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Endless Fun with ‘Nut-Petch’

This new year, madan invited Nut and Petch over for this month’s cover! 
‘Nut – Supanut Lourhaphanich’ and ‘Petch – Chanapoom Thenwong’
both stepped into madan’s studio looking warm and inviting.

We took this chance to adjust their appearances
because we wanted to see emotion that was hiding in ‘Nut’s’ eyes
He transformed from a cool, calm, and collected guy into a cute and playful one with just one smile!
And ‘Petch’s’ playful aura made this photoshoot
had a cute and alluring feel at the same time!

The shoot’s atmosphere was filled with laughter and their determinations
It’s a perfect fit for starting new things in the first month of the year
to discover their own special ‘endless fun’!

Do you think you’re a vibrant and fun person, like today’s concept ‘The Endless Fun’?

Nut : Vibrant? (NutPetch : Laughs) I really like that word, but sometimes it depends who we’re with or what we’re doing. When I’m with my friends, I’m fun, today’s shoot was also fun because it’s a rare occasion to shoot in this sort of theme. We mostly do calm and collected themes.

Petch : For me, I think I’m a fun person. This kind of shoot rarely happens and I feel like there are a few weird poses that I couldn’t have imagined to pose in my whole life, so I really enjoyed it.

What activities do you find entertaining?

Nut : Playing games (NutPetch : Laughs)
madan : What about Petch?
Petch : For me, it would be going out with friends or taking pictures

What kind of game do you like playing?

Nut : Ohhh! I play so many games! I keep changing, playing what everyone else plays, but not long ago, I was very invested in Ragnarok

What about Petch, do you play games?

Petch : I do! Right now, I’m playing Cookie Run, everybody is still playing this game, right? (madan : It actually goes with today’s theme) You guys are still playing, right? It’s incredibly fun and there are constant updates. Many people see me playing Cookie Run and say that it’s an old game, but there’s still a lot of people playing…

‘He’s a very playful person’

Tell us the funniest story of the other person where you feel is just too much to handle

Petch : Nut’s story? He’s very playful and likes to tease me all the time. I’m the kind of person when someone tells me something, I believe them… this one time, he told me that a certain item can only be bought at this place, only at this specific place! I believed him. Or sometimes he tells me that he did something and when I tell other peoples, they don’t believe me. So, when I ask him again, he’s like nope, he was just kidding. I even told others that Nut really bought that item at that place.
Nut: What was that item?
Petch : Beads, you said I could only buy it at Central (Nut : Oh). You were like, this is from Central!
Nut : I was kidding, I really thought you would know because beads…
Petch : (Laughs) What!? Are you saying I’m dumb?
Nut : No, it’s just that beads are not only sold at Central, but it’s also available in so many other places or malls
Petch : Because someone said that Nut was selling this and asked where Nut bought it. So I told them that Nut bought it at Central because the production cost is very expensive (Nut : It’s true, it really is expensive). It’s worth the price.
Nut : It really is worth the price because it’s handmade, totally worth it.
Petch : Yep, really worth it but you should have said that you bought it there! (Laughs)

Nut : Petch’s story? There’s not much really, let me think (Petch: Laughs) There’s one that people don’t know about when we first met each other. I invited you to go take photos and Nut was sick that day (Petch: Oh). You probably thought I was pranking because we walked really far, how far did we walk?
Petch : MRT at the Airport Rail Link Makkasan
Nut: To the Asoke intersection and we crossed to the other side (madan: That’s really far!!)
Petch : (Laughs)
Nut : We were taking photos that day and I was like ‘Petch, I feel like I’m going to be sick and have a fever’ (Petch: I asked you). You did, and I was like ok, but I didn’t think we’d walk all the way to the Asoke intersection and walk over to the mall on the other side (Petch : Exchange Tower). There was a Starbucks on the other side
Petch : And he also paid for my Starbucks (Laughs)
Nut : Yeah, I had to pay for his Starbucks too

What new activity do you want to try in 2021?

Nut : I was going to say I want to try sleeping all day (Laughs)
Petch : It’s a talent (Laughs). I’m very scared of heights, so I want to try bungee jumping
madan : How about madan take you bungee jumping?
Petch : I just want to try… (Nut : Take Petch, I’m not going) I want to try but… it’s just the feeling of wanting to try. If I actually go, my legs will be shaking
madan : Maybe Nut can assist by giving you a little push?
Petch : (Looks at Nut)
Nut : Standing around there and you won’t jump (imitates pushing with hands)
Petch : There was this one time, I was on a water park ride and I had to stand in this tunnel that was called Aqua Loop or something (Nut : Aquarium), where we stand and when we push this button, we just go down

-madan shows them the photo-

Nut : It looks fun
Petch : I tried it and it was so scary, so I think I can do bungee jumping. But I’ve never jumped from a tower before because I never joined the Thai Reserve Officer Training
madan : It’s quite similar
Nut : Really? Bungee jumping is similar to tower jumping? (Petch: Yep) But I’ve jumped from a tower before. I was so scared at first, but when I finally did it, I was like can I go again? (Laughs)
madan: What about skipping (jumping) class?
Nut: Oops! Can I really say anything (Laughs)?

‘…Probably taking pictures because he likes taking pictures and walking around nice places to take pictures’

What activities do you think suits the other person?

Nut : Petch? Probably taking pictures because he likes taking pictures and walking around nice places to take pictures
madan : Can you recommend a spot to take photos?
Nut : Somewhere to take photos? (Petch whispering: Japan) We can’t go because of COVID-19 (Laughs)
madan : I think that’s a personal desire (Laughs)
Nut : He’s whispering ‘Japan Japan’ but there’s COVID-19 right now so we can’t (Laughs)
madan : How about somewhere in Thailand?
Nut : To be honest, the streets will do because I like that kind of cool vibe
Petch : Yeah! That’s why we had to walk so far (Airport Rail Link Makkasan) to the Asoke intersection!
Nut : But that time, there were no pictures, we didn’t take any
NutPetch : (Laughs)

Where do you plan to spend in the New Year’s?

Petch : Normally, by now I would be abroad (the end of December) but right now I can’t, so I’m thinking of going out of town. I want to go to Chiangmai but I’m still undecided. I like the nature so I want to go there
Nut : Normally, during the New Year’s, I’d be in my room playing games (Laughs) because in the New Year’s, everybody is out, and I want to stay in my room in peace. However, this year I’m really stuck in my room

Upcoming work in 2021

Nut : I have a series with channel 3 but I can’t tell you the name yet (Laughs). What I can tell you is that I have a song coming up and P’Pae from the band Mild is producing it. I also cast games with Roger Films, and I have my own YouTube Nut ‘Supanut Channel’
Petch : As for me, in 2021 I’m planning to really focus on my YouTube channel ‘Petchpigz’ and there will be new content, other than just walking around or hanging out with my friends. There will be more shows and next year will be full of good things, updates in my Instagram!

Model: supanut & petchpigz
Photography: BoydFoto Sathianpong
Makeup: tong_sutipat
Hair: ploy_sukwasa
Stylist: Patipan Jaksukan​
Concept&Style: theployrawee
Special Thank: WAIYAOW & Preduce Siam

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