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“Santa – Earth”, being friends for the last day.

‘Santa – Pongsapak Udompoch’ and ‘Earth – Katsamonnat Namwirot’ returns to work with madan once again as madan of the month. This collaboration shows how they have grown up through their ”Summer Memories” storytelling to “Being friends for the last day”, and check out their characters’ similarities in percentage from the series ‘My Only 12%’

Santa – Earth

You’re back with madan again. Did you miss us?

Earth: Yes, we did. 
madan: How has it been, getting to meet us again? 
Santa: It was very fun today, and I’m very glad that we got to come back here again. I’m glad that all of you at madan are thinking of us.
Earth: True, I missed you too. I’m happy that you still invited us here. I’m relieved, at ease and thank you for always writing articles about us. Thank you very much.
Santa: Thank you for caring about us. 
Earth: I’m happy, it was fun today. 
madan: Thank you both Santa and Earth for giving us likes all the time, and thank you for retweeting too. 
Santa: Sure.

Santa’s suit jacket and pants from PITNAPAT

This time, you’re here with the concept of “Dating, Friends for the last day”. How difficult or easy is it?

Earth: Overall, it’s easy
Santa: Easy, all in all, it’s easy
madan: Easy
Santa: Because we got lost following the concept.
madan: How so?
Earth: No, how did we get lost?
Santa: No, we didn’t. I felt that it was
Earth: Chilled out
Santa: Chilled out
Earth: It was cute, so I didn’t think too much, because the team prepared the reference really well. And the costume, make up, hair, and prop all really helped support us. So, the both of us just looked at each other a bit, and they took photo shots of that.
Santa: Yep
Earth: It was easy. The mood and feeling. I felt that it was chilled out, it was natural, it was normal.
Santa: Actually, what made it easy was that we were chilled out.
Earth: Chilled out, comfortable.
Santa: Yep
Earth: Overall, the atmosphere, and him too. It all made me happy, not difficult at all. Please wait to check out the photos.
madan: Because real life is harder, right? When the both of you go out together, do you fight?
Santa – Earth: We do, we fight most of the time.
Earth: We focus on fighting.
Santa: Wait, we love each other. We fight because we love.
Earth: We fight because we love and sometimes because we hate too.
madan: Caressing each other
Earth: We like to caress each other
madan: There’s a caressing gesture that you guys do, right? And what do you say?
Santa: Your face can’t get red, or black and blue.
Earth: Cannot because we have this gesture.
Santa: You’ll have to wait and see.
Earth: It should be on air already. It will be on air at the same time, right? I mean when the article is released, and the photos and the video are released.
madan: The video will be after.
Earth: The video will be after.
Santa: Okay.
madan: Not too long after.
Earth: It’ll be released close after, not too long apart.
Santa: Not long after, okay.
Earth: Please go watch it.

Earth’s dress from i.wanna.b.a.popstar, suit jacket and pants from SARIN

Tell us about the series “My Only 12%”

Earth: The show so far should be very intense right now.
Santa: Yep.
madan: That sounds delicious.
Santa: Very tasty.
Earth: It really is intense, guys. If you haven’t watched it, I recommend you to watch it. The show should have aired halfway by now. I guarantee that you won’t get lingering feelings because the story has progressed a lot already, and you will be rooting so much, just like the show’s name suggests.
Santa: Yep.
Earth: How will “Cake” and “Si-Eiw” end up? Will their hopes be fulfilled? Or will they be disappointed? Because by now, there should be a conflict happening already. And there will be lots of problems coming in. So, the both of them have to grow up in their own directions.
Santa: With all this, why don’t you just make a synopsis?
madan: Everyone wants to know now.
Earth: True, what is the synopsis, Santa?
Santa: Since you already mentioned the conflict, “My Only 12%” is about “Cake” and “Si-Eiw”. Two boys that are born at the same time, and they live right next to each other. They were born in the 90’s, so they are each other’s whole world. But they both have very different personalities. One is an extrovert, and the other an introvert. So there is a conflict there. When they grow up, things change, they drift further apart.
Earth: Yep.
Santa: They talk to each other less, they have other interests.
Earth: Their interests were shared to other things.
Santa: Yep, there is something else that made it even more complicated. This is the most complicated one because Si-Eiw had feelings for Cake.
Earth: Something happened, it happened to his close friend. He had feelings for his friend since he was born, so what is he supposed to do next? How would a high school kid handle that? What would he do? It is a big issue for him.
Santa: And they had to separate from each other, there was an incident that made them stayed apart from each other.
Earth: An incident.
Santa: They didn’t see each other at all.
Earth: You have to go watch it. We have said to much, that should be enough. That’s already half the story.
madan: The series has 40 episodes.
Earth: No!
Santa: 40 episodes in total.
Earth: The series has 14 episodes. Half of it should have on aired already by now. It’s very intense right now, if you start watching now, you can binge watch without any cliffhangers.
Santa: Stay tuned to see if the both of them can get close to each other again or not.
Earth: How will he be? Will he be disappointed? Will he get what he wants? You have to go check it out.
Santa: Will he eventually get to return to each other’s personal space? You have to come watch it to find out in the series “My Only 12%”.

Santa’s suit jacket and pants from PITNAPAT

Love in the 90’s in “My Only 12%”, was it hard to familiarize with that?

