened because there is P’Bank. Yep, I don’t know what to compliment, so he’s a very good person that’s so exaggerated
Madan: You both have a beautiful friendship but Bank would always say that. That’s so exaggerated
Bank: That’s so exaggerated
Madan: But he’s right
Bank: Thank you
Mos: We usually don’t compliment each other, we’d be scolding each other. Actually, I just feel that I’m not good not that I’m confident but being prepared can make you better. Practice can make you better. Being prepared makes me know that if I face an accident, I’d know what to do next. I teach him but I don’t think I’m good at all. I got to work on this series. it’s the first series that I got to be the main character it’s the first time and it’s a Y series. So I feel that I started at 0 together with him just that I’ve seen how part of the set works before, that’s it and I just pass it on to him but in the end we learn the script together. We learn together. We start from 0 together. So, I don’t know if we can get to 50 or to 100 or not but we’ll get there together

Bank Mondop

Let’s talk about the series a bit, tell us the sypnosis. Who plays what character?

Bank: Okay, you’re the male lead. You first, male lead. Hurry up. I take the role of “Yai” in the show, Yai is a pub owner’s son. He’s quite rich quite rich. His personality deep inside. This part is about the character, right? Other people may look at it another way but in the character part, he is a very serious and determined person and he lacks love because there are many things that he want and couldn’t get and he lost his mother since he was a kid. Therefore, this character has missing spaces everywhere. If compared to a circle, there would be one hole that is not a full circle he’s been trying to find this circle to make this circle whole. That makes this character quite complicated. If he wants something if he wants to win and get it, he will find a way to get it. He wants acceptance from others. Something like that and my character doesn’t get along with his character because he is quite influential on his side. After that, our characters meet because we were both chasing for the same girl

madan: That is Mangkorn
Bank: Yes, that’s Mangkorn. Mos takes the role of Mangkorn and when we met there was a blackmail and then many things happened so the interesting part of the show is that love grew from hate how they despised each other. So, if you hate each other, despise each other, how can it end up with love? I think this is the interesting part of the show
Mos: Right, I play as Mangkorn. He’s a man who is quite
Bank: a pain
Mos: strange and cheeky, something like that he’s not a complicated person. Whatever he thinks, he says just tell him to listen. What a naive young man, something like that If he has to say that he loves someone, he’d say Luv Luv ya. That’s it. He was kind of controlled by people and home since he was a kid. Whatever he is commanded to do, he has to follow and all of a sudden. He did something that his family didn’t want him to do and that’s him. He loved this man but his family at home already prepared an engagement partner for him. They’ve been engaged since they were kids

Bank: You’ve given spoilers up to episode 4 already
Mos: Really?
Bank: Yeah
Mos: I haven’t told them yet. Delete it. Do it again. He’s a handsome guy
Bank: Just talk about the character
Mos: Right, just talk about the character. Wait, I told everything already. I’m confused. Cut that part out. Cut it out. So,
Bank: Okay, the company’s PR is doing a facepalm.
Mos: He’s a handsome and strange guy. He’s a naïve guy, Rivals with him. I’m an architect student who is quite popular in the university, something like that and I’d be involved with many good looking girls and he’s a playboy. When he gets to devour someone, he would be like, I already ate this one. I accidentally got close to a girl that he also wanted because this girl is very pretty simply put, she’s the university’s star, that kind of vibe. I accidentally got know her and he liked her. So he thought I liked her so they fought and then we, boom, boom, boom
Bank: You’re giving spoilers too.
Mos: Just a bit. A bit. Boom, boom, done and and that’s it. That’s it. I like to give spoilers, don’t make tell you. If I do, I’m spoiling it. Go watch it in Big Dragon. Don’t laugh at me. I’m serious, I’m giving spoilers. Don’t laugh at me. Just now was EP 4. This one is EP 7
Mos: Just act like you didn’t hear it. It’s cute. That’s it
madan: How does it end?
Mos: Ah
Bank: I’m really going to tell
Mos: Really?
Bank: Nah, Just a bit. The fact that if you’ve read the novel. The fact that this series is originally a novel so for those who read the novel will know what I’m trying to say but the interesting thing about this series that I think the novel readers will enjoy in the series because we took some incidents that were in the novels only plus the character that the writer has written so well in the novel and adapted it for the series. So, some incidents are incidents that didn’t even happen in the novel so, they are new incidents and they are new storylines in the series so for those who read the novel you won’t be disappointed for sure I think. I think you won’t be disappointed.

