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[Review] To My Star: A warm Korean BL Love Story

2021 seems to be the year of the Korean Boy Love series because there are so many series that have received positive feedback, especially the series “To My Star” which consists of 9 episodes that last for 14 minutes by Hwang Da-seul, the director of Where Your Eyes Linger (2020) back again with another romantic drama series that is different but still is very touching.

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To my star or Naui Byeolege stars Son Woo Hyun, Kim Kang Min, Jeon Jae Yeong 

The story begins when Kang Seo Joon (Son Woo Hyun) is Korea’s most famous and popular actor but becomes the underdog due to his scandalous news but even though his popularity has waned he’s still optimistic, cheerful, and trying desperately tries to befriend the handsome chef, Han Ji Woo (Kim Kang Min), who lives under the same roof.

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However, Han Ji Woo has a very different personality and character from Kang Seo Joon. He is a quiet person with a gentle inner and acts very cold and estranged tp Kang Seo Joon who is extremely unconcerned because Kang Seo Joon doesn’t think of other people. However, Kang Seo Joon does not give up his efforts and continues to approach Han Ji Woo until causing disturbing matters and uncomfortable feelings.

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A negative start to the relationship has really made us wonder how in the world can it turn into love? Will Kang Seo Joon ever be able to return to fame? It makes us really want to keep sitting on couches and really finish every episode in one sitting!

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Their acting skills are really top of the game, Kang Seo Joon’s friendliness really makes it hard for us to dislike him while Han Ji Woo seems cold and distant but his caring heart really shines.

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Even though there have been only 3 episodes so far (As I’m currently writing this review) but their chemistry really catches on and this is what this series sets itself apart from ‘Where Your Eyes Linger’ from the same director who initiated the relationship from a spark of interest from one person first while the other person is open about how much they don’t like the other person, making ‘To my star’ quite similar to Mr. Heart (2020) which is another series produced by the same team.

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However, making the character cold and distant while the other being the total opposite seems to be the main heart of the series and the crew is still using the same style to develop the story while pushing in gags to help views see the character’s humor and development.

What’s really noticeable is the company of the actor is the same company that appeared in Where Your Eyes Linger and the funny thing is the boy who lied that he was his father, the companies’ owner in Where Your Eyes Linger is now the actual owner! (Is the director trying in make his own universe? I love the idea that a Boy Love series would have it’s own universe like a Marvel film! haha)

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As for the people who want to watch ship-worthy moments will need to hold their horses and wait because it’s only the beginning so please be patient, I’m sure that those moments you want are coming in these next few episodes.

It’s might not be 100% shippable yet but the main reason that made Kang Seo Joon have to hide away is still unknown, another reason luring us in making us crave for more! I have to say that this series can really hold to the viewer’s attention because if they would suddenly start being all cuddly would seem so strange due to the character’s behaviour and starting point introduced to us

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Another thing that really gets to me in this series is the cooking scenes that might not be that often but whenever we see them cooking something up makes my stomach growl! Imagine how much cuter these scenes would be when they’re in love! Be sure to prepare something to snack on when you’re watching this series!

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If you guys already like Hwang Da-seul’s work then I’m sure you’re not going to miss out on this series!

To my star

  • Aired: 22 January – 5 February 2021 Every Friday at 10.00 PM
  • Watch on: Viki , Viu , WeTV and iQIYI
  • Director : Hwang Da-seul

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