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All of ‘Net-James’ ‘hidden’ emotions and stories

‘Net – Siraphop Manitikhun’ and ‘James – Supamongkon Wongvisut’s’ alternate identity, along with their ‘hidden’ stories and many other stories to be ‘revealed’, so that everyone can experience their alternate identity and warm up before we get to watch them in the ‘Bed Friend’ role through as ‘King – Eua’ in the series ‘Bed Friend’.

When both of you were kids, did you like to play hide and seek?

James: I loved it.
Net:  I liked it, I did.

Then, did you prefer to ‘hide’ or ‘seek’?

James:  I’m the kind of person…  who likes to hide.
madan: Why is that?
Net: Why, reason?
James: Oh, because it is exciting, it’s like, there’s pressure, excitement, fear, and then I’d overthink things. Honestly, I feel like it’s…
Net: Are you afraid of being found?
James: Yes, I was scared. But I still like to hide.
Net: Oh, for me, I also like to hide too, because I don’t want to be the seeker, there’s only one seeker, right?
I’d get worried about whether ‘my friends are going to tease me or not, so the whole group went to hide from me. It feels more comfortable when there’s many of us on the same side. Yep, I get scared of not being able to find them and losing. Something like that.

เน็ตเจมส์ NetJames NetSiraphop JamesSu

เน็ตเจมส์ NetJames NetSiraphop JamesSu

Were you good at hiding? How do you think you played?

Net: Honestly, for me, I was always the last one found.
James:  Did he mean hiding money, something like that?
Net:  No, no, no.
James: Oh, no?
Net: That can’t happen because there’s none. No money to hide (James: laughing). Yep, how about you, James?
James: Well, I said I liked being the hider, right? But when I’m the seeker, I get frustrated because I’m not good at finding.
Net: Wait, wait, wait. What are you laughing at?

What if we interpret hide and seek as love and relationships, will you both hide or go out and seek?

Net: I’ll go first.  For me, if it feels like that person is open with their feelings, then I will be open about it. Tell them that I like them because I don’t like to waste time, just tell them whatever I feel. But if it saying something leads to losing the relationship, I’d rather keep it to myself. If one day they feel the same way about me, they would probably tell me.
James: I think the same way, but I’m quite an open person, I like to be straightforward, and I am myself since the first time that they see me. As for hiding, it’s about hiding feelings. In truth, everyone hides their feelings that when they like someone, they don’t dare to say it out loud.  This is also hiding, isn’t it?
Net: Yes.
James: Or when I hate someone, right? I mean, when we don’t like someone, we hide our feelings too, that’s how it is.
Net: But James likes to hide. When he likes someone, he doesn’t tell anyone.
James: Yep.
Net: You don’t tell anyone when you hate them?
James: No, no. I have to say that I don’t open up so easily. If we just knew each other, might take some time to know each other first.

เน็ตเจมส์ NetJames NetSiraphop JamesSu

What do you both often hide from others?

Net: For me, I feel that I often hide my feelings when I’m sad, feel bad or fail, because I feel that I don’t want anyone to see that side of me. I would keep it to myself, but if you ask me how I vent these feelings, I choose to type it into my cell phone. It’s like I let my feelings out in the phone, some things you can’t really talk to others about. So I’m like, okay, then I’ll type it in my phone.
James: Type in the chat and send it to a friend.
Net: Type to James.
James: Oh, I see.
Net: But James doesn’t reply (James: (laughing) I do…) Oh, he replies… 
James: For me, probably feelings too. Actually, it’s not just about hiding sad feelings, sometimes happy feelings as well, but I may not want to say anything. It may be a feeling of pride that I want to keep to myself. And another feeling I often hide is probably when I feel considerate, but I don’t want to say anything. Yes, I hide that all the time.
madan: What are you considerate of?
James: A lot of things, for example, considerate of what to do, what to tell someone. Something like that.
madan: Sounds like James is quite the introvert.
Net: (nods) I’m nodding. Smiling, I know it well.
James: Yes, we both know.

The other guy’s characteristic that you think no one knows.

James: Let me answer first, talking about Net, right? In my point of view, I feel like Net is a considerate person, but he doesn’t say much. He’s so considerate of other people, like when someone asks him to go somewhere, he feels so doesn’t even dare say no. Like, anything is fine, but there his facial expression may show some consideration through sadness. He likes to make this kind of sad eyes.
Net: (laughs) I like to make sad eyes. I’m about to cry right now.
James: Right, that’s what I see.
Net: As for the me, I feel that James is both a serious and playful person, because it feels like sometimes… I mean, I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t really dare to tease him because I want to cherish him… because it’s like I care for him. I don’t want to ruin his feelings because of pranks, so I feel like, sometimes James is so serious, would he… But when he isn’t serious about certain things, I feel puzzled. It’s like, “Hey, that’s weird,” because sometimes he’s fine and sometimes he’s not with certain things. So, I feel like he has this thing, that’s like two personalities.

