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[Review] Kieta Hatsukoi: The chaotic first love caused by ‘only one eraser’

The story gets more complicated when Ida mistakenly thinks that the owner of the eraser who wrote his name is Aoki.


The story begins in a school class when Aoki (starring Michieda Shunsuke) realized that he does not have an ‘eraser’ when he desperately needs it. Then he gets help from Hashimoto-san (starring Fukumoto Riko), his classmate, whom Aoki secretly has a crush on. However, even though Aoki has not confessed to her yet, he immediately realizes that he has no chance. That is because Hashimoto’s eraser has a cute handwritten message saying ‘Ida san❤’. It is made into an amulet according to the belief that writing the name of the person you like on the eraser and using up the eraser will fulfill your love.

The story becomes more complicated when Ida (starring Meguro Ren), whose name is on the eraser, mistakens that Aoki is the owner of this eraser.

While Aoki tries to be a cupid to help Hashimoto fulfill her love, Ida also has to focus on dealing with a cute male friend, whom he (misunderstood) thinks has a secret crush on him. 


Heart Melting and fascinating plot

Even though high school students’ love stories are quite repetitive, it always touches the audiences’ hearts. It gains more popularity when the story has gimmicks about first love, which makes it so sweet and dreamy. Thus, KIETA HATSUKOI’s plot which narrates about a boy who does everything to help the his secret crush to achieve her love with another boy, who gradually realizes that he can open his mind to accept a love confession from a male friend. All of these makes this story perfect, makes us blush and even feel so much satisfaction while watching all the scenes until the end.

The actors look like they came straight out of the manga.

Besides the soft color tones in Japanese’s series style, the most capturing thing that appeals to everyone even before it’s release, is the main actors. We need to give all the credit to the casting team who chose Aoki and Ida, both look incredibly as if they came straight out from the manga. Their faces, body shapes and facial expressions are so proper without any doubt. They encourage us to give them more and more brownie points for the perfect and heart melting casts.

Perfect chemistry

The phrase ‘blushing for someone else’s boyfriend’ has never been more true, since anyone who sees Michieda Shunsuke and Meguro Ren together, must feel so satisfied. Their eyes when they look at each other, in the scenes, outside of the scenes, fitting days or in TV-programs, they have already shown us how the story will end. Even if we do not know yet how their relationship will be, their chemistry outside of the series still invites many people to wait in line to support them already.

Especially in the 2 episodes already released, it guarantees that the chemistry between the both of them is real, even in the scene where he was picking up the eraser, the eye to eye scene or the casual and relaxed scenes, both of them were able to do it smoothly and get overwhelmingly good feedback. 

Super cute and mildly TV script that respects the original

Since KIETA HATSUKOI is based on the original manga, even though they got good feedback from readers for the perfect chemistry and the casting, but if the plot and script were bad, it will be difficult to create any impact. Fortunately, the directing team can narrate the story in a soft tone and touch the fans of the manga version’s hearts. How could it not, since both the characters and camera angles are so perfect as if they took it out from the manga, shot to shot. Plus, anything that added or taken out does not create any drawback at all. For the series’ perfection, we have to give them the crown.

In the most recent news, KEITA HATSUKOI is already planned to release on NETFLIX, changing the title to My Love Mix-Up, which was first announced in Taiwan. When it is released on NETFLIX Thailand, we need to continue rooting for it. Many people predict that it will be released on Netflix within this month.


  • Broadcast date: Saturday 9:30 PM
  • Watch via: TV Asahi
  • Based on: manga ’Kieta Hatsukoi’
  • Directed by: Kusano Shogo and Horai Tadaaki

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