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The duo TARA x YELLOWSKRT who used music to create smiles for everyone

TARA x YELLOWSKRT, also known as “Tar Atiwat” and “Ohm Thanapak”, the artist duo who brought happiness and smiles to fans using the music they created. Get to know them in #madanxTARAYELLOW

A special welcome to Taratiwat and Ohm Yellowskrt

TARA: Hi, madan I’m Taratiwat.
YELLOWSKRT: And I’m Yellowskrt
madan: This is the first time that you’re here as artists but it’s Tar’s second time visiting
TARA: That’s right.

Can you tell us how it feels, the difference between the first time here and today?

TARA: The first time, we went to a different place. As for today, we’ve moved to another location. And I’m here as an artist today, a different role yellowskrt I’m here with Yellowskrt today.
YELLOWSKRT: It’s my first time here. I’m definitely excited but bring it on
TARA: Yes, sir
YELLOWSKRT: Let’s go. Yeah

How do you feel about the photoshoot this time? How was the atmosphere?

TARA: It was so much fun
YELLOWSKRT: Very fun. I rarely get the opportunity to shoot something like this. So I’m a little nervous
TARA: It’s alright
YELLOWSKRT: I’m alright. Okay
madan: Show us some of the poses
YELLOWSKRT: I got this pose
TARA: I got this pose
YELLOWSKRT: Open shoulders, so cool

What have you brought for madan today?

TARA: Today. I didn’t buy anything.
YELLOWSKRT: I have a 20 baht bill
madan: I’ll take it.
TARA: A song. I forgot. I forgot about the song.
YELLOWSKRT: We have a song that.
TARA: was just released.
YELLOWSKRT: Yep, it was just released. It’s trending very strongly right now.
TARA: What song is it? Dimples (I love you). Please check it out. and check out YSF.ENTERTAINMENT’s YouTube channel too. I guarantee that it’ll be cool and fun.
YELLOWSKRT: We are very passionate about this song
TARA: Yes, the team, the production team are very determined. What’s the story about?
YELLOWSKRT: It’s about two exorcists that…
TARA: What are their names?
YELLOWSKRT: Magoo and Magee.
TARA: Okay

madan: Who’s who?
YELLOWSKRT: I’m Magoo. He’s Magee (TARA). We’re exorcists who have exorcised more than 100 ghosts. Someone called to tell us that there was a haunted house.
TARA: Who called?
YELLOWSKRT: The village chief around there.
TARA: He’s a man right?
TARA: Oh, a woman.
TARA: Are you afraid of ghosts?
YELLOWSKRT: No, I’m not. She didn’t know how to exorcise ghosts, so she called out to us.
TARA: Okay, okay. So, she called us. And we walked in. And she said that this ghost is powerful.
TARA: Really?
YELLOWSKRT: Oh, did we really go together? I also saw a ghost. A female ghost wearing a white shirt.
TARA: With blood.
YELLOWSKRT: Blood on the neck. It’s spooky. Suddenly, the ghost smiled.
TARA: Oh, that’s spooky.
YELLOWSKRT: Smiling as if to scare us. How do you do a spooky smile? Yes, something like that. When she smiled, the both of us didn’t know what to do.
TARA: We were so scared
YELLOWSKRT: We fell in love
TARA: Why?
YELLOWSKRT: The ghost had a beautiful smile.
TARA: We fell in love.
YELLOWSKRT: The ghost was cute.
TARA: Attractive
YELLOWSKRT: Yes, instead of exorcising, we tried to ask her out
TARA: From exorcising to asking her out.
YELLOWSKRT: Eventually, the ghost got scared.
TARA: The ghost got scared so she escaped into a doll’s body.
TARA: Barbie
TARA: Annabelle
YELLOWSKRT: Okay, Annabelle.
TARA: No, neither. Annabie

madan: This moral of this story is that…
YELLOWSKRT: Don’t smile at the exorcist.
TARA: Don’t call in the first place.

What’s special about this song?

TARA: The time took to write this song was about an hour or two.
TARA: Yep but this song took a lot of time to produce, the beats the producer. Yes, yes. That is, it took about a month and a half to two months. I went to the producer. His name is Mayo James. I’ve worked with him before for the song BANGBANG, you can go check it out. So I drove to see him at the studio and recorded the song.
YELLOWSKRT: We got a new beat and sang it again.
TARA: It’s so cool, it’s a dimple that everyone can hear.
YELLOWSKRT: What was the origin?
TARA: Okay, at that time, the both of us were chilling at home. Then Yellow told me. Hey I want to make a song. I want a song that has a catch phrase. Something like the song Bad Boy.
YELLOWSKRT: Sort of like conjunction words
TARA: So we searched on Google. To find a catch phrase, a pick-up line. We were searching and we found a phrase. You don’t need to have dimples. Your smile already made me fall in love. So we picked this one. We came up with the melody and that was it.
YELLOWSKRT: Yep. The meaning is direct. You don’t need to have dimples, even if you are not beautiful. You just have to smile. Wow, I’m in love.
TARA: Because you are beautiful too.
YELLOWSKRT: Because you are beautiful too

madan: We’ll check it out.
madan: Where can we check it out?
TARA: YSF.ENTERTAINMENT’s YouTube channel and it’s already on all streaming platforms.
YELLOWSKRT: Whether it is…
TARA: Apple Music Joox Spotify
YELLOWSKRT: That’s it.
TARA: There’s more but I can’t remember.
YELLOWSKRT: There’s more
TARA: Available on all platforms
madan: Is there a challenge?
YELLOWSKRT: Yep. It’s a dance challenge on TikTok.
TARA: It’s quite popular right now. Around 20 participants right now.
YELLOWSKRT: So popular.
TARA: Let’s teach them how to do it.
Ohm: Let’s go.
TARA: 5 4 3 2
YELLOWSKRT: Something like that. You might need to practice it a few times.
TARA: Otherwise, you might get it wrong because I got it wrong just now too.
madan: We’ve reached this part. The Yellowtara brothers. You’ve never fought with each other. But you have to be competitors now.
madan: in madan’s minigame (stay tune for video at Youtube:

Special thanks to apparel from:

rundownyouth – Available on Instagram: @rundownyouth

Photographer : Franken.STL
Stylist : Patipan Jaksukan
Assistant Stylist: Ployrawee Choksuchanun
Clothing by: rundownyouth
Editor-in-Chief : Natthida Ratchawong
Graphic Designer: wowweeraya
Content Creator : Aditchaya Sukprasert, Palita Iamnoppakhun & Napassorn Asawanon

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