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[REVIEW] NO.1 For You: Beyond 1st place – powerful kissing scenes and the best of feel good series

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From the series’ name, one can guess that the story is about one of the main characters being crazy in love and there’s nothing wrong with that. Moreover, the quality of the actors’ performances and the series’ production are excellent as well. These elements will make you engage into the entertainment.

The Boys Love series called “We Best Love: No.1 For You” or known in Chinese by the name 永遠的第一名 (Yongyuan de di yi ming)“No.1 For You” in short, is a Taiwanese series which is well known for the high quality production. The plot tackles modern topics and the story presents the perspective of love, which is more heartfelt than your usual Chinese series. (Although China and Taiwan aren’t officially separated, it’s clear that the style of their series are distinctly different). If you are a fan of Chinese series and you have never watched a Taiwanese series, we proudly present and recommend this series to you! The style of the Chinese series may be a bit awkward because of the word “friendship”, but if you open your mind to Taiwanese series, you will see a whole new world!

We’ll run you through what it’s about and explain why we recommend it to you. No.1 For You is a mid-length series, around 30 minutes per episode and consists of only 6 episodes. However, it is far from ended. There’s already a 2nd season called  “We Best Love: Fighting Mr. 2nd”. Both seasons have separate storylines, you don’t have to watch it chronologically. The plot of each season entangles and ends in itself. Don’t worry.

Excellent script, outstanding actors and captivating narration

No.1 For You is created by a Taiwanese veteran writer called Lin Pei Yu, with Yang Yu Teng and Zi Hong Lin as the leading cast. The first actor has a similarity to Jerry from the F4 series, a very famous Taiwanese series 20 years ago, and the latter actor is frisky and cute. Interesting so far? Furthermore, the actors’ performance and appearances are fascinating as well.

The love story begins with the narration from Zhou Shu Yi’s (Yang Yu Teng) side of the story, a good looking student who is half Japanese and Taiwanese. He is great in his studies and excellent in playing sports as well. However, he has always lost to Gao Shi De (Zi Hong Lin) in every aspect, ever since he was younger, which is why he doesn’t really care for this boy. In the last university year, he intended to do 2 things before graduating, which is to confess his feelings to his female best friend and to get revenge on Gao Shi De, but he failed in both. Besides, he has unwillingly stuck around with Gao Shi De. He then gradually understands the reason why Gao Shi De always needs to be the winner.

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