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Search for the similarities between “Tar – Bom vs Noey – Thi”. A recap of the good memories from the series “I Will Knock You”

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Get to know “Tar – Atiwat Saengtian” and “Bom – Tanawat Uthaikitwanit” through their similarities and differences from the collaboration in the series “I Will Knock You”, and they will reveal their impression for each other.

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How was it for the both of you, working with madan for the first time?

Tar: It was very fun. All the staff are so cute
Bom: Yeah, hilarious. Sometimes, they’re pushing us to dance, sometimes, making us do funny poses. It was so fun.
Tar: Yep.
Bom: How was the theme today?
Tar: The theme today is called “Butter” also called “Noey”
Bom: Yep
Tar: That’s why I wore a yellow outfit and the theme is yellow.
Bom: But I’m not yellow.
Tar: Why is that?
Bom: Because I am entering Noey Wat Phlu’s world.
Tar: Awesome
madan: You did your homework well

Is there anything or any pose that you like especially?

Tar: A pose that I like especially? Actually, I like all of it because everyone designed the poses very well. Yep.
Bom: We don’t often do this type of photoshoot, right?
Tar: Yep.
Bom: It focuses on fashion and the costumes look amazing.
Tar: Yep
Bom: I’ve never dressed up like this before.
Tar: Yeah, me too.
Bom: Yep. We got to pose a lot of strange poses today. Please follow and check it out.
Tar: Check it out

madan: Are there any poses you don’t like?
Tar: That I don’t like? How many poses did we do?
Bom: Hundreds
Tar: Hundreds. Let’s say a hundred. I don’t like a hundred poses. Just kidding. I like it all.

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What do you have for madan today?

Tar: We’re here to tell you about the series “I will knock you”. There’s only 3 episodes remaining. I guarantee that the remaining episode will be very fun.
Bom: Yep
Tar: It will have all kinds of flavors
Bom: It really will
Tar: It will be more intense than Tom Yum Kung
Bom: What are you saying?
Tar: Yep

You have finished filming one series together. Are the both of you close to each other?

Tar: Err…
Bom: Hmm…
Tar: We are close.
Bom: We are
madan: So let me ask you. Please answer about the other person.
Tar: Sure.
madan: In Bom’s point of view, what similarities and differences does Tar and Noey have?
Bom: I think. it’s 50:50. There are many similarities but there’s also many differences For instance, weird habits like to how we keep talking nonsense
Tar: Is this a similarity?
Bom: Yep.
Tar: And our studies, errrr.
Tar: Okay.
Bom: We understand each other
Tar: What’s the difference?
Bom: Difference? I think Noey Wat Phlu is more self aware. He’s cooler and he lives his life like he’s still in the past.
Tar: Yep.
Bom: He has his own gang but Tar is more like an introvert. He prefers to be alone, yep.
Tar: Yes
madan: What similarities and differences does Bom and P’Thi have?
Tar: In percentage, I’ll give 85%. I mean, they are 85% similar. P’Bom and Thiwa are very polite. They both are good in their studies. Thiwa is always the leader of the work group at school P’Bom is the same. Just like Thi. But the difference is that Thi overacts a lot more and he’s gets scared easily, he gets scared of little things
Bom: Yep, Thi has a higher imagination. Sometimes, even when an incident hasn’t happened yet
Tar: But thoughts are already running through his mind
Bom: Lots of thoughts. Like, I’m gonna get killed
Tar: But P’Bom is a brave guy
Bom: Hmm
Tar: Something like that, I’ll give it 80%

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madan: Tell me something unexpected about the other person. Can you think of something? For example, at first, Bom might think of Tar one way but when you got to know each other, it became a surprise. Can you tell me 1 or 2 things?
Bom: For me, what surprised me was when we met last year.
Tar: Yeah, last year.
Bom: We met and we got to know each other already. We went to Chiangmai together before we started filming.
Tar: Yep
Bom: We were still nervous at that time. We still didn’t know each other that well or talked to each other that much.
Tar: Yep
Bom: We were together in Chiang Mai for 7 days, right? and then there are other actors and the director too. At night, he suddenly transformed into another person. We sang karaoke together and he rapped, quick like a lightning. Everyone was surprised.
Tar: No one has ever heard it before.
Bom: Yeah, and that was at this guy’s house and his grandparents were there too.
Tar: They were in the house, and I was so loud.
Bom: He was holding a microphone standing in front of that house. It was a surprise that he has this side of him too. I never would have thought. And the more we knew each other, the more I understood his identity that he really likes hip-hop
Tar: But we have to appreciate the Chiangmai trip because it was an icebreaker for everyone.
Bom: Yes, yes. If we didn’t go, we would have been so nervous when filming.
Tar: Yep. In this case, we were so chilled out when filming.
Bom: So chilled