เน็ตเจมส์ NetJames NetSiraphop JamesSu

Something you wanted to say or tell the other person, but never did before.

Net: I’ll go first. I’d like to tell James that when something is wrong… I am the kind of person who can tell, when you’re feeling something, when you’re okay or not. And sometimes I know that you are not okay with something, I may not go over to mention or encourage you because I feel like you might want to be alone. Do you understand that I can tell when you feel this way, that you’re not okay? But when you’re not okay and I feel that I can talk to you about it, I would encourage you, but I know that some things are not okay, I would let you be alone first. I just want to say that when you feel something you can tell me, because I know what what’s wrong with you.

เน็ตเจมส์ NetJames NetSiraphop JamesSu

James: Let me continue with what Net just said. Actually, I have been in Bangkok since Grade 12, I was always alone, so I feel like when I am sad or not happy about anything like this, I would take care of it on my own. The most I would do is to call my mom and tell her what I’ve been through. There was a point in time when I had a lot of problems, and I didn’t want to call mom. I didn’t want to bring all this distress for my mother to worry about, so I chose to take care of it myself. By being positive, when I go through any kind of problem, no matter how hard or how little it is, I deal with it by using positive energy, like it’s going to pass. And it became a habit, like when there’s a problem, I’d think about it. For example, if I had a problem with work or problems with being together, and there’s something not okay, I would try to adjust my own understanding, that this person is like this because it is his issue. I’m just adapting myself to fit in with him, so I don’t usually say it out loud. I should, but there’s a lot that I do say, like last night, I told him that I’d talk to him later at night, but I fell asleep, so I didn’t. Yep, that’s it.

As for what I want to tell him is, honestly, sometimes when I have a problem or if you’re not okay, I can see it too, but when I have a problem like this, you can talk to me anytime. Because he’s always so considerate, but I’m usually chilled out.

Net: Me too.
James: But we’re both considerate too. I’m considerate, he’s considerate too. Net: But actually, we talk to each other about everything, but some things of sensitive thing, so maybe he’s worried it might hurting each other’s feelings
There is something that I wanted to say, since we started off together. I used to think that when we worked like this, I wanted to grow on my own because I did everything on my own since I was still in school. Yep, but since I met you, my mindset has changed. When we got to work together, I felt like growing up together with you. When I’m at the top, I want you to be there with me, something like that. If there’s a problem, let’s talk or when we’re happy, we should be together.
Net: Yes. That is what you wanted to tell me, right?
James: Yes, I just wanted to say, uh, let’s stay together for a long time, grow up together.
Net: Yep.
James: Crying?
Net: I’m not crying.
James: Okay, that’s what I wanted to say.

เน็ตเจมส์ NetJames NetSiraphop JamesSu

How was your shoot today?

James: It was a lot of fun today. Honestly, I was extremely excited. When the manager called me to tell me that we’re going to shoot at madan, I felt like I didn’t have enough in my portfolio to do this because of the COVID-19 delay, the situation, I didn’t think it would come so soon, it is an honor and I’m very grateful for considering me.
Net: Yes, thank you for the opportunity from madan. Our shoot is like the first online project that we’ve done together.
James: Thank you very much.
Net: And it’s a very exciting theme. You sent the briefing to us to read because it’s like Hide and seek, right? It felt like something worth exploring, because we never did this type of theme where we play with the cloth.
James: Yep, most of the time we shoot in a clean, regular fashion.
Net: It’s interesting, thank you for the opportunity.
James: For us. Thank you very much.

Is it difficult to convey so much emotion to each other, so much that you want to hide it?

Net: Is it hard… it’s hard to use the eyes to let people know how we feel about this person or with the person that we’re hiding from. Feel if they would understand what I’m trying to communicate, how obvious it is.
James: For me, it didn’t feel that hard because the series we’re going to star in is a bit of the same thing. It’s similar in terms of affection, passion, and so on. As for hide and seek, that the team has briefed us, feels like it’s exactly the same as the character that I’m going to portray. Yep, so I feel like it’s quite clear.

เน็ตเจมส์ NetJames NetSiraphop JamesSu

เน็ตเจมส์ NetJames NetSiraphop JamesSu

The series ‘Bed Friends’ that Net and James star as a couple.

Net:  Actually, the “Bed Friend” series is a sequel to “Middle Love”, it’s a series about working age, so it’s new and fresh. In Thailand, there is no Y series about the working age. I think this one is interesting, but the story of “Bed Friends” is different from the Middle Love. Jet is a clean and innocent person, but this is going to be dramatic. Friends not being real friends or displaying the environment of couples’ lives in the working age, so they have to hide it in the office. I think this is interesting. What is this person to me, a friend or love interest, not love interest, also not a friend, so I want everyone to watch it.
James: Yes, the “Bed Friends” series, like Net said, is a sequel to the Middle Love, in which Anol and King are Jet and Mai’s friends, whom are the main characters of the Middle Love.
Net: How about Eua’s character?
James: Eua is an arrogant character, highly confident, serious about love. This is a synopsis, no spoilers. Then he will meet King, who’s a colleague at work, too. But King is the bad boy type, womanizer, not serious.
Net:  How did you know he’s not serious?
James: Well, based on King.
Net:  Oh, based on King.
James: Yes. Simply put, the climax of this story is that when King and Eua has a relationship, it causes a problem in the office and then a problem in King and Eua’s life. Please follow the series.

