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[Review] MV SPACEMAN : MEW SUPPASIT And The Out-of-Space crazy Handsome Mission

We are all SPACEMEN in our own spaceships.

SPACEMAN can be considered a great piece of work. The latest single of ‘Mew Suppasit’ is an electronic-soul song with synthesizer sounds as the main core. Listening to this song makes us feel like we are floating in space, which perfectly matches the mood and song’s title’

Besides, every single process of this song was produced by HONNE, the English iconic duo artist of electronic-soul music. They also surprised the fans by doing a cameo in the “SPACEMAN” music video for Mew as well.


SPACEMAN is a music video that communicates the storyline and art direction in a space concept. The main storyline tells the story about an astronaut (Mew) who has a mission to navigate the spaceship to outer space to find her(?), and he has a ground support team, played by the special duo HONNE.

Review SPACEMAN: Mew Suppasit 

The set might not be that grand, but the art direction is great. 

Even though SPACEMAN doesn’t have a big and epic set, we have to admire the superb visual art and computer graphics, the promotional images that are simple to understand, the light, colors, props and shooting techniques. Smart narration and selection. One of the scenes that impressed us a lot is when Mew pressed the hyper-drive button to speed up the spaceship, then a spectral light emerged around the rushing spaceship. In this scene, they created a synched phrase for Mew in a spacesuit, surrounded by multicolor lights for transit to the landing scene on Planet M-55. You can say that less is more for the narration, minimized element but they were able to communicate completely.

Great synchronization line and perfect acting

When we see a production work related to outer space or sci-fi, the most challenging thing is how they would narrate the story to make it believable. SPACEMAN did it well because of the weapon called ‘Mew Suppasit’, who did a great job in both singing and acting. Even though there is only one actor throughout the whole music video, it does not make us feel bored or want to switch to another video before it ended.

That is because Mew communicated the story’s emotions quite well, and led us to believe and immersed into the situation that he is facing. The most impressive scene for us is when the astronaut has to get through a storm or some kind of mass made with special visual techniques, which Mew performed smoothly with the story. Both the facial expression, the movement or scurry when getting into the spaceship and also the decision to speed up the spaceship to complete the mission without hesitation. We would like to give 100 points out of 10 for Mew Suppasit.

Adorable ending with hidden implications

If you watched this music video until the end, we are guessing that you had to smile or scream for sure. That is because the crux solving scene is so adorable, both the finder and the cause as well. Plus, the visual art in this scene is engaging. Who would have thought that ‘Her’, where the handsome astronaut risked his life to find for a long time, was actually a tiny AI robot that looks a little dirty because it was lost from it’s owner. It seems that the astronaut really loves this AI. We can notice that by the way he kept a piece of memory or some kind of AI key with him. When he found ‘her’, he suddenly took it out and put it into the AI robot to restore the memory. Then there was a flash on the screen then it ended happily.

Even though it seems like a cute and light-hearted ending, the whole story of SPACEMAN has an aspect that gives us some serious consideration point as well.

From the beginning of the story with the astronaut‘s mission to find her.

Mew represents all of us who wants to find something to fulfill the empty space (SPACE means empty). We all are SPACEMEN in our own spaceship. The mission to find her is like finding a goal, dreams or love. It is about what each of you guys focus on. The ground team support is like a friend, guides or people beside you, who can only support, oppose or advise. However, the right to control the spaceship belongs to you. You may go toward the goal or turn back to the world again, it depends on you.

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