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Add colors and draw your wildest dreams with “Prom – Mark”

Play to the fullest and indulge in the wildest dreams by “Prom – Rachapat Warasan” and “Mark – Siwat Jamlongkul”, with dreams that they want to achieve once in their lives, including traveling into space and traveling around the world with just one diary

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Prom Ratchaphat – Mark Siwat

Prom and Mark, is here for the project of Bilibilixmadan. How is it coming to work here today?

Prom: I’m very happy.
Mark: Yes.
Prom: To get to work together again. Actually, I have worked with Madan before, and the first time was a long time ago. I miss all the team members, and all the team members are very warm welcoming so much. Like it very much, krub.
Mark: For Mark, it’s my first time working with Madan. and also Bilibili. Today is really fun. Feel like got to do something that didn’t get to do often in everyday life, such as..
Prom: No. Didn’t do at all.
Mark: That we get to paint something like this get to have fun like this. Today, it is considered to get to try another experience.

Prom Ratchaphat

Which part do you like the most?

Prom: The part that I like, which part?
Mark: Which part?
Prom: Probably the first part.
Mark: The first part.
Prom: Yes it’s dark.
Mark: Ah~~~
Prom: The first part was dark.
Mark: Coffee.
Prom: Oh really?
Mark: Yes yes.
Prom: No, actually I like every part. They will have some sort of cute gimmicks in it. Whether it’s painting clothes.
Mark: Yes.
Prom: It’s like we got to come to play paint. In the first part of shooting that I sat on the stairs behind here and like it seems like it will break all the time.
Mark: A bit wobbly.
Prom: It’s thrilling.

madan: Is it good?
Both: It’s really really really good.
Prom: Looks pretty thrilling.
Mark: Yes
Mark: For me, I like the part that you have to go wash your arms and legs. Because it’s a mess, got too much paint.
Prom: Is it good?
Mark: It’s really really really really really good.
Madan: did great for us.
Prom: Extremely.
Mark: Yes. I like that part.
Prom: Because it’s the first meeting.
Mark: Yes, the first time.
Prom: And do this much.
Mark: Hey!
Prom: It’s really really really really really good.
madan: Who did it?
Mark Ohhh.

Mark Siwat

Is there any concept in painting the other person?

Prom: Here here here, at the back back back.
Mark: Hmm, really.
madan: Heyyyyy.
Prom: Hey hey hey.
Prom: Explain your art first. Why did you turn around?
Mark: Just think to draw anything that I want, and felt that the back was pretty bare and white. So I drew a heart first, and then sprayed a little bit of foggy to make it look like a galaxy. A little bit like this, and then write the name P’Prom at the bottom. That’s it. For the front, I felt that the picture should look fun, and to make it look messy. So there will be some contrast with the back, since the back looks like a pattern already.
madan: Ah.

Prom: For me, the back it’s nothing much. It’s the art that I like. I just draw anything that I can think of. The first thing I could think of was a butterfly, so just paint the butterfly first. And this will be my signature picture, this is the picture of the sun. And the lucky number that I like. This is nothing, this one is just drawing beautifully. This is a constellation, at night and black. I think I just felt sorry.
Prom: Well, just laughing. Yes, for the front, I will use these two colors as the main, which is yellow and blue. Let it contrast so it will look pretty. And then maybe an addition of black color. Or the fingerprints that I place on symbolizes that, hey, this is my handprint. Like ancient human that still doesn’t know what he will draw. So he would just place his hand on the cave wall first.
Mark: Considered as another kind of art.
Prom: Yes.

Mark Siwat

What is the concept of today’s shooting?

madan: Well!!!!
Mark: I did my homework.
Prom: No.
Mark: Oh, it’s not?
Prom: No.
Mark: So what is the concept?
Mark: Eh.
Prom: Correct, more correct.
Mark: Eh.
madan: It’s also correct.
Mark: It’s also correct.
madan: Yes it’s right. Yeah wooh.
Mark: I like the team staffs because they are very nice. That’s right, and go tell your friends. Clap your hands please.
Prom: Looks reluctant.
Mark: Yeah, like being forced.
Prom: Looks reluctant.
Mark: Like being forced.

Prom Ratchaphat

Dream or things that you think you want to be able to do?

