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The difference between “Yin-War” and the reveal another side of stories that no one has knew before

Surf in the zero-gravity relationship of “Yin – Anant Wong” and “War – Wanarat Ratsamirat”. Their extreme differences became a perfect relationship, like human beings on opposite sides of the moon. They have finally converged into a strong relationship.

“Yin-War” revealing unknown stories of each other, including serious incidents and cute moments that will make you smile. Check out exclusive contents from “Yin-War”, the first artist duo from the #bilibilixmadan project at Bilibili Y fans

How close are the two of you?

War: Very close
Yin: Very close. So close that we almost can’t work with each other
War: Yep It’s a problem Being too close to each other can be a problem.
Yin: Just now, we were supposed to take photo shots with a serious face but just looking at each other already made us laugh.
War: We couldn’t do it
Yin: It’s sad.
War: We can’t do it anymore.
Yin: I’m sad about my professionalism.
War: There’s no more.

How is working with bilibili X madan?

Yin: It’s good The posing it’s like it has a storyline It’s interesting in relation to the scenes changing It’s the first time I’m shooing in the sand It’s…
War: In short, it’s a story about the moon Many people may know that the moon we only see one side of the moon The way it spins and orbits around the earth it is in relevance that’s why we only see one side but we’re never seen the other side So, there’s a concept The person that is on the other side of the moon is another living being We don’t know who is on the other side So, you’re lonely but in the end, they both get to meet each other.
Yin: You’re good I just knew that
War: Oh
Yin: I thought it was just two people from two sides meeting That’s all I know
War: They told me about it I don’t know They didn’t tell me about it Double standard I’m gonna hit and leave.
War: I’m on the dark side with a little light Half dark, half bright I’m here Somewhere here because If I’m on the bright side, The moon doesn’t have any layer of atmosphere to protect itself like earth We might die of cancer or die of a solar storm.
Yin: We’d die as soon as we go up there We’d die before we have time to worry about those things
War: Suppose we are living beings up there and we can breathe I’d choose to be on the dark side.
madan: Which side will Yin choose?
Yin: I’ll stay on the bright side because I love the light I’m scared of the dark.
War: You’ll burn.
Yin: It’s alright I’ll put on sunscreen on the moon.

If you had to pick a photo shot from today, which one is your favorite?

Yin: The first shot Quick answer I like to answer fast but I don’t remember what that was The shot that I wore a shirt and you took the photo.
War: What color shirt were you wearing?
Yin: I was on your side when I went on your side
War: Oh.
Yin: And I stood and pose I remember.
War: There was blue colored powder, right?
Yin: No, I wasn’t there yet It wasn’t my queue.
War: Oh, there weren’t any powder yet
madan: How about P’War?
War: I like the shot the shot with flowers that they arranged It looked like our moon had plants because the moon doesn’t have plants
Yin: But your moon has plants
War: If there were plants up there, it would be…
Yin: Don’t need to be too realistic
War: Imagine if the moon had plants It would be a different kind of beauty.
Yin: If we look in the telescope and it is green A patch of green That’s ridiculous It’s sluggish.
madan: bilibili X madan is asking the both of you to tell a story of each other according to the following situations First story.

a story of each other when you were hot-headed

War: I’ve never seen him super hot-headed.
Yin: That’s it?
War: Well, I’ve never seen it What do you expect me to do?
Yin: I thought that was just the introduction
War: I never did.
Yin: I thought that the introduction was that you’ve never seen me super hot-headed but…
War: Nope
Yin: 5 seconds You were quiet for 5 seconds.
War: No, he could always control your emotions He would be calm quiet The most hot-headed I’ve seen is probably when he was playing games Swearing and cursing and I can’t say that in public something like that all kinds of animals coming out from his mouth All kinds.
Yin: I can create all kinds of mythical creatures.
War: Like weird animal names.
Yin: Like, Gryffindor would come out of my mouth.
War: Something like that Those kinds of swearing.
madan: Mythical creatures
War: Yep
Yin: Of course As for P’War, I’ve never seen him super hot-headed too but He would be quiet when he’s angry from what I’ve seen, he would be quiet maybe shake his head a bit and then go calm thinking something like that I’ve never seen him explode too Like, bang, bang, bang Never.
War: I have repressed feelings I go home and punch the wall.
Yin: Here’s the wall Go ahead Walk over and punch it.
War: Young man Go on.

