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‘Unforgotten Night’ is a BDSM series written by the ‘Yonim’. It was then produced as a series by ‘Y ENTERTAINMENT’, directed by ‘Wayu Patrawut Sangyayha’ and ‘Aongart Sighlanpong’. This is the first series that ‘Yoon – Phusanu Wongsavanischakorn’ and ‘Ton – Saran Anantasetthakul’ are collaborating.

‘Unforgotten Night Series’ is about ‘Kim’ (Ton – Saran Anantasetthakul) who accepts that he likes men and has a crush on his high school friend, ‘Day’ (KhopKhet – Natkarin Tonkeaw). They used to be sexual partners before, and so, they meet again at the reunion party. The both of them have cleared the problem that has been on their minds for years, and Kim also got to meet Day’s lover. Even though he feels hurt, he is ready to accept it. On the other hand, ’Kamon’ (Yoon – Phusanu Wongsavanischakorn) is a mafia with illegal businesses. Behind his Pub Bar business, Kamon sells illegal weapons. Kamon has a rather violent preference in bed, and he’s interested in boys only. He always uses his money for prostitutes, but no one can satisfy him. Kamon does not want to date anyone, because of the fact that he believes that there is no one who can bear his taste.

Kim has chances to date many people, but he is never interested in anyone since he is trying to forget Day. One day, his friend and his secretary invited him to a bar at a luxurious hotel. Kim accepts and went to calm himself. Later that night, when other people have already gone back home, Kim stayed to continue drinking alone. After Kamon finished his business at the warehouse, he stopped by for a drink at his favorite hotel bar. While walking to the VIP room, He saw Kim sitting alone. He instantly liked Kim. No matter how much he wants someone, he still does not want to force anybody. And then they met on the way to the restroom.

Kamon stared at Kim non-stop. Kim was getting drunk, and he wanted somebody to make him forget Day. So, he walked to Kamon and asked to spend the night together. Kamon accepted and led Kim up to his hotel room. That night, Kim made love to Kamon by his own consent. Even though Kamon warned him of his violent taste, Kim accepted, and Kim seemed to be pleased with Kamon’s intense love story, while Kamol’s feeling was mutual. The next morning, Kamon had to rush to manage his affairs. So, he had his underling come to check on Kim in the room. After Kim woke up and recovered, he was shocked to find out that he asked a stranger to sleep with him. Moreover, he does not even remember what that person looks like. The only thing he remembers is a hot love story. Then Kim rushed out of the hotel room, missing Kamon’s underling. Even though Kamon is busy with his business, he still asked his men to follow up on Kim, and he eventually knew where Kim works at and where he lives.

Kamon wanted Kim to stay with him at his home. Kim was so surprised after finding out that he had a relationship with the mafia, then he refused the offer, but Kamon is confident that he can convince him. Kamon gave Kim some time to decide while he was dealing with his business abroad. Even though Kim was constantly being watched by Kamon’s underlings all the time, he eventually found a way to escape.

Kim asks Day for help since he does not know who he can rely on. So, Day took Kim to his home without knowing that Day is Kamon’s former underling and Kamon does not know that Day is Kim’s old friend. After Kamon came back, he went to look for Kim and found out that Kim is with Day. Day thought that Kamon will not hurt Kim for sure, so he wanted Kim to talk to Kamon. That’s why Kamon can take Kim to his home with a bit of force. In any case, Kim admits that he was very pleased with their bed activities. Kamon took good care of Kim, as he was a special person, and encouraged Kim to gradually open his mind, even though he is still not sure which status that would be.

How will the story turn out in the end? Follow and watch ‘Unforgotten Night’ every Wednesday at 11 PM on channel ‘GMM25’ and the rerun on YouTube: Y Entertainment.

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