Mark: So just toss to me?
Prom: Yes
Prom: You have the answer already.
Mark: Actually, the dream that I want to do is, but I don’t know if I can do it or not. I want to go outside Earth.
Prom: I’ll take you.
Mark: Take me to outside Earth?
Prom: Penetrate to other universes as well. Can’t brake.
Mark: Can’t brake as well?
Prom: I’ll take you.
Mark: I felt that I want to see with my own eyes. How the galaxy is like? I want to see other stars with my own eyes. But I don’t know if I can go or not.
Prom: Just save money. How much per ticket? Two billion
Mark: Umm, just a little bit.
Prom: Just a little bit.
Mark: Just a little bit a little bit.
Prom: Spare change on the refrigerator.
Mark: Oh.
Prom: Makes it seems like a lot.
Mark: What about you? What’s your dream? Suggest a really cool and really great one.
Prom: Cool? Tell a cool one? Want to travel around the world I have a dream that I want to travel around the world. And I’ll have a book, and my trip will not be hanging out or shopping or anything. The trip is where I will go and record everything. The culture, things I encounter, or people that I will meet. How it will be. I will include a list of all countries, and keep this book for let my family lineage to read in case in the future, our descendants are busy, and they don’t have time to travel around the world. Or traveling abroad. Will still have the grandfather’s book.
Mark: This book is for
Prom: Yes. it’s like for reading that what people are like in each country. I will take photos.
Mark: Ah~~~ Called a diary, it’s a memory.
Prom: It’s a family lineage’s memory. But both of these two dreams all need money.
Mark: Yes.

Mark Siwat

So what are smaller dreams for both of you?

Prom: There is one that you used to tell me. That thing.
Mark: Which one?
Prom: A small dream of yours.
Mark: What are you making of me?
Mark: I’m actually a person that will do whatever right away if I dream about it. But if you think, eh, don’t do it yet. Then you won’t do it at all. Will be like this more. Recently, It’s bungee jumping. I used to jump with P’Prom. I used to think that I want to try to jump once, but never had a chance to jump. Until reached the actual site, the actual place, doesn’t want to jump already. When I reached the highest point.
Prom: But boast while still at the ground.
Mark: Oh boast a lot, Fun talk, no stress at all, but when got up.
Prom: When got up, trembling.
Mark: Yes. But finally had to jump down. Did it anyway finally. It’s like unlocking another thing in life. Acutally, don’t have to do it. Really don’t have to put myself there.
Prom: My small dream? Want to be superman
madan: Hmm. You can do it?
Mark: Umm.
Prom: How can you do it?
madan: How does superman dress?
Mark: You have to wear underwear outside.
Prom: Oh yes. Let’s switch first. I want to be superman because I am the type of person that can’t see other people being in trouble. Like I don’t have any money, but if someone really need money like this. I have to say no. Even though I said I really don’t have. He understands that I don’t have. But inside my heart, I really want to help. I’m that kind of person. So I want to be a superman who has everything. Help everyone in the world.
Mark: Ah
madan: Even your small dream is still cool.
Prom: It’s definitely right.
Prom: Alright, let’s get to the part of dream that doesn’t dare to dream. But still dare to dream.
Mark: But still didn’t dare to dream.
Prom: Yes.

madan: Today, it’s Bilibilixmadan. Let’s make dreams come true for MVPgangsters.
Both: Ah.
madan: These two have made a song together already. But never really had any actual acting together. Yes today. Madan and Bilibili. Let’s reproduce a small incident, from different series scripts. For Prom and Mark, let’s try to play out the scripts together. Around two incidents.

Prom Ratchaphat

The first incident, likes close friend secretly, but he doesn’t know it.

