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[Review] Cherry Blossoms After Winter, Boys love series based on heart melted manga

Hae Bom (Starring Jinwook Ok) lost his parents in an accident when he was 8 years old. He lives at Tae Song’s house (Starring Kang Hui), they’re best friends, and their mothers are also close.  Initially, Tae Song refused to live with Hae Bom as a family, which made Hae Bom think that Tae Song hated him. So, Tae Song is always on Hae Bom’s mind and he avoids meeting him too, until they had to study in the same room in the final year of school. Tae Song found out that Hae Bom was bullied, and Hae Bom was trying to hide this problem from his mother.

Since they were in the same classroom, Tae Song’s mother asked him to take care of Hae Bom, because soon after graduation, Hae Bom will move out to study at the university. This news shocked Tae Song a lot because he has secretly loved Hae Bom since childhood. However, when he saw Hae Bom trying to avoid him, he thought he was hated. So, he has tried to avoid encountering Hae Bom ever since.

After Tae Song knew that Hae Bom would soon move out, he decided to gradually try and get closer to Hae Bom. Starting from sitting in class next to Hae Bom, helping him with little things, protecting him from being bullied. Days passed, and they got closer, and Tae Song’s friends became Hae Bom’s friends too. The school life that Hae Bom always dreamed of has just begun, and love gradually bloomed in their hearts.


This is a romantic comedy series about a school love story, school life until work life. Their story begins with being initially mistaken for hating each other. Then they reconcile their understandings and gradually got to know each other, and became the first and only love. This series is really romantic and heart melting since the manga version. The drawing lines are beautiful and mesmerizing. If anyone is interested in reading the manga version, you can follow and read ‘Cherry Blossoms in the winter’ via comico.

In this series, Tae Song is really crazy in love. After he finds out that Hae Bom feels the same way, he flirts with Hae Bom more and more every day. He knows that Hae Bom likes cakes, so he took the effort to learn how to bake cakes. After graduating, Tae Song found a dormitory near to the university to stay with Hae Bom, studied in the same faculty, and even worked in the same company. He will not let Hae Bom drift away from him, will he? Check out the series to find out why Tae Song is so crazy in love like this.

The actors are both charming, one is handsome, and the other one is adorable, which is perfect for each other. Their smiles melted the audiences’ hearts. Especially, when they look at each other, it turns into a good ambiance with a light love feeling all the time. The actors express their emotions well, their eyes can explain everything, the emotions in their eyes make us blush. Even though they were standing side by side and doing nothing, it can also be a great scene. The fact that Tae Song’s height, which is much more than Hae Bom’s, is just the same as the manga version, shows that they selected the actors as if they came out from the manga. This series has not disappointed us at all, whether it is the actors or the plot.

For those who like heartwarming Boys love series and are also a fan of the manga version, you cannot miss this, because they created the series in a very faithful way to the manga version. Even though they added or removed certain things, it still does not disappoint us at all.  Cherry Blossoms After Winter is available to watch on WeTV, there are 8 episodes, 20 minutes each, and is free to watch. If you don’t sign up for VIP, you can still watch until the end.

  • Watch VIA: WeTV
  • Based on: Manga ‘Cherry Blossoms After Winter’
  • Directed by: Yoon Joon Ho
  • Produced by: W Story, Vanilla Productions, Another Pictures

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