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[Review] Y Destiny EP. 3 – 4: When the tutor ‘Sunday boy’s’ student flirted with him

Now that we already know the story of Tuesday boy in ‘[REVIEW] Y DESTINY EP. 1 – 2: WHICH TYPE OF MAN WILL GRAB ‘TUESDAY BOY’S’ HEART?’, in episodes 3 and 4, it’s time for us to find out which kind of love a Sunday boy like ‘Sun’ will meet.

Someone once said that ‘Men who were born on Sundays’ are impatient, though they truly love their friends and take pride in their dignity. These definitions describe Sun’s personality quite well. Sun (Sun is performed by Max Saran Rujeerattanavorapan), a 2nd year student from English major, not sure if he is way too brave, taking a risk by betting all of his savings on football, because he wants money to buy tickets of his favorite band’s concert. Unfortunately, the result was not as he wished it would be. Sun lost the bet and he has no money left. (Just tell me your bank account, I will transfer the money to you right now!)

In this critical situation, Sun asked his best friend ‘Puth’ for help (Puth is performed by Toru Takizawa). Puth advises Sun to earn money by working as an English tutor for a junior student who has been looking for a tutor. Sun immediately accepted this job without knowing that the ‘junior’ student is the son of the billionaire he has just fought with. This junior’s name is ‘Nong Nuea’ (Nat – Natasitt Uareksit).

Sun noticed something odd since the first time he taught Nong Nuea. This student’s clothes were too sexy, and Nong Nuea often looked at him with strange and deep thoughtful gazes when they were together. Moreover, Nong Nuea always touches him and tries to get close to him. It made Sun have a strange feeling in his heart. Days passed, Sun became more and more flustered around Nong Nuea, and eventually he was certain that this feeling is love. After that, everything has changed. Sun saw Nong Nuea being embraced by a mysterious man. Both of them are probably in a deep relationship, and that hurt Sun’s feelings a lot!

After reading the synopsis up till now, you might think, “Oh! Would this story end sadly, full of tears?” We would like to say that things may not turn out as Sun thought (oops!).

As for the feeling while watching this series, we could say that everything will make you blush. Whether it is the nickname that they call each other, like Nuea as ‘Nong’ (younger brother) and Sun as ‘Kru Pee Sun’ (teacher Sun). They call each other like this every time they meet. This allows us to witness ‘Nong Nuea’s’ cuteness, with a hint of cunning, quite well. Furthermore, Max who performs as Sun is considered another highlight of this series for us. From the beginning, he was not really fond of Nong Nuea, to the point where he had doubts about Nong Nuea, why he was always looking at him with a sweet glare. Later, he began to feel like the song lyrics “What is going on with my heart, I cannot control anything…” a song by ‘Bie Sukrit’ (Thai artist), began playing in his heart. Then he turned into love mania mode, biting the pillow, squirming around all alone. Max performed all these traits smoothly and perfectly, and it was the same with Nat, who performed as Nong Nuea. He put on the role of a cheeky rich boy, whose performance is perfect too, causing the chemistry between both of them to look very cute.

Another point that we really appreciate is Nong Nuea’s advanced fashion in each scene that this character has appeared. His fashion is perfectly described as “Everyday is a runway”. Whether it is his clothes, the make up, his hair style, shoes and accessories, everything he wears is so stunning, not to mention the camera angles, lighting and colors are perfect as well. We could say that it is as good as the episodes with Ake and Tue.

There is only one point that made us feel a bit awkward. It was when Sun was teaching Nong Nuea day after day, until he gradually felt something special for Nong Nuea. While watching these scenes, we thought that the story was going around like a circle, emphasizing on the same point again and again, the story did not move on as it should, and sometimes we even lose focus as well. We guess that the point displaying these scenes is that the producer wants the audiences to see ‘Sun’s’ development, when he gradually became more and more shaken by Nong Nuea, which is why the sequence of the scenes turned out as it is.

After watching 2 pairs from the Y Destiny series, we have noticed that the highlight of this story are the scenes with the lead characters. It is suitable for those who don’t like a complicated story. You can be satisfied with the story without thinking too much. The love scenes appear at the right time, not too much or too little. If you like the chemistry between a manly character and a cute and cheeky cat-like character, the ‘Kru Pee Sun’ and ‘Nong Nuea’ pair might be to your liking.

Y Destiny

  • Series’ plot by: MoreFiin
  • Directed by: Thanamin Wongskulphat
  • Produced by: COPY A BANGKOK
  • Watch via: AIS PLAY

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