Earth: 2007? 
Santa: It would be easy for Earth. 
Earth: I was born in the 90’s. I feel that it isn’t that different, except that there was no mobile phones.
Santa: No mobile phones.
Earth: There were mobile phones, but there wasn’t any internet. People would share their lives with each other rather than being on their mobile phones like they do today. It was that era’s charm, and it made me look back. We used MSN to communicate, and the internet was very hard to connect.
Santa: I wasn’t born yet. 
Earth: Right. 
Santa: But you made it in the end of the 90’s right? When there was iPhone 4 and iPhone 5?
Earth: When you were born, you already had Wi-Fi and Hot Spot.
Santa: Hot Spot?
madan: Since you had Wi-Fi, you didn’t understand about connecting to the internet.
Earth: True, he doesn’t understand anything about connecting to land lines.
Santa: Come on, I know about that.

Earth’s dress from i.wanna.b.a.popstar, suit jacket and pants from SARIN

In each other’s point of view, how similar are the characters “Cake – Si-Eiw” compared to “Santa – Earth” in percentage?

Earth: Let me answer first.
Santa: Sure
Earth: I have to go first, so that he doesn’t stab me in the end. The question is whether Santa is accurate to Cake, right?
madan: Yes.
Earth: You mean how accurate in percentage is Santa to Cake, an estimate from his personality, expressions, overall, right?
madan: Yes.
Earth: All sides of the personality, right? An estimate, not considering his acting skills, only from his personality, I’d say 60%.
madan: 60%

Earth: Yep, because he has much more dimensions. From what I read, the character doesn’t show other sides of himself, but for Santa, its reality, there’s humanity. Cake has humanity too, but when he was a kid, most of the time, you can see his vividness, energetic, but Santa is more grown up, more intellectual thoughts, more reasoning, more logic. As for the acting, I’ll give him 90, almost 100, very close. It’s a different question, right? Did I answer it correctly?

Santa: Yep.
Earth: I feel that he portrayed Cake very well. He made the character more charming, more vivid, more like his own version. It was special.
madan: You mean, as an identity…
Earth: 60%
madan: he’s 60% similar to Cake.
Earth: Intersecting. Yes, the similarity to him is 60%, but his portrayal of Cake, the faithfulness to the novel, I’m giving 90 -100 because he conveyed it really well.
madan: That’s very high.
Earth: It is.
madan: 60% similarity, can you tell us or give us an example of something that is similar?
Earth: When he likes to do this, tease me, he likes to tease me very often. Sometimes he likes to do this, when we’re in set, he wants to make it livelier. It’s very natural, so I give him that, he is playful.
Santa: The way I speak.

Earth: The way he speaks is similar too. The script is similar to his life too, so I felt even more confident that they are very similar. And the way he plays around, the vividness. When he is lively, when he’s happy, I feel that they are very similar. Yep, there are sometimes when he serious, that part is different. Yep, the way he deals with problems is different. Something like that.
Santa: As for Earth and Si-Eiw,
Earth: Mine is not really similar, just say it. Exciting.
Santa: I’ll give him…
Earth: Just say it, I have a number in mind too, let’s see if it’s the same.
madan: You’re not secretly giving answers to each other, right?
Santa: No, no. I’ll give him 40%
Earth: Exactly, I was thinking 40% too. 
madan: Really?
Earth: I was thinking exactly 40%. I really gave myself 40%.
madan: Let Santa explain first, we’ll come back to this.
Earth: Right, let’s hear it.

Santa: Let’s talk about the personality part first. Not including his expressions, I feel that Si-Eiw’s personality… let’s not compare to when he was a kid, because we don’t know how Earth was when he was a kid. Compared to Si-Eiw as a grown up, I feel that there is just a slight similarity. It’s how he worries about everything, a bit of nagging, but it’s a good thing. It’s cute, but I feel that Si-Eiw and Earth’s expressions are different, because Si-Eiw is not a very open person, but Earth is very open and friendly to everyone.

Earth: The grown-up Si-Eiw is also open and friendly, but not that much. For me, you’ve never seen me when I was in the university, I haven’t told you about the university.
Santa: Then I don’t know about that.
Earth: Sure, just answer in your own perspective.

Santa: But in the similar side, for me, I think he has someone that he has to take care of all the time. This is the only person that he has to take special care of, and in real life, he also has one. I won’t say who, I’m not boasting for him, but I won’t say who. That’s it.

Earth: Okay, similar. I also think it’s 40% because, overall, Si-Eiw both as a kid and a grown up, time has passed quite a bit. My feelings and thoughts, many things, when I grow up, it changes. I give 40% too. Really? So accurate, when you mentioned it, I was like, that’s true. At first, I was thinking if I should say 40%.

madan: And what percentage does Santa think of himself?
Santa: The similarity? Before everything started, I’d say 10-20%.
Earth: Too little.
madan: Really? Even before you played the part?
Earth: I read the novel, I think they’re quite similar, I can see him in the character.
Santa: Maybe it is reversed. When I read the novel, I also saw him in the character, but I didn’t see myself. But when I actually saw the image that was portrayed, it was really good. Much better than I thought.
Earth: The overall, we’re happy, I’m happy.
Earth: Including the feedback.
Earth: Everyone who wanted to watch, they liked the overall image.
Santa: Yep. 
Santa: I’m really happy. 
Earth: Very happy

Santa – Earth

Special thanks for the outfits.

Santa’s suit jacket and pants from PITNAPAT, available on Instagram: @pitnapatofficials
Earth’s suit jacket and pants from SARIN, available on Instagram: @sarin.official, LINE : @sarin and at Siam Paragon, 1st floor
Earth’s dress from i.wanna.b.a.popstar, available on Instagram: @i.wanna.b.a.popstar

Model: Santa Pongsapak & Earth Katsamonnat
Photographer: BoydFoto Sathianpong
Hair: Puy hairstyle
Stylist: Patipan Jaksukan
Editor-in-Chief: Natthida Ratchawong
Producer: Ployrawee Choksuchanun
Content Creator: Aditchaya Sukprasert, Palita Iamnoppakhun

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