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Discover every impression and exclusive answers with “Peck Palitchoke”

“Peck Palitchoke”, a charming artist who can make everyone fall in love with him over and over again, is here to discover every impression and answer every question from all the Nuch-fans that were exclusively sent in, whether it is the proudest moment, or new roles that we will find out soon. Peck will open up in #madanxPeckPalitChoke

This is your first time at madan, How do you feel?

Peck: I feel glad and it’s a great honor to be participating in this program and for the fashion photo shoot too. I want to come back every time I have a new album.

What did you find difficult in the shoot today? Or something that impressed you?

Peck: I like that there’s only 2 sets. It’s nice when you don’t have to change clothes that much. In other photo shoots, there’s usually a lot of outfit changes but just kidding.

Do you prefer white or black?

Peck: I actually like both of them. Thanks to the stylist and the director, the producer who came up with these two looks which is a white and black look.

madan: Since you’re here to work with madan this time, we’ve actually secretly told your fans that you will be here with us today. So we asked the fans if they have something to say or communicate to you, they can do it through madan.
Peck: Okay
madan: That’s why we have some questions and messages today from your fans, Nuch Nucha for you to chat and respond and your reactions to those questions.
Peck: Sure
madan: It is in front of you
Peck: Sure. From palitbear

“what are you most proud of yourself?”

Peck: Probably my tolerance because I’m a very tolerant person. For comparison purposes, it’s like when I go to the doctor, I don’t need to any anesthetic or put any ice on it, I’m ready to inject right away. I can take it.
madan: Really?
Peck: Yes, really. Something like that.
madan: Really? You can go under surgery?
Peck: No. Inject, not surgery, oh my god If it’s surgery, oh my God.
madan: That is what you’re proud of.
Peck: It’s my pride that I… and my face is swollen. I can take it. Okay

“if there is any kind of work that you really want to do but you’ve never done before”

Peck: I have to ask for permission to promote first. My new YouTube channel. It’s almost ready, we will meet soon. A new YouTuber in the YouTuber industry. Please support me.

“You keep all the gifts that the fans gave you. Some gifts are not just used for once and thrown away, but you kept it for many years”

Peck: The truth is I keep and collect all the gifts from my fans but for some things that may be more useful to others, I might share it like dolls. I don’t have any more space to store it anymore. I have too many dolls. So I’d donate it to the kids at the orphanage where it would be more useful and I already told the fans about this. I accept it, but it might be more useful to others. As for the clothes, I haven’t bought any for many years because the fans sent me so many clothes and I kept all of it. I wear some of it repeatedly. Thank you everyone for sending the gifts. It means a lot to me. I want to wear all of them. If there’s any that I haven’t worn yet, I apologize. I’ll search for it and wear it.

“I want you to make your own YouTube channel, updates about your life, food tours, taking a trip, dance rehearsals, singing practice, I’d watch it all the time. Is it possible?”

Peck: It’s possible because. Actually, I already thought of a name, for fun Champs-Élysées channel.
madan: What?
Peck: Champs-Élysées channel.
madan: So Parisian.
Peck: In Paris. Is that too difficult? It means the path to heaven because the word “Channel” sounds like Champs-Élysées. It’s difficult but I think that.
madan: You’d be the only one who can remember the name.
Peck: It’s okay. If you search it, you’ll find it. What’s the other name?
Peck’s manager: “Palit Pai Ruey”
Peck: It’s like…Right? It’s not cool.
madan: Not like…
Peck: Champs-Élysées. If it the channel is ready, please support it. Champs-Élysées channel. I’ll use this name for now.
madan: Sure

“I would like to ask, over the past 6 years, what has the fan done that always makes you smile?”

Peck: I want to say that everything the fans did always makes me smile. When I wake up, I receive energy from the fans. I read Twitter, Facebook that makes me smile because most of my fans are funny people. They would post funny stuff and there’s always some strange words. I don’t understand it sometimes but it makes me smile.
madan: You don’t understand but you can always smile.
Peck: Yep

“If we meet you at a place other than a concert or an event can we greet you?”

Peck: Yes, you can and you can run to me and hug me.

“I want you to tell us about your tattoos. How many tattoos do you have now? What tattoos do you have? What does each mean?”

Peck: I have about… a lot. I haven’t counted but for every tattoo, it’s not like a spur of the moment where I walk into a tattoo parlor and get it. I get tattoos to inscribe as a memory that I did this, I got to go there. For example, I traveled abroad or to other provinces. I want to keep a tattoo about it so that I remember that I got my tattoo there, in this country, with a certain meaning. My body will probably be full of tattoos soon.
madan: Can you show us one right now?
Peck: Okay. Right here. Yep.
madan: What is this?
Peck: This one is like, giving myself the energy core It’s the core. It’s right here, something like that.
madan: Give energy.
Peck: Something like that. Youtube but I will make YouTube videos. A little more advertising. I’ll make YouTube travel vlogs traveling to other provinces, abroad. Soon, there’ll be more here *gestures all over his body
madan: There’ll definitely be more.
Peck: There’ll be more
Peck: This is something that I really want to eat today and that is

“When you go to eat grilled pork, what’s your favorite dish?”

Peck: It has to be sliced pork. I like pork belly. Can we switch from Chinese food to grilled pork today?
madan: Because of this question.
Peck: Yeah. Because my friend will take me to eat Chinese food, right? I want to eat grilled pork with spicy sauce. I’m hungry, how about we stop reading now. Let’s end it.

“I want to ask you if you still have difficulty trying to sleep. I’m worried”

Peck: Yeah, I still do. Actually, in the past, my sleeping time is not fixed. My life is not like a normal person’s life. If there’s work right now, by the time I finish, by the time I get home, take a shower, and get dressed. Something like that. It’s difficult to fall asleep and then.
madan: Up until now.
Peck: Up until now.

“This year, next year, what should the fans prepare?”

Peck: There’s a concert this year ‘Grammy RS’. It’s a very special concert. So, please check it out.
Peck: Wow. Fitting for the final question. It says from Nuch’s Little Deer.

“They wants me to be very proud of myself. No matter where you are, Nuch will always support you I always support you, I love you so much”

Peck: I want to say thank you for everything, everything that the fans did for me. I’m here today because of all the fans who love and support me. I’m glad to be a part of each other. Hopefully we will be able to support each other like this for a long time.

Model : Peck Palitchoke
Photographer : Pan Sarut
Make up: Pornpichit Khumngen
Hair: Thanupol Theparak Phoothepamornkul
Stylist : Patipan Jaksukan
Assistant Stylist: Ployrawee Choksuchanun
Clothing by: ZEGNA
Editor-in-Chief : Natthida Ratchawong
Creative Director: Phurichearth
Graphic Designer: wowweeraya
Content Creator : Aditchaya Sukprasert, Palita Iamnoppakhun & Napassorn Asawanon

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