Both: Ah~~~
madan: The incident is the other person tried to hint, but the other person has no idea. Very naive, very decent.
Prom: Ok.
madan: Who will be the naïve one?
Prom: You you will be the naive one. Easy to play, trust me. I already have the dialog in my head.
Mark: Hmm Real good at tossing. What are we doing while sitting?
Prom: Sit and do whatever, sit and just study. Mark I’m studying
Prom: Studying.
Mark: Hey, can’t prepare at all. So impromptu.
Prom: It needs to have dialog or else will go on and on.
Mark: Dialog.
Prom: It must have dialog.
Mark: Ah Oh okay okay.
madan: Ready? Ready ready and action.
Prom: Hey you!
Mark: Ugh!
Prom: Are there really no anyone who likes you?
Mark: Yeah why? Who will be stupid enough to like me?
Prom: Hey. Is 3 times 3, 6?
Mark: 3 times 3 is 9.
Prom: Oh really? I think I am just stupid. Yes!
madan: Ohhh.
Mark: Oh, I just understand, oh really? Like this?
Prom: Yes. You don’t know. See? You don’t know.
Mark: I just understand. Yes. Hey P, I really just understand. No actually, the word stupid, I just added in too. Oh really, is it this?
Prom: Is like it is a dialog that is like, hey, no one like? And answered who would be stupid enough to like me. Something like this. Mark So just be stupid. Prom So I just asked 3 times 3 is 6, right? So I tell him 9 and are you stupid? Yeah, I’m stupid. Ah, so do you understand now? Do you understand? So why so shy with it? Behind the camera, why so shy?
madan: Well, I think this incident is passable. Woooo.
Prom: Am I good?
Mark: Yeah good good good good good.

This incident It’s the role of a couple, sulking and reconciling.

Prom: During briefing during briefing said a friend came to borrow the paint and said no. During briefing.
madan: Ah. Let’s see the incident. Someone ate all the snacks of the other person in the fridge. There is not a single piece left. So angry. Really sulky.
Prom: Sure.
madan: Who will be angry?
Mark: I really want to know who thought of these incidents?
madan: We had meeting.
Prom: Oh, so someone ate all the snacks. And the person who is angry is the person who bought the snacks. Got it. You will be the one who is angry.
madan: But we’re a couple. In this incident, we have to play smoothly.
Mark: Can’t we just be friends, P’?
madan: No must be a couple, angry with each other. Seriously.
Prom: I am really serious. The producer looks really serious.
Mark: Ah ok ok.
madan: And action.
Mark: Hey P’. This is my snack, why didn’t you tell me before eating it? I bought it and it’ really expensive.
Prom: Uh.
Mark: This is the last can.
Prom: And. Hoy!
Mark: Why are you moaning? Can just buy it back?
Prom: What do you want?
Mark: Not need.
Prom: You should let me say something.
Mark: Hey, that’s not funny. It’s not funny for me that you do like this.
Prom: Let’s just say I’m going to buy department store for you.
Mark: Buy what department store?
Prom: I will go buy the factory. Put it in the back of the house.
Mark: You don’t have to be prattle. Every time in the end, you never bought it back.
Prom: So here.
Mark: This isn’t the first time, don’t make face like this. Don’t make face like THIS. How many times already?

madan: Oh, don’t let him.
Mark: How many times already?
Prom: Uhhhh.
Mark: How many times have you done this already?
Both: Enough, cut, enough. Enough enough enough enough.
Prom: I looked into his eyes. It seems like can’t take it anymore. Seems like can’t take it anymore. I can’t take my face.
madan: How was it just now? Do you think it’s okay?
Prom: It’s funny.
Mark: I better ask the viewers.
Prom: No, it’s real to some degree. Actually, I’ve encountered this kind of incident, but with a friend that is a couple. That day, I was eating snacks with my guy friend. The couple is a boy girl, right? I was sitting and eating the snack in front of the fridge with the friend. Then his girlfriend walked in. Immediately immediately immediately, what are you doing baby? And then just keep on complaining like this. Complain like a wild fire, and I was like in this position. And this is how my friend solved the problem. Raised his pinky finger and made a pleading face.

Mark Siwat

Mark: So finished.
Prom: The girl keeps cursing and raise the hand like this. So I just laughed exactly, huy, déjà vu, it’s the same.
madan: And the mission of PromMark is successful.
Prom: It’s can be called being very reluctant.
Mark: Reluctant.
madan: And you gave your fullest.
Mark: Fullest.
Prom: After turning around, I knew that moment, can’t take it.
madan: And believe that this incident will make dream of many MVPgangsters and fulfill the dream of Bilibili and Madan too. For PromMark, thank you.
Both: Thank you.

Model : Prom Ratchapat Mark Siwat
Photographer : Pan Sarut
Make up : Suphanut Tichana
Hair : Sittipong Metha
Stylist  : Patipan Jaksukan
Editor-in-Chief : Natthida Ratchawong
Producer : Ployrawee Choksuchanun
Content Creator : Aditchaya Sukprasert, Palita Iamnoppakhun

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