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My Mate Match

My Mate Match is the latest romantic – comedy series from Star Hunter Entertainment. This series has 3 lead characters, ‘James – Kasama Khanjanawattana’, ‘Jet – Jetsadakorn Bundit’ and ‘Big – Thanakorn Kuljarassombat’. Fans will be rooting to guess who will be the main couple or it will be a love triangle series?! Plus, it is the first time ‘Jet Jetsadakorn’ or ‘Jet Superboy’ is playing a ‘Nai Ek’ role (a main character that is rather feminine in Boys Love series).


After Star Hunter Entertainment released a promotional series poster, it created quite a buzz amongst their fans. Moreover, the 2 hashtags #โหวตให้หน่อยผมไม่ค่อยกล้าเลือก (Vote for me, please. I don’t dare choose) and #MyMateMatch went viral on twitter. Both fans and many of Star Hunter’s actors have been speculating about who will be the chosen one.

In the meantime, we will see the 2 lead actors ’James Kasama’ and ‘Big Thanakorn’ competing to win ‘Jet Jetsadakorn’s heart, whether they are inviting him to have a meal together or talking about general stuff. Whenever James talks to Jet, Big will show up and join their conversation every single time. We could say that there is no compromising between them, really.

Vote for me, please. I don’t dare choose.

The story is about ‘Match’ (Jet – Jetsadakorn Bundit), who is looking for a roommate to share his large room in his new condominium. Two men were interested and contacted him at the same time. Those 2 guys are ‘Mix’ (James – Kasama Khanjanawattana) and ‘Ryu’ (Big – Thanakorn Kuljarassombat). Match has 3 weeks to decide who he will choose to be his roommate.

It was hard for Match to decide on his own, so he started doing a Vlog on YouTube under the name #MateMatch #โหวตให้หน่อยผมไม่ค่อยกล้าเลือก (Vote for me, please. I don’t dare choose). It is a three-week trial of living together (Match-Mix-Ryu) and Match asks the viewers to vote on who they think is the right person to be his roommate.

How will the story and Match’s decision be in the end? Let’s cheer them up and root for their relationship together soon, on the application LINE TV.

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