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5 Ship Couples to explode your heart in this month of Love

Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️ mada wishes every day to be the day of love for everyone. But today let us introduce you to some ship couples that seem so real that it makes our hearts swell!

Starting with our first couple from Kinn Porche The Series, who is already making us get heart burns from the fact of how cute they are together in their Instagram 😘

The next couple is also from Kinn Porche The Series! They are Jeff-Gameplay, they are both soooooo right for each other! madan hears that they also have a single together so go check it out in the link below. 🥰

Another hot couple with their hashtags always storming the internet is Yin-War, this picture is used to promote in Rookie Thailand’s Instagram! They are so perfect together. 🥰

Another adorable couple is Mean-Plan, this snap is from Plan’s Instagram and oh my gosh they are a 1000/10 together!

Last but definitely not least is Billkin-PP is this really awesome look because when they’re together it seems that the world is just pink and look at Billkin’s smile with he is with PP!!! BRB gonna die💖

What do you think of the 5 couples we brought to you today? I think I had several heart attacks from all this cuteness. Who do you guys want to read about in madan Daily? Tell us 🥰

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