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[Review] Cherry Magic: Adorable and Hilarious boy love series

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Cherry Magic “If you’re still a virgin when you’re 30 years old, you will gain magical powers”, a Japanese boy love series, based on the Japanese manga “30-sai made Doutei da to Mahou Tsukai ni nareru rashii: CheriMaho”. The creative plot made the series very popular, besides, the live-action television series remake has good-looking actors like Eiji Akaso, Keita Machida and Kôdai Asaka performing as the lead characters.

Cherry Magic’s story is straightforward and simple. The important plot of the series is the condition that “If anybody is still a virgin by 30 years old, they will gain magical powers!” As such, our lead character ”Kiyoshi Adachi” is obviously a virgin. When he reaches his 30th birthday, he suddenly gains magical powers and was able to read people’s minds just by touching them. He then accidentally reads Yuichi Kurosawa’s mind, who is the hottest and most handsome guy in the company. Kiyoshi finds out that this perfect guy is in love with a dull and insignificant guy like him… so, what should he do?!

Adachi is still afraid of his new-found magical power, so he pretends as if he doesn’t know what’s going on in other people’s minds. In many cases, the things he discovers encourages him to not ignore others or not to give anything up so easily like he used to. The more he reads other people’s minds, the more surprises he learns. He finds out that some of the scary people who have a distinctive appearance from him, each one has a noteworthy side to them, their thoughts are no different from his and they really aren’t that scary. Due to this remarkable power, he gets involved in many situations that he never imagined would happen ever. One of them being having to make friends with people around him, including Yuichi, due to sympathy. 

Adachi is a quiet person and he constantly turns his back on the outside world and from people, so every small step he takes is quite interesting. The clumsiness and good-looking actors makes the series even more charming. From their appearances, some of the supporting characters are hard to distinguish whether they have good intentions or not. However, as soon as their minds are revealed, it allows Adachi to understand them so much more, and it also allows viewers like us to see a different side of the world and get positive energy after watching the series.

The positive energy aforementioned, not only does it allow us to understand the dimensions of the characters deeper, but the author cleverly uses this to add in some comedy twists. This is why this series consists of various moods such as romance, laughter, sentimental and also a bit of a chaotic mood. It’s a simple and easy to understand series. If you happen to start watching this series, you won’t be able to stop watching and it will end before you know it. 

Besides the prominence of the characters’ progression, including Adachi’s, the message from Kurosawa’s mind also melted the heart of both Adachi and the viewers at the same time. If you are the type of person who likes warm, gentle and dreamy characters with ice-cold looks, you may fall for this series, then you will definitely smile whenever you see Kurosawa’s face. 

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