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Are you love?… Peck Palitchoke at #1 of Twitter Trends

It’s almost Valentine’s and the hashtag #AreYouLove (#เธอคือความรักหรือเปล่า) going up on the #1 trends

To show how much Nuch loves Peck and we always see Morning 702 that is about Peck Palitchoke as well as there will be random giveaways of keychains, retweet now for your chance to win it 💖

Today I want to show you the love and support that fans send out to Peck Palitchoke…

So cute, that love and support gurllll 🥺

All the posts on Twitter that is filled with love that’s so sweet that I see ants circling!

I had the time of my life reading these🥰

Some come as poems, some are songs I feel like blushing!

I really believe that Nuchs really love Peck Palitchoke 🥰

Cr. ภาพและคอมเมนต์จากแฟนคลับบนทวิตเตอร์

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