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‘Saint Supapong’s’ journey on a path full of obstacles and lessons

Life is like a journey where you have to go through both smooth paths and a paths full of obstacles. ‘Saint Suppapong’ will bring everyone on his journey in the desert  #LostandFound in search for an oasis as the destination. Even if along the way, you will encounter unexpected situations and you might have to take a rest by the side of the road, those are considered valuable lessons and experiences.

Get to know Saint in the role of a traveler, and search for the oasis along with him at

How was working with for the first time?

Saint: I’m very happy. I’ve been following madan since the early days, and today, I’m very glad I got the chance to work with madan. The concept today is something quite different, it’s about someone’s journey in the desert, and the desert is like obstacles happening. This person has been traveling on and on and learned new lessons along the way, and eventually, he will find that oasis that he has been looking for.

If life is a journey, what kind of journey can it be compared to?

Saint: What kind of journey? I feel that, if it is a road, this road would sometimes have crooked paths, sometimes straight paths. I feel that our lives have things like… some things for some people may not be something that difficult at all, but it could be a serious matter for another person. So, there are things that happen in life that make you feel that you have to journey along with it, you have to fight it, search for your dreams, until one day, you will reach a point where it may not be what you dreamed of, but it has been a long journey, and I feel happy that I got to travel this path.
Madan: Is this path an adventurous one?
Saint: It is adventurous, I think my life is adventurous. Since I lived in Trad, then moved to Bangkok. On the business side, on the acting side, it’s gradually becoming more adventurous. Sometimes, things become adventurous because of ignorance, because there are many things that I feel that I don’t know how to handle it, but I try to learn from it. Adventures are how we learn and fight them. Part of me is starting to understand it. Even today, an adventure happened. It’s an adventure that happened because I was very spontaneous. It’s about filling it up, like a glass of water where I’m constantly filling it up.

What kind of adventurer do you see yourself as? Between one that travels according to plan to reach the destination, or one that stops by new places while on the journey?

Saint: I am both kinds. I have everything planned, I like to plan this and that, I plan everything. But in reality, when I walk according to plan, I would encounter new things all the time, which will make me turn left to learn something new and turn right to learn another thing. I feel that it is a mixture of both types all the time.
Madan: When you stop by somewhere while on the journey, how much do you enjoy that?
Saint: Enjoy, I enjoy everything. For instance, my goal when I came to train in Bangkok, at that time I was in Grade 9. I kept thinking about going to a school with the highest record of businessmen who graduated there. I wanted to be a businessman, but who knew that my journey would take me to discover something that I would come to love even more. When I first got to acting, I didn’t feel that I love it that much. I didn’t feel that it was a part of me so much, but when I got to learn about it more, I fell in love and felt that it is a part of me. I liked it and it is something that I want to improve on, I want to convey it. That there… is how I enjoy what I found along the way. It’s like a book, where I felt that I wanted to be a businessman, but along the way, I found a part of the book about stock markets, investments, and I enjoy those too, I like it. There are a lot of new things happening all the time. Sometimes I feel that I never thought that I would fall in love with this, but I did, I like it and I want to be better at it.
Madan: That means that you are the kind of person who plans everything since you were a kid.
Saint: I plan everything very clearly. I want to make it very clear, but I just don’t shut myself from other possible opportunities that may arise. This is very important, I feel that if I miss this opportunity, if I don’t do this, this chance may not come back again. That is what opportunities are.
Madan: Is acting something that came as an opportunity or is it something that you planned since you were a kid?
Saint: It started out as an opportunity. I got that opportunity and I was interested, then it became a plan. It was an opportunity at that time, and I felt that I was lucky that I got the chance to learn about it, got to develop myself. And more importantly, since I was lucky already, I got the opportunity already, I have to make the most of this opportunity.

The point when you felt that you fell in love with acting.

Saint: It was actually since I did the first series. It’s about learning, and it was like, I felt connected to the character, I wanted to convey his feelings, I wanted to tell his story to the audience. I like to think of myself as a close friend of those characters, I like to talk to these characters. I feel that I’m lucky to be able to present his story. And one day I fell in love with storytelling. It started because I am the kind of person who likes to tell stories, and I feel that some people’s stories can change someone else’s life. It might be the life of someone who can send out love, send happiness to others, and I want to be that person, who can send out love to others. But to be able to be that person, I have to improve myself to be able to convey that character’s story. It’s like speaking, I might have been the kind of person who’s not a good speaker before. But if I get to talk everyday, keep on talking, I would learn new techniques of speaking, my voice, I would know how to use my voice, it’s part of acting. I learned until one day, I fell in love with it. I wanted to do it, wanted to keep on doing it. Personally, I didn’t start from studying acting that much. I started from workshops, and then I started. At first, I felt I was confused, but when I got to experience it, I got to learn about it, I wanted to improve, I wanted to grow with it, and then I love it up till today.

Have you ever got lost?

