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Paint with Love

‘Paint with Love’ is the latest romantic-comedy boy’s love series receiving good feedback since the series’ announcement. It is a collaboration between POP Thailand and TV Thunder to create this wonderful boy’s love series. This series is based on the fiction of the same name by the author Indigo.

The series ‘Paint with Love’ is the first collaboration between ‘Tae – Darvid Kreepolrerk,’ starring as the artist ‘Phap’ and one of the hottest actor who has had many previous boy’s love series ‘Singto – Prachaya Ruangroj,’ starring as a neat, young boss called ‘Paramaze’. There are also many supporting actors, such as ‘Yacht Patsit Permpoonsavat’, ‘Yoon – Phusanu Wongsavanischakorn’, ‘Maengmum – Tanshi Bumrungkit’, ‘C’game – Supawit Tantimaporn’ and many more.

This can be considered a great cast, since the actors perfectly match the series’ characters, whether it is ‘Singto Prachaya’ as the neat boss and ‘Tae Darvid’ as the painting artist. This is because Tae has been nicknamed by his fans ‘Taetis’ (Tae + Artist) and he also has his own hashtag on Twitter #เต้ติสชีวิตโลเทค (Taetist and his low-tech life). After the series was officially announced, it got good feedback and was mentioned a lot on social media.

‘Paint with Love’ is about ‘Paramaze’ (Singto Prachaya), a neatly handsome man who is the boss of Tongprasong Company. He is looking for a talented artist to join a big project, when he was introduced to ‘Phap’ (Tae Darvid), a young and talented artist. However, their first meeting wasn’t a good impression at all.

Although Maze had some doubts, he decided to hire Phap anyway, but Phap rejected the offer because he said that Maze didn’t really understand art(?). In any case, Maze found out that Phap is flat broke. So, Maze offered a fee and convinced until Phap agreed to join the project.

When the big day arrived, everything seemed to be going well until the bride has to go on stage to say something. Phap saw a cockroach and with good intention, he tried to get rid of the cockroach but it turned out to be a disaster instead. Phap stumbled on the paint bucket and the paint splashed onto the bride’s dress. Even though Maze came to help solve the situation, they still had to pay for the damage.

Of course, Maze will not let Phap off so easily. Phap has to stay and help pay for this debt together. Fortunately, the Phap’s painting caught the eyes of a luxury hotel owner and he was hired to paint for over a million baht. Maze immediately snatched this chance. He declared himself that as Phap’s manager. The chaos and the debt is just the beginning of the complicated relationship. The closer they were, the more swayed they were.

What is the real feeling between ‘Phap’ and ‘Maze’? Let’s find out the answer in their hearts together in the first episode on 26th November, 2021 via POP application and on 29th November, 2021 via Channel 3, press 33.

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