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Personal Data Protection Policy

Show No Limit (hereby referred to as the “Company”) is the developer and owner of, which is considered one of the Company’s services (hereby referred to as the “Service”). When you apply for a account to use the Company’s services through, you will be considered a service user of the Company (hereby referred to as the “service user “). To provide services to you, the company have the need to process personal data of their users. Therefore, the Company intends to announce this personal data protection policy to inform about the rights and obligations, including the various conditions relating to the collection, gathering, use and disclosure of personal information that the Company will process for the service user for the user’s acknowledgment.

This privacy policy applies only to the services provided by the Company. It does not apply to other applications and services or websites that may have a connection with the Company, that belongs to a third party which the Company has no control over. The user must agree to and study the respective privacy policy for the use of these applications, services, or websites separately. 

If the service user does not agree to the terms of this privacy policy or other revised editions, the Company reserves the right to prohibit or disallow such users to use the Company’s services, because the processing of personal data under this policy is necessary for the performance of the services provided by the Company to the service users. However, the user’s continued use of the company’s services, shall be deemed to have accepted this policy.

The Company may update this policy from time to time to comply with applicable practices and laws and to be consistent with the Company’s services. The Company will notify the users of the changes by publishing the new revised policy to the users. The policy will be deemed effective when the company announces it. 

Characteristics of personal data processed by the Company in providing the Company’s services 

In providing the service, the Company collects and processes personal data from the service users carrying out through the service system as follows:

  1. Directly identifiable information such as full name, age, nationality, date of birth.
  2. Contact information such as address, contact location, telephone number, e-mail address.
  3. Technical information for identification purposes such as computer identifiers (IP Address), usage data. Settings and browser connection of the device used by the user to use the Company’s services.

Data Processing Purposes

  1. The Company is obliged to collect and use the user’s personal information for the provision of the services determined and specified for each of the Company’s terms of service, including for identity verification and tracking in various transactions of service users, for checking payment terms and service fees, for communication with service users, etc.
  2. The Company is obliged to collect and use the user’s personal information for the purpose of analyzing the interests of the user, in order to be able to offer additional benefits or services according to the interests of the users or to create a better relationship between the Company and the user. 
  3. The Company is obliged to collect and use the user’s personal information for the purpose of providing other supporting services, such as contacting for inquiries, feedback, comments after using the service or submitting various requests. 
  4. The Company is obliged to collect the user’s personal information in order to comply with applicable laws and regulations of the state, such as preparing withholding tax documents or other actions required by the law. 

The Company will keep and collect the user’s personal information as long as the user is still a user of the company and the company reserves the right to keep the information for a period of 3 years after the service user cancels the service for the benefit of protecting and defending the rights of the company. Unless the relevant law requires the company to retain the personal information for a different period, the Company may be required to retain the information for a period longer than 3 years.  

Disclosure of personal information

For the provision of services according to the specified conditions, the Company may be required to disclose personal information of users in the following cases:

  1. The Company may need to disclose the information to the Company’s external service providers hired by the Company to support the Company’s services, such as consultants, service contractors. transport contractors, including third-party service providers who provide evaluation of the Company’s services, such as Google Analytics. The Company will only disclose information as necessary. 
  2. The Company may disclose by retaining your personal information in the computer system used, that is Digital Ocean.
  3. The Company may be obliged to disclose information necessary for the purpose of protecting and defending the rights of the Company or for the prevention and investigation of the nature of wrongdoing in connection with the use of the Company’s services by users of any kind, whereas the Company will do so only as necessary. 
  4. In the event that the Company is under the law or is subject to a judgment or order of a government agency, the Company may be required to disclose information to such entities in order to comply with their legal obligations. 

Cookies that the Company uses to provide services

Cookies are text files in the user’s computer, used to store log information of internet usage or service usage behavior of service users. In order to guarantee the efficiency of the Company’s service to the users, the Company is required to use several types of cookies for different purposes as listed below: 

  1. Functionality Cookies: These are used to remember what users chose or set on the platform, such as their account names, language, fonts, and platform formats, in order to deliver more personalized information to users according to the selected settings.
  2. Advertising Cookies: used to remember what you have visited and including the user’s service characteristics in order to offer products or services that are relevant and matches the user’s interests and to assess the effectiveness of use the functions of the system. 
  3. Strictly Necessary Cookies: It is a type of cookie that is highly necessary for the functioning of the Company’s services. It is necessary for the use of the Services by users to be thorough and safe. 

Although the use of cookies is beneficial in enhancing the effectiveness of the service and the functionality of the Company, if the service user desires, they can delete the cookies settings on their browsers. However, the user must acknowledge that doing so may affect part of the performance of the Company’s services for the stated purpose of the cookies. 

Assurance for the implementation of appropriate data security measures 

The Company ensures that appropriate security measures are in place to prevent unauthorized or unlawful access, use, adaptation, alteration or disclosure of personal data. In addition, the Company has established internal guidelines to determine the right to access or use the owner’s personal data in order to maintain the confidentiality and security of data. The company will arrange to review such measures periodically for appropriateness according to the relevant laws. 

The rights of the data’s owner 

The Company acknowledges and respects the legal rights of the users in relation to the user’s personal information, which includes the following rights: 

  1. The right to request access and obtain a copy of the personal data, including the right to request the amendment of such information to be current and accurate. 
  2. The right to obtain the personal data in the event that the Company makes it a readable or general format with a working equipment or device automatically, including the right to request that such form of data be sent or transferred to another personal data controller.  
  3. The right to object to the processing of personal data. 
  4. The right to request that personal data be erased or destroyed or made into an unidentifiable personal information when that information becomes irrelevant or when the personal data’s owner withdraws their consent. 
  5. The right to request a suspension of the use of personal data in the event that the personal data needs to be deleted or when such data is no longer relevant. 
  6. The right to withdraw consent to the processing of information previously provided by the user. In this regard, the user can contact the company to request the exercise of the above rights according to the contact details specified by the company without any cost, and the company shall consider and notify the results of the request to the service user within 30 days from the date we received such request. 


Data Controller details

Company Name: Show No Limit Co., Ltd. 

Address: 101 True Digital Park, Pegasus Building, 6FL, Sukhumvit Road 101/1, Bangchak, Phakanong, Bangkok 10260

Tel. No.: 02-397-6119

Email: [email protected]


Representative personnel details 

Name: Mrs. Sritrung Sarawat

Address: 101 True Digital Park, Pegasus Building, 6FL, Sukhumvit Road 101/1, Bangchak, Phakanong, Bangkok 10260

Tel. No.: 02-397-6119

Email: [email protected]

©copyrights 2020 Show No Limit Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

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