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madan: How did you rap in that Chiang Mai trip?
Tar: Woah
Bom: I remember but I don’t dare say.
Tar: I remember too. I remember too. I rapped many songs, I’ll do my song then “On my way”. Ok, ok, you can check it out on YouTube.
Bom: Is that it?
Tar: That’s it.
madan: Do a little rap with energy like that day.
Bom: Do the dance moves too.
Tar: Okay, Something like that, But I had more energy that day.
Bom: Overflowing.
Tar: Yeah.
Bom: And you were holding a microphone.
Tar: Yeah, it’s a better feel if I hold a microphone.
Bom: I feel bad for the grandparents.
Tar: That’s true. Yeah.
madan: How about Tar? What is it about P’Bom that surprised you?
Tar: Surprise? Actually, there’s nothing much with him but at first, I didn’t think that P’Bom would be so polite but when I got to know him, he really is polite. So, there’s nothing much about P’Bom. With him, you get what you see.
Bom: I have nothing

madan: When you saw him, you thought he must be a polite person
Tar: He must be
madan: When you got to know him,
Tar: He is more polite than I thought.
Bom: Even more polite.
Tar: Yep
Bom: No, I don’t really talk much. When I met with all the new actors. We didn’t know each other. I normally already don’t talk much, and in this case, I talked even less. Might need some more time.
Tar: Yeah
Bom: It’s like icebreaking. And then slowly approach each other, then I would talk to everyone more.
Tar: But actually, P’Bom is an easy to approach person. He is…
Bom: casual
Tar: Yeah, very casual

madan: Tell me something about the other person that impressed you since you’ve worked together. What are you impressed about? Or is there something that you’ve done and it impressed you?
Tar: Khun Bom, I’m very impressed with you. P’Bom supports me a lot, in everything. Whatever I do, P’Bom will be cheering me up all the time. He’s adorable. And he’s very determined in work too. When working, P’Bom will give 100% to the job. He is very cute and is a very good brother. Very cute.
Bom: Thank you. For me, Tar is considered a younger brother who has more experience in acting because he has done 3 movies before. For series, this is my first one. When I started working on this, I already had a lot of pressure but between me and him, when we work, we would talk to each other. It’s like we’re trying to understand each other. That gives our work in the past a good experience.
Tar: Easy to work with each other.
Bom: Yes, we’re easy to work with each other. So, I feel thankful that we got to work together.
Tar: And that we got along well
Bom: Yes, we did

Give us a reason why everyone should not miss the last episode of “I will knock you”
Tar: All I can say is that if you miss episode 11, 12, there will be a lot of unexpected things. If you miss it. Suppose you saw a spoiler, you will go back and watch it for sure. I believe that you will definitely hurry back to watch it.
Bom: But if you watch it live together, it will be more fun
Tar: Yeah, more awesome
Bom: It will be fun. Actually, in the last 3 episodes, there are more surprises.
Tar: Yep.
Bom: That we want everyone to follow.
Tar: That’s right.
Bom: The past EP 1-9. I think we already had a lot of surprises but in each EP, there are different moods.
Tar: Yep
Bom: In the next episode, I will say that… what is it?
Tar: Do you really want me to say? I might slip.
Bom: You don’t have to say it.
madan: But if Tar says it, you’ll tell the whole story?
Tar: All of it.
Bom: Actually, we’ve already spoiled a lot of it.
Tar: We did. Don’t miss the last 3 episodes.
Bom: Yep.

Tar Atiwat – Bom Tanawat

Special thanks to apparels

Tar’s sweater from Marimekko Thailand – Available at leading shopping centers across the country
Suit and pants from Pitnapat – Available on Instagram: @pitnapatofficials

Bom’s T-shirt from Marimekko Thailand – Available at leading shopping centers across the country
Suit and pants from Pitnapat – Available on Instagram: @pitnapatofficials

Model : Tar Atiwat Bom Tanawat
Photographer : Pan Sarut
Make up : Plscallmeaonthan
Hair : Rinda Hair
Stylist : Patipan Jaksukan
Clothing by: Marimekko Thailand & Pitnapat
Editor-in-Chief : Natthida Ratchawong
Creative Director: Phurichearth
Content Creators : Aditchaya Sukprasert, Palita Iamnoppakhun & Napassorn Asawanon

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