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Serious Bacon – Sending happiness and sadness with tears through the sound of music

Cake Pemika and Muang Songmuang, the duo from the band Serious Bacon are sending happiness and sadness with tears through the sound of music. They are here with a new single “Promise Me” which tells a story through a supporting character’s point of view, and they will also talk about the inspiration in creating their music to make their music even sadder for their fans. Check them out in. #madanxseriousbacon #madanmode

Welcome Serious Bacon to

Cake: Hi, I’m Cake
Muang: Hi, I’m Muang
Cake: We are Serious Bacon

It’s the first time that Serious Bacon is visiting madan. How was it so far?

Cake: We had a still photo shoot and filmed a video too. The team was very good at building up the mood.
Muang: It was so fun. Why is my answer so short?
Cake: Oh, Huh?
Muang: Huh?

madan: Is there any part that you found particularly difficult?
Muang: Maybe the difficulty when. I had to open my eyes to all the light. I thought I had a lot of sleep last night already but it’s probably because I just ate.
Cake: Yeah, you’re digesting.
Muang: I have to try and get my eyes to open up a bit.
madan: What did the madan team have you guys do just now?
Cake: We took pictures with a theme as people who support each other love each other.
Muang: Hmm
madan: Is it difficult?
Muang: Yes. It’s very difficult to make it look like we love each other.
Cake: Yeah
Muang: Actually, we don’t really

madan: The staff said you guys had a fight.
Muang: Yes
Cake: It’s very normal.
Muang: She likes to use violence. See? Evidence on camera
Cake: Not true.
madan: Alright

Serious Bacon are here today. Do you have something for us?

Cake: We’re here today with a new single. The song is called “Promise Me”. This song is…If it’s a series or a movie, the song is from the point of view of the supporting lead character because she was not chosen in this relationship. The person she likes chose another person. Maybe it’s someone close to her or her friend who likes him too. So she’s like “Hey, you, please love him for me”, like that.
madan: Why this story?
Muang: Because Cake saw a series.
Cake: Yep.
Muang: That series, the main character and the supporting character are friends. And they happened to like the same girl. But the girl chose the main character
Cake: Yep.
Muang: So the supporting character told the main character. Well, he didn’t really tell
Cake: Actually, he didn’t say anything but we intended to make it feel like a thought where two people who secretly like the same person and still have to be friends with each other. And in the end, I was not chosen. Fine, but. Okay, please love him for me. I will be watching from here watching them love each other will make me happy but actually, deep inside, I’m sad.

madan: How about Muang? Did you have a part in creating the story or did you just let her watch the series?
Muang: Actually, Cake was obsessed with the series because she just watched it. So she wrote this song. I helped with the melody a bit and made the music but I let her handle the lyrics on her own.
Cake: Besides the lyrics, the melody, Muang handles all the music part. All of it
madan: How do you work together? Like, she comes up with the story, and what kind of music do you prepare that is suitable for this kind of song? Because the story that she chose is sad from 0-100
madan: How do you come up with it, how do you design it?
Muang: Actually, my usual way of working in the past. I guess there’s no real guideline. There’s hardly anything to support it. I listen to the song she wrote, I hear the music and then it just happens. Like this song, someone said it feels like a 90’s song a little retro. That era has boy bands or bands that had these kind of songs. Songs about not being chosen. I feel that this kind of music fits perfectly with the content

Actually, this song. I hardly made any changes. I kept the song as it is. This song was done really quickly, it was just written recently.
Cake: At first, we had about 2 to 3 demos that we haven’t done we were going to release those first but somehow this song came up. So we gave it to the team at the label and then it got to cut the queue and release before other songs.

madan: It’s like the music and the story just clicked together.
Cake: Yeah. The team thought that this song is suitable to release right now. It’s the right timing. So it cut the queue and the other songs were held back first.
madan: Since you’ve come this far. Can you sing one verse for us?
Cake & Muang: Sure (Sing)
Staff: Cheer up
madan: The sound we’re hearing is not a stand-in or from a voice actor.
Cake: It’s not a sound effect.
Muang: It’s not a sound effect.
madan: And these are not shills that we hired too. Just listening to the chorus. In my opinion, I feel that it’s a very sad song. Serious Bacon One of the saddest songs by Serious Bacon. Usually, in my opinion Serious Bacon songs has a teenager feel. I mean you’re like the new generation. Like what you said. This song has a 90’s vibe.
Cake: It’s like the 2000’s.
madan: Sad and easy to understand. If you had to rate how sad it is, what percentage would you give it?
Muang: This song? Actually, from what others said in the past, we would only mae sad songs at about 60-70 but this song might be a bit higher. Maybe 80. Not all the way yet.
Cake: Not the saddest yet.
Muang: We can go even further.
Cake: Normally, I don’t write songs that are deeply depressing. It’ll be something like this. Just something like this, the fans who heard it said. Do you intend to make us sing along or cry along?

madan: I have to say that this song also makes me long for something. I’m waiting for a feel good song. A cute, teasing song. Teasing love but I’m also expecting Serious Bacon’s 100% sad song too.
Muang: Someday
Cake: Someday
madan: About 80%. The fans can’t sing along. Half of them are crying already
Muang: Sure

How to follow you and where can we check out your updates

Muang: Okay, for this song. Promise me. You can find it on all channels and watch the MV at BOXX MUSIC’s YouTube channel. This song has no challenge for you to follow but it would be great if you could go sing it. Try to sing it and tag us. Where can they follow updates of our nation?
Cake: Updates of our nation? Whether we have any performance or event, you can check out our updates through our social medias seriousbaconband Our X account is seriousbacon with 3 n’s

Model : Cake & Muang
Photographer : Sk Boom
Editor-in-Chief : Natthida Ratchawong
Graphic Designer: wowweeraya
Content Creator : Aditchaya Sukprasert, Palita Iamnoppakhun & Napassorn Asawanon

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