the time that the other person was very embarassed

War: I’ve seen that before That was when There were many of us around I’ve seen it quite often His face will go red after a while We were eating.
Yin: That’s irrelevant Drinking water and his face went red He was embarassed without anyone doing anything Suddenly, his face was red.
Yin: That’s a different kind of embarassing
War: All red Eating and suddenly red There was no spicy food He doesn’t eat spicy food.
Yin: I told you don’t make me drink too much Sometimes I can’t vent it out It has to do with chromosomes and genes.
War: All red Embarassed.
Yin: I can’t help it As for him when he was embarassed There was one time when he was embarassed, he would cover it up ny laughing Laughing out loud alone Laughing out loud.
madan: What kind of situation would he get embarassed most of the time? When someone teases him?
Yin: Yep Sometimes it’s the fans teasing and now he is scared.
War: What?
Yin: You went to the toilet for so long The fans were asking if you went to take a poop or not? See? He’s embarassed Like that And when he goes to meet a lot of fans.
War: I wouldn’t dare go to the toilet.
Yin: He would be anxious I thought he was still in school and his friends made fun of him when he went to take a poop.
War: What is up with me going to take a poop? It made me feel like… what did I do wrong?
Yin: Lost confidence in himself Lost confidence When he’s embarassed, he would laugh lightly.
War: I like it It’s like I got to go back to the elementary times.
Yin: When you took a poop?
War: You went to take a poop?
Yin: See? He’s embarassed now He’s like that
War: I like it. I love it You’re a sincere person.
Yin: We both know it, but you don’t have to say it.
madan: What did you answer? When the fans asked.
War: Hmm
Yin: There were many times that he was very embarassed he would be like this Embarassed I love it.
madan: Does that mean that Yin never got embarassed?
War: He does but he doesn’t laugh it off Like ohhhh owwww going with the flow, as if he’s not embarassed but his voice will change Ohhh, and he wouldn’t make eye contact Ohhh, like this.
Yin: It’s a higher note.
War: Wooh
Yin: About F#
War: F# is not that high
Yin: I don’t know, just saying Just saying.
War: Something like that.

when the other person was very serious

War: Yes
Yin: What? The question is not good.
War: Did that ever happen? He was serious once in his life.
Yin: He’s quite serious recently When he’s filming his series He has to be serious for some scenes where he had to concentrate He would walk alone, not talk to anyone at all He would just walk away and think about what he would do and then, bam That is the most serious I’ve seen him He’s like that before the concerts It’s not Whatever I joke to him about, would only last very short Really short and he would go back to himself Like he’s anxious Crossing his arms, walking around.
War: It’s called manners I just joke with you a bit.
Yin: Just saying
War: I don’t want to hurt him by being quiet.
Yin: It’s like answering but his mind is still thinking.
War: As for Yin he would be still He’d also be still We would know immediately that he needs to concentrate at that time or if he needs to take things seriously but I still go to joke with him I don’t care I don’t really care about anything You know that If I see that, I would let him finish concentrating first It happened many times When we were filming the series, there were many tense scenes He would try to concentrate He’s the kind of person that while others are playing around, he can still concentrate without walking away like me He would sit there I don’t know if he was just lazy to walk away or not He would just sit and concentrate there even though there are quiet rooms available but he would continue to sit and focus there There might be lots of chaos when rehearsing but he won’t walk away  He would sit there Something like that He can concentrate anywhere but I may need to walk outside.

the time you felt the other person is cute

Yin: For me, yes because I hang around him a lot so much that sometimes those movements feel normal but there’s one time that I felt it was cute, was when he cried Before crying his face would be very calm when he’s about to change the mood, like acid-base when you drop it, it will reach a point when it changes colors At first, he would try and look calm but when he reaches a point, his mouth will change His mouth will start changing and his face will follow I like it I really like it I like the moment before his emotions change His whole face will change His mouth will go up like in the cartoons.
madan: When in transition
Yin: Yes
madan: The junction point
War: I like it when he makes a mistake and he would kind of go frantic like I might be doing something and I couldn’t compete with others at all He would be like “What are we doing here?” He would have words that are very cute “What are we doing here?”
madan: There would an attitude too right?
War: What’s cute about it is that I was at that position and I was really bad but he was there to be really bad with me too Don’t expect to win When we’re doing activities or playing some sort of game If we’re in a team, that would be tiring.
Yin: Whenever we compete with others, we never win.
War: That’s fine “What are we doing here?”
madan: Do you get discouraged?
Yin: It’s fun
War: It’s fun
Yin: We’re the clowns

the time when the other person was being fussy the most

War: That I’ve seen I’ve never seen that I don’t know I’ve only seen when he went all still When he’s tired, he would go take a nap but he might negotiate something not fussy but negotiate if we could postpone the time negotiate with his reasoning I would know that he is being fussy at that time in a negotiating way.
Yin: Fussy? Similar to a kid, but he doesn’t get fussy like a kid His behavior when playing looks like a child but I’ve never seen him get fussy.

when you felt that the other person loved you most

War: That happened It did It was when I lost my mind He can always find a way to find out what I’m thinking The both of us may not speak out our feelings to each other a lot but there are times that we may say it out when we are together when it is needed to say things we would say it There are may actions Sometimes I might be in a dangerous situation and he would come and keep me company.
Yin: Most of the times, these moments are like magic moments It comes when we go to parties These kinds of things come from the heart You can tell that it’s from the heart We don’t usually say it out.
War: Yep
Yin: So we can tell that if I’m doing this, this is like a warning If we do something wrong, we would warn each other Not many people would warn each other If we didn’t love each other, we wouldn’t be warning each other Yep It happens during those times.


หยิ่น สวมสูทจาก homonic มีจำหน่ายที่ Instagram: @_homonic_

Model : Yin Anan War Wanarat
Photographer : Prepan
Make up : Nattapoom Liangchue
Hair : Kitchakorb Siriaritsara
Stylist  : Patipan Jaksukan
Editor-in-Chief : Natthida Ratchawong
Producer : Ployrawee Choksuchanun
Content Creator : Aditchaya Sukprasert, Palita Iamnoppakhun

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