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Triage The Series

‘Triage The Series’ is the latest medical series which has received great feedback, due to the details in all things medical that was done quite well, including medical terminology and the actors’ excellent performances. This series was produced by TV Thunder, based on the novel of the same name by the author Sammon.

In addition to the interesting plot, this is a series where the ‘Tae Darvid’ and ‘Tee Thanapon’ got to star together again, after their previous collaboration in ‘2Moons The Series’. In Triage the Series ‘Tae Darvid’ stars as ‘Tinn’, a general practitioner in the emergency medicine department, and ‘Tee Thanapon’ stars as ‘Tol’, a university student.

‘Triage The Series’ is about ‘Tinn’ (Tae Darvid), a 29 year-old general practitioner in the emergency medicine department. He’s always surrounded by chaos in the emergency room everyday. One day, he was startled awake from his slumber in the dining room. There was a patient case, a university student and an old man who was in a car accident. Both of them were in critical conditions, the red triage.

On that day, Tinn fell asleep in the dining room again. When he woke up and found that he had returned to the moment when that student was still alive and then died, over and over again. Until the 18th night ‘Jinta’ (Morris K), god’s messenger appeared, giving Tin the condition that he must save the life of this drunk student to break the loop.

Tinn further learned that Tol’s death is the consequence from a certain delinquent action by ‘Dr. Sak’ (Kadoom – Thanayong Wongtrakul), which ‘Dr. Sing’ (Tonnamm – Piamchon DamrongSuntorachai) and ‘Dr. Gap’ (Oab – Thanadol Wong Sa-aad kul) and ‘Dr. Fakfang’ (Fortune – Panthita Koonthawee) have always been curious about. Tinn, who has always overlooked mischievous behaviours in the hospital, has changed his mind after this situation happened, if he can stop Dr. Sak and save Tol’s life at the same time, he will break this loop. 

Then came the loop where Tinn has to die. This loss encouraged Tol to realize his what his heart wants. He begged Jinta to reverse the time to save Tinn’s life, but Tol has to pass a tough test to prove himself. Tol then overcame all the obstacles and meets Tinn again, but Tinn can’t remember anything about Tol. So, Tol must cooperate with Tinn’s friends to defeat Dr. Sak and his people within 4 days. Moreover, he has to recover Tinn’s memory about their relationship by the 18th day, otherwise Tol’s life bet will be wasted.

After this messy situation is over, will Tinn recover his memory about his love story with Tol and watch the sunrise on the 19th day or not? Or will Tol lose Tinn forever? Let’s root for them in ‘Triage the Series,’ every Monday on AIS PLAY at 10 PM and channel 3, press 33 at 11 PM. 

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