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Step into 2021 with “Lovely Writer The Series”

Save the date next March 2021 for ‘Tee- Bundit Sintanaparadee’s’ “Lovely Writer The Series”, the amazing director of TharnType The Series Season 1, a Boy Love series that made its way to the #1 global top trend! ‘Lovely Writer The Series’ will undoubtedly become another masterpiece that Tee and his team has created for fans all over the world again.

 Tee Bundit added that he hoped that fans will support this series because he has carefully chosen every actor, especially the role of ‘Nubsib’ which is played by Kao Noppakao. This role was chosen because of his looks since Nubsib is a very handsome character but he had to look calm and collected as well, which is a perfect role for Kao.

Up Poopat plays Gene and said that he had to really study and do a lot of homework on the part because this is the first time playing in a Boy Love series so he really puts his all in the workshops and tries to understand the character. 

      Tee Bundit also added that Lovely Writer The Series is a story about a writer who falls in love with the lead actor of the series. However, because of their different statuses, their love is full of barriers, backlash from social media made Gene and Numbsib’s relationship came to an end, but how will their story really end? Find out soon on Channel 3!

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