Saint: Have I ever got lost? I don’t know if part of me is considered getting lost, but I feel that when I stop by to the left and to the right along the way… I wouldn’t call it getting lost, but maybe it is fate? Or maybe it is just coincidence that I found this, and sometimes I feel glad that I got lost and found something that I like to do, feel good about something or got lost and got to learn about this. For example, I got to do volunteer camp, many people may already know that I do volunteer camp. A friend invited me to do it, and when I got to do it, I loved it, I was happy with it. I like to be a giver. Something like that, I am happy that I got the chance to stop by here and there. But for my determination and my goal, I’m still determined to do my best. I just might have more duties to fulfill now, more hats to wear. It’s like, one duty is one hat, I may have many hats to wear, and it depends on which duty I have to do and wear that hat.

Have you ever encounter accidents or obstacles in your journey that may have disrupted your path?

Saint: I think everyone must’ve encountered that before, but what’s important is what you learn from it. You can look at it as an obstacle that made you feel uneasy, feel bad, made your life worse, or whatever, or you can looks at it as an obstacle that happens to make you stronger and learn from it, and grow up. It should be like that, it happens, it will happen to everyone, but I just feel that, I try to see the advantages in those disadvantages. It will make me better, make me develop myself, make me more patient against certain things. There are things that I have experienced, when I look back, I feel “Wow, how did I get through that?”. Looking back from this point, I felt that it was a tough situation, or sometimes, I would think about it as “Wow, was it really that tough?” Right now, I feel that it is nothing heavy anymore. If you think of it as a memory, it could be a good memory.

What made it possible for you to pass those obstacles? Was it yourself, your friends, environment or patience?

Saint: I think it is everything, because when I am facing obstacles, I believe most people want someone beside them, whether it is friends, parents, or someone close to you, depending on who that person is, and that person is an important person. For me, the people close to me, no matter what obstacle I am facing, I get encouragement from them… they are my fans. I feel that every time I log onto Twitter or IG, I can see it. Sometimes, I don’t even see the message that they are typing, or it may be in a language that I don’t understand, but just seeing their intentions when they make a picture of me, take a photo of me, or write a message, just a heart emoji, those are encouragements. I might not be able to read the language, we may speak a different language, but we can feel each other that we will always stay beside each other.
Madan: So, it’s just like a companion
เซ้นต์: That’s right, a companion in my journey

The destination that you have imagined

Saint: The destination that I have imagined. Well, every one of my destinations is different. My goal destination at the moment, if we talk about the business side, I want Thailand to develop from a developing country to a developed country, I want to see Thailand’s economy grow, see financial growth, or see all the Thai people’s potential. Thai people have great capabilities, but they don’t always get the support needed. There are development or acceptance in many things that I feel that should be accepted, or certain things that should happen in Thailand in order for it to develop and grow.

Do you have expectations in the path you chose?

Saint: There’s expectations in every path that a person chooses. I believe that for everyone, whatever they want to do, they want to do the best they can. No one wants others to think that whatever you’re doing is wrong or bad. But while there are expectations, you must also be prepared for disappointment. I don’t put all my expectations on it and make it my most important thing in life, but I make it the last thing in my life, do the best I can for it, but at the same time, if I fail to meet those expectations, I will be ready to get back up. This thing that I learned might turn out to be something that I love or maybe I might not love it anymore, right? But I’d be glad that I got to learn about this and glad that I got to spend time learning about this, got happiness from it, grew up with it. I think these things are more important, and one day I might find many other things that I will love or I might find something else that will make me grow up or improve myself even more, or the goal that I set might even succeed from these things that I do.

Anything you would like to say to your companions or those who are watching your journey? How would you want them to join your journey?

Saint: To all those who are traveling with me, I’ll define our journey as a family, because in the end of our journey, it is like a family, and we wouldn’t know if our family would become bigger or smaller, if there would be new members or we would lose old members. But one important thing is that we have each other, we can take care of each other, we don’t even have to see each other’s face, we don’t have to meet. As long as you say the name, I feel that this is the family. I personally define my fan club as “Ming Er”, I feel that this is my family where no matter what heavy obstacle or problem that I face, we still have each other. We’ve been through a lot together, I’m so happy to have all of you. Speaking of thank yous, I want to say thank you a million times, but I don’t know if my thank yous will reach everyone or not. But I want everyone to know that I will always be grateful. I’m so glad to have all of you, I’m lucky to know you. I always say that I’m so lucky that we have each other. So, thank you everyone. It’s not just gratitude that I want to give in return, but I want to improve myself, do the things that you guys already love for what I am, try and do the best, try not to disappoint you. Even though along the path, there would be lots of obstacles, I will try and move on always and beat those obstacles continuously, until one day, I will make all of you proud, I won’t make you disappointed that you have joined my journey.

Special thanks for the outfits.

Saint is wearing a white suit from theaterbangkok – Available at Siam Center 1st floor

Editor in Chief: Natthida Ratchawong
Producer: Ployrawee Choksuchanun
ModelSaint Suppapong
Photographer: BoydFoto Sathianpong
Graphic Design: wowweeraya
Make up: Chananwit Lertvreephat
Hair: Jatupong Chumjam
Stylist: Patipan Jaksukan
Content Creator: Aditchaya Sukprasert, Nutjari Plaingam

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