Madan: No disappointment for sure
Bank: I hope so
Mos: Let me say first. Err, the spoilers that I gave earlier is just an incident there’s so many more that I haven’t mentioned. Understood
Mos: If I had to say more, then I’d be spoiling the whole show
Bank: It’s just one incident, but
Mos: It’s just one incident
Bank: but EP 4
Mos: It’s just a small part. Go watch it. Okay? So you’d find out how it is. This is just one small part. We’re just telling you bits of it, like a teaser
Madan: Ah, how is EP 9?
Mos: It ends at EP 8.

Mos Panuwat – Bank Mondop

The novel version of Big Dragon is spicy. How about the series version?

Mos: Ooh, spicy. It burns the mouth
Bank: Why? Did you eat chilly?
Mos: It’s hot!
Bank: As I mentioned just now, our story has quite a high level of humanity involved so, we just selected a small part of humanity to show you. Actually, when you love someone, how do you show your love? And how do you say it? Portray it in an art direction for people to go wow and for people to understand that hey, actually, these two characters, how do they feel about each other? Why would they do that? So speaking of spiciness, let’s say that
Mos: Meow
Bank: Spicy, very spicy. When we were filming, it was very spicy. I don’t know how much they cut out but when we were filming…
Mos: Honestly, when filming, I was so embarassed. That’s all I’ll say. I won’t say how spicy it is, but I was so embarassed when filming
madan: Why is that, Mos?
Mos: Heh, I can’t tell you. I don’t want to give spoilers. To be honest, if I was alone with P’Bank, I’d be able to perform well and I wouldn’t be shy but the whole production team was there. Some scenes, I was sigh, so embarassed
madan: Mos, if it’s just the two of you alone, that’s not called acting.
Mos: I mean, when there’s no cameras. Suppose there were only four cameramen, that’s not too bad but in reality, there were a million people so I was a bit embarassed
Bank: Well, they cleared the room for us
Mos: Still a million people
Bank: They cleared
Mos: Just joking. It’s quite spicy. I’m just kidding around but it’s true
madan: because they set the camera and asked the team to leave the room
Mos: which, you can’t do that
Madan: They have to move the camera for you
Mos: Wooh, spicy
madan: So, Mos’ short spoiler is? Spicy or not?
Mos: Spicy
madan: Okay, so go watch it just like what they said If it is spicy, it’s spicy
Mos: No less than the novel
Bank: Please follow this series ‘Big Dragon the Series’. I’m not asking for much, just to keep an open mind. Come and tap on EP 1 if you don’t like it, you don’t have to continue with EP 2 but I want you to finish watching EP 1 first and then decide. I want those of you whether you are a Y series fan or not I want you to keep an open mind for this series and try it to see that. Hey, these two characters how far can they go? I want you to follow it because we, not just us, the whole team did their best In order to finish a scene, it’s like a lot of details. So, whoever enjoys movies and like sign languages this show is very suitable for you. Go watch it. Almost every scene has some kind of sign language. So, I want you to be open minded for this series. The spiciness is just a part of the show. So, the content and the many components is the majority of it. So, for those who feel that hey, it’s too spicy for me. I think that actually it is spicy but. How should I put it?

Mos: Just watch it with spiciness
Bank: Yeah, I just want you to try and change your perspective. Lastly, isbanky whoever wants to see isbanky Isbanky go to the IG Isbanky but for those who want to see isbanky as Yai, go and watch Big Dragon
Mos: Please support Big Dragon. Now that you know Mos and Bank, I want you to get to know the characters called Yai and Mangkorn in the series to see what kind of characters they are is it like what we said? And how is this character? So please follow it. Go watch Big Dragon. I’ll say that you won’t be disappointed. Everyone did their best for everything to turn out this good. Everything is perfect.

Model : Mos Panuwat & Bank Mondop (ISBANKY)
Photographer : BoydFoto Sathianpong
Make up : mormormakeup
Hair : rindahair
Stylist : Patipan Jaksukan
Editor-in-Chief : Natthida Ratchawong
Producer : Ployrawee Choksuchanun
Content Creator : Aditchaya Sukprasert, Palita Iamnoppakhun

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