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[review] NITI man, society and lover: manly love reality

‘Be Bomb’ (Noh – Phuluang Thongprasert), a student from the Faculty of Law who is perfect in all aspects. Moreover, everyone thinks that he is more handsome than ‘Jin’ (Jom – Thanathorn Khuankeaw), a student from the Faculty of Engineering who is cute, friendly, and playful, he’s even the university’s star.

As you guessed, these two guys are the series’ main characters. Their life stories look completely different, very unlikely that they would even meet each other. However, an event happened, impressed one of them and turned into love. While the other guy hated him, but eventually became love, since both of them had to hang around each other inevitably. So, It is the beginning of a messy story, but quite amazing.

From fiction to manly series

The story is based on the online fiction, written by ‘Chamai Jay,’ called ‘NITI man, society and lover’. Then it became a boys love series, which is the type of series that is just like the series’ title. There is no sweet or love scenes to watch at all, there is only the smell of sweat. The reason is that they always play football and act cool to each other all the time. However, the cuteness of the lead character turns out to be a sweet man, even if he still acts all manly.

This series is filled with a manly atmosphere. We will see the characters’ friendship and love between students from 2 different faculties. They take care of each other and create cute moments that invite us to smile, even with little conversation. “These boys live in a dorm together, and they love each other and become so intimate.” The audience will get this feeling while watching the series since each character, especially the lead characters’ friend, perform their roles naturally.

It is unbelievable that almost every actor in this series are new actors. With their performances and appearances, we can even say that each of them are good enough to be lead characters. There were many good-looking male characters to satisfy you in this series. Moreover, the series’ plot also supports all main characters to be outstanding as they should be.

Footages and sound based on nature

It isn’t clear whether the production team intended to create all these elements from nature or not? After watching until the 4th episode, we constantly hear atmospheric sounds throughout the series. So, we believe that it was intended to be. These sounds are fitting elements for the series. They do not change the series’ mood but they create the taste of feeling that we are watching the story of men’s lives.

All the natural sounds support the series to progress naturally. Even though there were some scenes that were strangely edited, the actors performed so well that we tend to ignore that. We really appreciate that all actors are really into the character and look natural. As perfectly believe that they are portraying their own roles. Plus, the series’ natural light which was perfect, no less no more. These things allow us to willingly overlook small mistakes, like the editing and sound effects that may be better if they do not add into some scenes. 

Less is more, simple but great

Actually, this series has a common plot just like other series. Especially the short story line where the ending is easy to predict. Furthermore, almost every actor is a brand new actor. We could say that it is ready to take risks and put all the trust in the director with all confidence. We can prove from the behind the scenes at the end of the episode. Especially how much they invest in the kissing scene that helps the actor so much. That is why the kiss scene in this series is so intense.

Noh and Jom doesn’t have clean looks at all but their outstanding point is that they look realistic in the way real men should be and they naturally have a crush on each other. This is the first boys love series in which the characters do not look surreal and are not too feminine. You might think that it is just a small thing, but this implication whether by intention or coincidence, it creates an important perception to the audiences.

It does not matter which gender you are, the important thing is inside your heart. The lead characters have ever been in a relationship with female characters before. It also insists that love is only about the feeling inside your heart. It is a beautiful thing without boundaries because love can not be defined by appearances.

Every little element that was presented in this series looks quite simple. However, it implies a lot of beautiful things, which gives some remarkable points for the audience to digest. Moreover, this series gives us a smile throughout the series.

NITI Man, Society And Lover

  • Plot writer: Chamai Jay
  • Directed by: Jane – Kit Botsri
  • Produced by: Plant.N Entertainment
  • Watch via: Broadcast on One channel every Friday at 10:45 PM and online channel in Japan U-NEXT
  • Watch all episode: Wetv

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