What do you think of a bed friend relationship?

James: Honestly, the word bed friend is very close to the word Friends with benefits, right? Which is a relationship in bed between friends. My personal thoughts are that to have a friends with benefits relationship, both sides have to agree on it. But I have always believed that this kind relationship doesn’t end well, because there would at least one person that really falls for the other. I mean, I’ve never experienced it, but I can just imagine that being in this kind of relationship, how can one not feel anything for the other? Won’t you feel that the other is cute, takes good care of you? Maybe a tiny feeling, something like that.
Net: But for me, I think it’s… is it wrong? It’s not 100 percent wrong because it’s what the two agreed on. Because I think that everyone’s taste is different. I feel like I can be like that, but we need to talk in advance first. Agree first, not that one of them is resisting, one side wants something, that’s not how it is. So, I feel like it’s not wrong because each person’s tastes aren’t the same.
James: Yes, but it must be due to the consent of both sides. That is called Friends with Benefits.

เน็ตเจมส์ NetJames NetSiraphop JamesSu

22. Question: I want both of you to try and recap. How was Net and James in the past half year?

James: Honestly, it’s been so fast, I am a bit dismayed and surprised too. It’s been six months already. Well, I’m still thinking about my first day we met. The first day I met you, seeing how you are, I still remember.
Net: I remember too.
James: Well, I don’t see you as an imaginary couple or someone who’s working on the series with me. I see you as a brother, looking out for each other, that’s all. Actually, the word “NetJames”, I used to think that if there was only James, would I grow as much as I did today? Just what I said earlier about growing up alone, wanting to stand on my own, but when… Are you crying?
Net: No. When you met me, you changed.
James: No, no. It’s many things, more than just work, we’ve been through a lot together. Yes, maybe many things, so I think it’s better to grow up together. We shouldn’t let either one drop or get higher than the other. We should be together.
Net: The most obvious thing right now, is it’s nice to know DoMunDi, to work with DoMunDi, to meet a good family, to meet everyone in DoMunDi, to know James, because I feel that if I didn’t meet DoMunDi at that time, what would I be doing right now? I feel happy every time we meet. Working together, hanging out, I feel very lucky right now. Yes, it feels good.

เน็ตเจมส์ NetJames NetSiraphop JamesSu

James: Well, honestly, let me add to that. I’ve worked with a big group of people before, so there’s an impression that everybody competes against each other, to become better than the other. And because I’m a friendly person, I see everyone as friends since the first impression, but when I get a response that they don’t think of me like that, the way I think of them. But when I’m with my group, I feel like when we’re really together, I rarely think about work, just thinking about what we’re going to eat today, where we’re going next. It’s fun when we’re together, but when we’re working, we help each other out. This is something I really like.
Net: This past half year, DoMunDi, the increased fans… we don’t even have a series yet. I feel that the people getting to know us or us getting to know them, is something that keeps pushing us forward, because without them I wouldn’t know why we would keep on doing it.
James: There’s no encouragement.
Net: So, we’re happy to know DoMunDi, to know all the fans. Like today, getting to work, getting to meet everyone, I’m glad to know new people, something like that.
James: It’s nice to meet you.

เน็ตเจมส์ NetJames NetSiraphop JamesSu

I’d like both of you to tell us about your work.

James: Sure, please follow the series ‘Middle Love’ and ‘Bed Friends’ and in DoMunDi right now, there’s a series called ‘Cutie Pie’, and please follow my personal IG and Net’s as well to follow our work. Follow to see what lifestyle James and Net like to do. What’s going on? And watch the contents, cover music, because lately, DoMunDi has been doing a lot of cover songs.
Net: Please support all of us at DoMunDi, there are many other interesting people too.
James: Yep, don’t forget to subscribe. What’s the channel’s name?
Net: DoMunDi TV, and please support movie “Tell the world I love you.” There’s no release schedule yet, but the production is done. After the pandemic, please follow up with it. Thank you very much.
James: The ones that were done filming, ‘Mafia the series’ is not scheduled to be released yet either. Please follow it.
James: Yep, please follow James and Net throughout July at, we’ll have content, interviews, live shows and more.
Net: Yes, and there’s our shooting today. Please follow us.

เน็ตเจมส์ NetJames NetSiraphop JamesSu

Model:Net Siraphop & James Supamongkon
Photography: BoydFoto Sathianpong
Makeup & Hair: Ploy Sukwasa
Stylist: Patipan Jaksukan
Art Direction and Set Design: Ployrawee Choksuchanun

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