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[Review] Y Destiny EP. 1 – 2: Which type of man will grab ‘Tuesday boy’s’ heart?

Someone once said that “Men who were born on Tuesdays” usually have a fighter’s heart, talk bluntly and are ready to fight all the time. This definition perfectly matches with ‘Tue’, a 2nd year student from the Faculty of Agriculture, also a talented boxer of the University, who happens to be the lead character of the series Y Destiny EP. 1 – 2. 

The series ‘Y Destiny’ that we have mentioned is a Boys Love series which is based on the online fiction written by ‘MoreFiin’. The story is inspired by the belief of ‘Birth day behaviors’. It is told through 7 lead characters; Teacher Sun, Mon, Tue, Puth, Thurs, Masuk and Sat. They are the male representatives who were born on each day of the week that have different personalities and different love stories. So, what kind of person will be able to steal their hearts? The series’ theme sounds great, right?

Episodes 1 and 2 is about ‘Tue’ (Chap – Suppacheep Chanapai), a smart stylish boxer, the male representative of those who were born on ‘Tuesdays’. Although he is always the winner of every boxing match, which can be considered as his ‘Golden Age’ in the Thai boxing industry, he was thinking about quitting and become a boxing coach instead. The senior who is the head of the Thai boxing club supports his decision. So, he got the chance to become an assistant coach of the boxing club.

Being an assistant coach is not a piece of cake. ‘Ake’ (Tae – Chayapat Kongsup), a 1st year student from the Faculty of Computer Science, who just had some conflict with Tue, joins the boxing club. This situation makes Tue feel very uncomfortable. Ake became a troublemaker of the boxing club, since he avoids practice, arrives late and tell lies that he was sick in order to skip practice. Eventually, Tue found out the truth and reported this problem to the head of the Thai boxing club. Instead of punishing Ake, his seniors think that this is a good challenge for Tue to become a professional boxing coach. So, Tue had to be with Ake all the time, control his behavior and coach Ake to become a good boxer one day.

Forcing 2 people who don’t really like each other to spend time together makes them hate each other even more. However, destiny causes both of them to gradually become intimate, with more and more sympathy for each other. Then their anger and hateful feelings disappeared and turned into positive feelings in their hearts instead…

After reading the series’ brief story, you guys might be able to guess how their relationship will develop. Exactly, they talk rather manly to each other. Besides, the story was set in a boxing club that lets us imagine things in a bromance way, and the lead actors also give us the same vibes too. Chap – Suppacheep Chanapai (he performed as ‘Saimork’ in the series ‘Lovely Writer’) and ‘Tae – Chayapat Kongsup’ (a famous boy from the Facebook page: KU Sexy Boy who became a full-time actor), both of them look quite masculine, as if they were ready to fight all the time. (Hm? haha)

…If anyone is doubting whether their manly looks will be a problem to our imaginations or not, do not worry. When they became a couple, the imaginary couple’s chemistry is strangely overwhelming. There are a lot of skinship scenes. They look at each other with sweet eyes and always sit so close to each other. The most outstanding point is that no matter how many times they look at each other, it amazes us every time.

Another outstanding point is the art direction. Whether it is the picture’s composition, lighting, color and the design of the camera angles, including the location and characters’ costumes. We can obviously see that they are very meticulous in every selection. (Many of Tue and Ake’s sportswear are adorable.)

However, there is only one point that surprised us, which is how the 2 lead characters suddenly fell for each other like the flash. After Tue and Ake fell on each other and accidentally kissed, both of them suddenly had good feelings for each other. Why do their feelings change so fast? Anyway, we won’t be too serious about that, because the faster they love each other, it gives us more time to enjoy their love scenes. After they have a crush on each other, there are a lot of cute scenes that make us feel blushed.

Since this series has 7 pairs of lead characters, there are only 2 outstanding episodes for each pair. So, it is very suitable for anyone who does not like watching long series. The story progresses quickly into the climax scenes, and the lead characters also fall in love so fast. There are many love scenes to satisfy the audiences. Furthermore, if you love to watch the kind of series where the lead characters have manly looks, these 2 episodes of ‘Tue’ and ‘Ake’ will definitely be your kind of series!

Y Destiny EP. 1-2 : TUE

  • Series’ plot by: MoreFiin
  • Directed by: Thanamin Wongskulphat
  • Produced by: COPY A BANGKOK
  • Watch via: AIS PLAY

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