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‘Birthday banner with merit’ HBD Wang Yibo – Thai FC’s send positive energy to help Tuk Tuk drivers get through COVID -19 crisis

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You may still remember the announcement of Thailand’s BTS sky train and MRT subway about their temporary closure due to the government policy, to limit the political protester’s transportation. As an effect, there is a new form of birthday blessings for artists by putting up birthday banners on Tuk Tuks and street food trucks instead. This became a very popular idea, since it helps many small traders and restaurants increase their revenues, instead of spending large amounts of money on big capitalists.

As time passes, both the economic situation and COVID-19 crisis are leading to more and more problems and a wider impact to people. Tuk Tuk, a popular tourist vehicle that everyone must try at least once, were also fully effected. Since we had the desire to help the Tuk Tuk drivers, when it is our beloved artist’s birth month, we celebrated through banners attached to the Tuk Tuks’ rears. Besides, these small vehicles are able to go into every small and narrow road. We hope that the message and handsome appearance will more or less comfort everyone’s hearts. Our friends from the same fandoms invited us to join this project, so we immediately accepted the invitation.

This birthday celebration project was created for ‘Wang Yibo’, a famous Chinese artist from the popular series ‘The Untamed’. He also has a lot of amazing work, whether it is dancing or singing, which stole every girl’s heart. Wang Yibo is also the owner of the fandoms’ name #ป๋อจ้าน #จ้านป๋อ (#BoZhan #ZhanBo). Besides his handsome appearance and smart look, Wang Yibo is very kind-hearted. He recently volunteered to help the flood victims (he secretly helped without telling anyone, however other volunteers recognized him). He is so kind, that is why we love him even more. Wang Yibo’s kindness also encourages our desire to make merit through the birthday wishing project.

HBD WYB, more than a blessing, is sending love and encouragement to Tuk Tuk drivers.

“I used to be the kind of person who didn’t like this kind of artist, but after I watched the series ‘The Untamed’, which Wang Yibo performed as the lead character and also his other works and interviews, it got me interested in this boy. I think that he is so adorable. I could say that he opened my new perspective of being a fan. What’s more amazing is that I really understand this new world now. During the past year, I faced something that affected my mentality and it made me feel really down. However, after I watched Wang Yibo’s work and talked with someone who was also obsessed with the same thing, it helped me get through my issues.” Aom – Wanwisa Mee Ngern, one of the project creators for Wang Yibo’s birthday celebration Tuk Tuk banners. She told us about where the passion came from. I, the article author, also participated in this project, determinedly listened and completely agreed with what she said. But what kickstarted this project to celebrate our beloved artist?

“As we all know that the COVID-19 situation in Thailand is not going well and it is causing a wide impact. People in various occupation are struggling. Then, we found a Facebook page where we could coordinate with Tuk Tuk drivers to make this birthday project happen. So, I asked my friends (including me, the interviewer) if they were interested in celebrating Wang Yibo’s birthday by attaching the banners on Tuk Tuks or not? This is how the project happened.”

“Besides being able to celebrate our beloved artist’s birthday, the budget of this project also directly helps Tuk Tuk drivers, who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We can choose the area where we want them to drive. For this project, we chose tourist destinations where every tourist must visit, but it is so quiet during this time. We hope that the payment from this project will help them get through this crisis together. We also hope that the handsomeness of Wang Yibo will make everyone who sees his face happier.” This answer is completely on point which is also on my mind. So, that’s how the project happened.

After we have already compared the prices and locations, we discussed with our project partners, and then made a reservation. 

The locations we chose were Khaosan, Sao Chingcha and Pratu Phee zone. The first reason being that these areas are where we feel familiar with and we love to find delicious food over there before the COVID-19 pandemic happened. The second reason is that these areas are the landmarks of Thailand where tourists must visit. So, we think that Tuk Tuk drivers must have an impact from the crisis for sure. The third reason is, in the past few years, Wang Yibo had visited Thailand and he used to go to the Sao Chingcha area. It would be great if his banners can visit it again. He might recognize that this project is from the Thais fans after seeing the pictures. Haha.

The next step is selecting images to make the birthday banners. Fortunately, Aom is a graphic designer. After choosing our favorite images, Aom designed all the banners. We hope that Wang Yibo’s handsome face and short encouragement message will be eye-catching and will be able to cheer up the people, more or less.

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