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Vice Versa Series

‘Vice Versa Series’ is a romantic – fantasy series, based on the fiction of the same name by the author JittiRain, published by Jamsai.

‘Vice Versa Series’ stars ‘Jimmy – Jitaraphol Potiwihok’ as ‘Puen’/’Tan’ and ‘Sea Tawinan Anukulprasert’ as ‘Talay’/ ‘Tess’, directed by ‘Nattapong Mongkolsawas’, and produced by ‘GMMTV’.

The story begins as “Talay” (Sea Tawinan) wakes up in “Tess’s” body (Ohm Pawat). Then he meets “Puen” (Jimmy Jitaraphol), a famous actor who got into an accident and ended up in “Tan’s” body (Nanon Korapat). Both of them have to live in a new and unfamiliar world, where they might be ‘Portkeys’ for each other that could take them back to the world where they came from.

They have already achieved the dreams of their original bodies, with the help of “Phuwadol” (Jeab Lalana), a nurse who is always there to give them advice about this new world and helps people from the old world like them. How will their story end, their mission to achieve the dreams of “Tan”,  “Talay”, and the friends that are always helping them, such as “Keeta” (Pepper Panuroj) and “Fews” (Boom Tarathorn), including the Friend Credits members, like “Up” (Neo Trai) and “Auu” (Auu Tanaboon).

Follow the love stories and friendship that happen in the new world and see if they can they go back to the old world. Let’s root together in ‘Vice Versa Series’, every Saturday at 8:30 PM on channel GMM25, and watch the rerun video on YouTube: GMMTV. First EP starts on 16th July, 2022.

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